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Cyberops Labs

About project

In this digital age when the internet has eased up the life of people by providing every information at fingertips, it has also increased the security concerns. The need for cybersecurity is very high and in the case of organizations the importance further increases. Cyberops Labs is a new age website through which a person can learn all about cybersecurity and can become an integral part of any company as a cybersecurity expert.

The website consists of well-structured courses that are easy to understand and can give a clear idea of the different aspects of cybersecurity. All the courses have been designed in such a way that beginners as well as intermediates optimal benefits. After the course is complete the user will be provided a certificate that can be used for a perfect entry in the corporate world. The platform provides a combination of video and textual lectures which helps the user in gaining theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

If you are also looking to start your career in the cybersecurity field, Cyberops Labs is a perfect start point for you.

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Case Studies

The client wanted a learning platform that can help students in learning the basic as well as advanced knowledge about cybersecurity. So, the primary aim was to create a well-structured website that can provide a step by step learning. The second requirement was easy management so new modules can be added and the existing ones can be managed easily.

To ensure that a large amount of database can be supported by the platform and a user can have a smooth surfing experience PHP was used for the development. In addition to this Laravel was also used which ensured hassle-free new registrations and secure login of the existing ones. The client was also given a CMS so that the uploading of new lectures and modules can easily be managed.

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