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Alcohol Delivery App Development Company

For millennia, alcohol has been a part of community life, but now is the time to change how liquor dealers serve their clients. Customers have become accustomed to purchasing alcohol online as e-commerce platforms have grown popular. In this situation, creating an on-demand alcohol delivery app shines out as a viable business strategy. While some company owners are still focusing on the conventional method of selling alcohol, others are taking advantage of liquor ordering app development and generating profit.

We have an app for everything in today's technologically sophisticated world. Everything can be done with just a few clicks, from hiring a cab to ordering your favorite meal to reserve laundry services. Why not also create a liquor delivery service app? After all, the liquor sector is one of the largest globally, with sales of more than USD 222,098 million in 2020. We are one of the top Liquor Delivery App Development companies, focusing on current trends and technology while creating applications for the on-demand alcohol business. OweBest can design the best Alcohol delivery solution for your business, from the UI/UX strategy to the back-end architecture.

Looking For Alcohal Delivery App Development Company?

Technologies We Use for Alcohal Delivery App Development

Integrate Custom POS

Point of sale (POS) software is a true reflection of the technological revolution. OweBest Technologies helps you develop customized POS software that helps maintain financial control and enables you to keep the inventory in place. It allows you to redefine customer services and support in increasing revenue. POS is highly favorable for developing an advanced alcohol delivery system.

To meet the market demand, we offer you highly rich-featured POS software developed by our team of experts. Our team has a great understanding of delivering customized POS Software for the Retail, Restaurant, Alcohol, Salon, and Hotel industries as per their business requirement to expand further. It has several benefits like;

Get in Touch

Make running your business simpler

Follow a data-driven business approach

Significant to track the employee's performance.

An innovative platform gives you the freedom to achieve business goals and growth

Centralize the inventory

Features of the Alcohol Delivery App

A properly-designed app allows customers to make transactions, gather information, and contact your company, but it also has an easy-to-navigate layout that does not frustrate them. We at owebest create unique features for beverage delivery app solutions so that your clients may get alcohol delivered to their homes. Customer, liquor shop, delivery, and admin dashboards are all included in the specialized Alcohol Ordering mobile applications.

Search by Category

If you're not sure what you want or want to look at different possibilities, look through the following categories: liquor, beer, wine, extras, and specials. Admin can add more categories and subcategories.

Earn money by referring others

You'll receive a cashback when you sign up for an account. When you suggest the program to others, you get points, and they download it. The points from gift cards are also saved in this wallet.

Inventory management

The Shop Management Dashboard contains features that make ordering and managing all new orders easy and time-saving. With this feature, the administrator can manage inventory, vendors, product history, livestock reports, and products in stock.

Notifications via Push

The administrator can send advertisement notifications to everyone or a subset of users. Keep up to date on any new bargains and special offers. You can also be alerted about the progress of your requested product.

In-app tutorials

This feature assists new or current users who need help completing the sign-up. It supports first-time users with the onboarding process, highlights key features, solves their doubts, and teaches them the app's functionality.

Wish List feature

Sometimes the product is sold out, and sometimes you want to come back later. You can add the item to your Wish List and later buy it from the cart with this feature.

Method of Payment

Make a payment using a credit or debit card. Add several cards to your account and save them for later purchases as well. Stripe, the integrated payment gateway, ensures safe transactions.

Types of Alcohol Delivery App Models

The personalized liquor and beer ordering app is a software solution created for your company's needs. So, whatever your company strategy is, we have an app that will work for you.

Commission-based model

It is an effective and arguably the most basic method of monetization. In the commission-based model, when a customer buys from an alcohol delivery app, the owner pays commission to the app owner. The application owner generates revenue based on the commissions earned for each order delivery.

Advertising Service model

It is a common way to monetize the app. In this model, the owner generates revenue from in-app advertising services to various liquor stores. By displaying it on the app's homepage, the company can support the local alcohol store's promotions and provide additional revenue sources to app owners.

Third-party advertising

The third-party advertising application allows different brands to display ads in their app. It is a source of revenue for the application owners.The app's owner gives top slots in the app to liquor shop merchants willing to pay a certain amount of money.

E-store engagement

Another fantastic strategy to expand your income sources is to include an e-commerce option in the liquor mobile app development. The company may use the app to sell beer mugs, wine glasses, and other similar things to keep users interested while increasing the app's ratings and popularity.

Looking For Alcohal Delivery App Development Company?

Cost of Liquor Ordering App Development

The organization will need to engage an app development company and software developers with a credible business strategy to construct a liquor delivery app development. However, firms must research the cost structure of developing an alcohol delivery app before entering the market. After considering all of the variables, the overall cost is determined. Other elements are taken into account, such as the number of features, procedures, third-party integrations, development expenses, application complexity, etc. An Alcohol delivery app development cost might range from $50K to $70K.

The mode of platform

If the firm develops a liquor delivery app in India for Android and iOS, it will be more expensive. The corporation can create a hybrid app because the development costs are lower.

UI/UX development

UX/UI design is a component of the application. People interact with a programme through UX/UI design, including buttons, menus, colors, icons, and more. It aids in the creation of a product's user experience.

Application upgrades and Back-end development cost

Using the most up-to-date technology might help an application stay afloat in the market. Development time and cost as cost increases with the number and complexity of the feature .Maintenance is an important aspect of running the application smoothly.

Region of the development team

One of the significant factors that will help the company decide the app development cost is the region. The cost of development differs from area to area and can range from $50 to $250 based on the company's location.

Why Choose OweBest Technologies for Alcohol Delivery App Development?

If you're nervous about hiring a developer to build and design your alcohol delivery platform, alter your mind and set up your alcohol delivery platform with no coding. In little time, you'll be ready to dominate the market. You can get the best app features that any on-demand alcohol delivery business should have with OweBest Technologies.

Our developers follow the agile methodology to ensure scalable digital solutions with limited error, better feature integration, and faster performance. With technologies like IOT making it easy, we help you deliver the best.

Our on-demand delivery app developers are very punctual about developing and delivering the solution to the client within the given time constraint.

Assuming you work with us, we ensure that our devoted developers can complete your undertaking on schedule. You can broaden the size of your venture group according to the task's requirements.

We consider the primary needs of our clients to create custom solutions for businesses. We take the time to understand the demands of our customers. Plus, we do the pre-requisite research to deliver beneficial project improvement and unique features.

We have confidence in cultivating enduring associations with our customers, and our specialists follow straightforward cycles to accomplish that. We keep you tuned in at each step of development progression to achieve the unimaginable through cooperative endeavors.

Our group of profoundly skilled, talented, and capable developers guarantees to offer 24x7* committed help and support while striving to offer the best.

Looking For Customized Alcohal Delivery App Development Company?


The app's functional complexity determines the cost of establishing an alcohol delivery app. A multi-vendor app is significantly more expensive than a single-vendor app.

A simple liquor ordering app takes about 25-30 working days to deliver, whereas a comprehensive liquor delivery app takes about 40-50 working days. The length of time it takes to build an app is mostly determined by:

  • App platform

  • Kind of alcohol delivery app model

  • Liquor Store Application, Liquor Website Development and Liquor Mobile App Development cost and complexity.

  • The degree of complexity of the characteristics

  • Any modifications, if any

You may make money by delivering alcohol from beer delivery app in the following ways:

  • Commission earned from restaurants.

  • Charges of ads and paid listings from restaurant partners.

  • Customer deliveries generate profit.

We like to make things simple, with no hidden fees. We inform our clients about the cost of development based on the model they select. We do not charge any additional fees.

We have already linked Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, PayFort, PayU, and a few additional payment gateways; however, any payment gateway with open APIs may be connected.

Both native and hybrid applications are available for our solutions. For native apps, we utilize Swift and Java, and for hybrid apps, we use React Native. As a backend technology, we employ the MEAN stack.

Yes, the programme supports a variety of languages.

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We cover every aspect of the comprehensive range of business verticals while offering our services and solutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Using our specially designed solutions, we cater to the need of multiple industries like :

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