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What is iOS Application Development?

iOS application development is the process of creating mobile applications for Apple's operating system, iOS. It involves designing, developing, and testing applications that can run on various Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

To create an iOS application, developers use programming languages like Swift and Objective-C and various development tools like Xcode and Interface Builder. They must also follow Apple's guidelines and best practices for iOS app development.

Apple's commitment and smart work are reflected in the operating system itself. They have grown far ahead from the competitors in everything from design to the software's functionality. Apple’s software integration has created a milestone in the industry that others cannot reach. And that’s what has increased the demand for iOS developers in the market.

From start-ups to the top 500 Fortune companies, quick returns and visibility are easily realized by iOS applications. This is why niche buyers highly appreciate iOS applications in the market.

Owebest Technologies, as one of the exceptional iOS development companies, strives to deliver robust applications for the next generation. No matter how complex the application is, hire iPhone app developer from us for a remarkable software solution.

iOS Developer

Major Business Benefits of iOS App Development

iOS app development is essential for businesses to engage with customers and improve their operations. Constant innovation and technological advancement in iOS have led to a huge market demand for its application development. Several organizations are shifting towards the iOS platform from Android, and below are the reasons why:

Security as a Primary Behold
Security as a Primary Behold

Adherence to the high-quality standards of the Play Store is a core dependency for the app's development before it is even made available to the users. iOS apps uphold data privacy for the business along with the user's identity. It has been very clear that iOS apps are secure from malware.

Remarkable User Experience
Remarkable User Experience

User experience is a common reason businesses prefer iOS to any other operating system. It represents a robust blend of hardware and software maintained throughout the application cycle.

Effective Testing
Effective Testing

The testing of the applications is quite simpler and more effective on iOS than Android. Thus, all the iOS applications meet the prequisite criteria before the launch or update of the same, which results in lower fragmentation at any level.

Exceptional Market Access
Exceptional Market Access

Since Apple has exceptional market access and a massive audience in regions like the UK, Australia, and the US, it becomes easier for clients to tap these markets with their iOS applications. Users worldwide behold and appreciate the legacy of Apple and, thus provide a great market access for iOS applications.

Exceptional Market Access
Loyalty of Consumers

Once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user! This is true for many users and their growing loyalty toward the brand. Since iPhone users have a better-paying capacity than Android users, this is quite true for the applications, too, helping the business to tap high-end clients.

Our Hiring Model

Dedicated Team Hiring
Dedicated Team
  • Dedicated Team
  • Complimentary QA
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • 8 Hours a Day Working
  • Weekly or Monthly Billing
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Hourly Hiring
  • Work through PMS Tool
  • Detailed Reporting with Backlogs
  • Junior to Highly Proficient Resources
  • Available to work 8 Hours a Day
  • Hourly & Weekly Billing
Hire Now
Hire Full Time Dedicated Resource
Hire Full Time
Dedicated Resource
  • Works for you only
  • Flexible with Timing
  • Dedicatedly works for 8 Hours a Day
  • Direct Reporting to you
  • Monthly Billing
Hire Now
Fix Price Model
Fix Price
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Characterize the Requirements
  • Process Flow and Wireframe
  • Timeline – Based on Project
  • Milestone Based Billing
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iOS App Development Services We Offer

Our iOS app development services cover a wide range of areas, from consultation and development to optimization and maintenance, ensuring that your iOS app is tailored to your business needs and provides a seamless user experience. Here's a description of the iOS app development services we offer:

UI/UX designers for the application

We have a team of skilled UI/UX designers who can create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for your iOS app, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Consultation and Development

Our team of experts provides consulting services to help you plan and develop your iOS app according to your business's needs and requirements.

Custom-made iPhone applications

We can develop customized iOS applications that cater to your business needs, ensuring your app stands out.

Optimization and Maintenance services

We offer optimization and maintenance services to ensure your iOS app performs smoothly and is up-to-date with the latest iOS updates.

Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Our team of testers and quality assurance experts ensures that your iOS app is free of bugs and errors and meets industry standards.

Porting of iOS application

We can help you port your existing iOS application to other platforms, ensuring that your app reaches a broader audience.

Services based on users' location

We can integrate location-based services into your iOS app, allowing you to provide personalized services to your users based on their location.

NFC and iBeacon Integration

We can integrate near-field communication (NFC) and iBeacon technologies into your iOS app, enabling your app to communicate with other devices and provide personalized experiences to users.

Looking to Hire an iOS Development Company?

High-End Technology We Use

iOS SDK Development Framework

Platforms: iOS

Versions: iOS 16

Language: Objective C, Swift

Development Tools: XCODE

iOS App Development Lifecycle

iOS app development follows a specific life cycle that involves various stages. These stages are designed to ensure the app is developed effectively, efficiently, and in a way that delivers a seamless user experience.

Meeting With the Client

Meeting and engaging with the client helps us understand the vision of the application.

Scope and Analysis

Our team of analysts decides the project's scope and how to work with different tools.

Discussion and Planning

Our team of experts then gathers to discuss the entire project and delivery timeline while creating milestones for a better client experience.


Our team of designers works on the look and feel of the application for the client's approval, which makes it more appealing.

Development and Testing

The core work starts with the development of the application, followed by rigorous testing. It helps complete the next step successfully.


After the core work, we work on the final launch of the iOS application.

Support and Maintenance

To add new features and updates after project completion, the team delivers support to the client 24/7.

Why hire iPhone app developers from Owebest Technologies?

Hiring an iOS application developer from Owebest Technologies will enable you to access expertise and experience. We build custom apps for organizations as per their requirements. As a professional iOS development organization, we deal with a multi-string workplace with capable planners, developers, engineers, business experts, and designers. Our team of experts engages in delivering high-quality standard applications to build better visibility and growth for your business.

What Makes Us the Best?

Modernized Legacy Systems

We help transform your established frameworks into progressively advanced, intuitive, and improved iOS applications that ensure a higher ROI.

Business Solution Architecture

We offer a substantial, on-request, adaptable establishment with top-tier and superior venture applications that add sophistication.

Full-Cycle Service

Make the most of our far-reaching improvement administrations directly from item arrangement and system, structure, dispatch, upkeep, and backing.

Adaptable and Flexible Engagement Models

We offer a whole pile of advancement administrations depending on our clients business needs and prerequisites.

Looking to Hire an iOS Development Company?

Hiring Process ForOwebest’s iOS Developers

We allow you to hire an iOS developer as per your business needs in the simplest format. Get your dedicated team of expert developers in just a few steps.

  • Analysis of Requirements

    Analysis of Requirements

    Send us an email or give us a call with your innovative online ideas and requirements so we can better grasp your particular specifications and needs.

  • Select a Hiring Model

    Select a Hiring Model

    To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied, we have developed engagement working models tailored to their specific needs.

  • Android Developer for Hire

    iOS Developers for Hire

    Our simple recruiting method makes it easy for you to screen our large pool of competent iOS developers for your project.

  • Obtain the Project's Completion Details

    We will keep you informed throughout the development process and update you on every step, i.e., design, coding, project management, and quality assurance.

What Our Clients Say

Idea + Experience = Excellence! Our skills of developing the web things and your ideas are perfect together. While developing the online presence of our listed and top-rated clients our section of the client's corner is quite enough to explain who we are and what can we do.

iOS Developer FAQs

To find a good iOS developer, you can start by posting it on online job boards, like Indeed or LinkedIn. You can also check with recruiting agencies that specialize in software development or search for developers on freelance platforms like Upwork or Freelancer.

The cost of hiring an iOS developer can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as their experience, location, and the complexity of the project. Rates can range anywhere from $25 to $200 per hour, or you can hire a developer on a fixed-price project basis.

An average of 8–16 weeks is consumed in developing a fully functional iOS application. Though this time is not fixed, it could vary as per customization, features, size, and complexity.

Yes, you can hire an iOS developer for hourly or project-based tasks with the flexibility offered by Owebest Technologies. We offer different hiring models that clients can use.

Industries We Cater

We cover every aspect of the comprehensive range of business verticals while offering our services and solutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Using our specially designed solutions, we cater to the need of multiple industries like :

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