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Currently, most of the consumer base has shifted to the digital market and expect technological solutions to their issues. For businesses looking to market their listings to more potential customers, focusing on B2B portal development is necessary. A functional, SEO-optimized and customized B2B portal would allow you to systematically manage your websites and applications.

At Owebest Technologies, there are multiple B2B Portal Development Features and Solutions that we deliver to revitalize our clients' businesses. The web portals available online at the current period effectively work as mediums for companies to portray their services and products. Our professionals go one step ahead and ensure guaranteed global visibility and productivity improvement across various digital media platforms.

Take the help of our experienced and highly skilled developers, testers, analysts, and designers for different levels of B2B Portal Development Services. We prioritize information and knowledge management and help develop varying web apps. With advanced B2B tech support, document and content management, and focused customer traffic growth strategies, expect better application development and business procedure automation for your company.

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Types of B2B Portals

We deliver multiple types of B2B Portals to our business clients across various industry verticals. Specific classes are suitable for different categories and are distinguished accordingly. Based on Roles of Owners:

Sell-Side B2B Portal

Multiple sellers or single sellers operate this portal to search for potential consumers. They run supplier-centric apps to ensure better customer retention and company branding benefits while accessing original trade options like auctions.

Buy-Side B2B Portal

Individual buyers or a team of buyers use the B2B portal for various functions, such as reverse auctions and reducing maverick purchases. With our specialized B2B Portal Development Services, they get access to e-procurement methods, such as e-MRO and e-tendering.

Independent B2B Portal

Clients who are not directly in the business of transactional business initiatives can opt for this B2B portal development plan. They can use the portal to work on safe and collaborative business operations, handle better industry analysis, gain escrow service support, and work with bid coordination services.

B2B trading Portal (B2B Ecommerce Portal)

At Owebest Technologies, the professionals offer B2B Portal Development Features and Solutions for specialized management benefits, like shipping and wholesale order management. We offer this type of work to companies and groups of multiple sellers searching for potential clients.

B2B Customer Portal

Many customers choose to develop a B2B customer portal to store and access a comprehensive list of structure details on services and products. Besides that, they can use the self-service functionality and schedule or request any additional services necessary from one source.

B2B Vendor Portal

Clients who opt for this type of B2B portal development are investors/buyers or single buyers. With the B2B vendor portal solution we develop for our customers, they can manage a comprehensive list of vendor details, repeat B2B supply details, and organize bids via one platform.

Horizontal Trade Portals

Take the support of our developers with B2B Portal Development Features and Solutions, one of the main ones being the horizontal trade portal development. You can create a wide-open market architecture that focuses on the priority product/service/material using service-centred advanced search features. Expect an inclusive environment for buyers and sellers collaboration via this portal type.

Vertical Trade Portals

Take the help of Owebest Technologies with your plan to create a usable website that connects different supply chain portals to each other in one industry sector or an entire industry vertical. Expect better efficiency in company operations, decrease order cycle duration, and reduce intermediary costs.

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Features of Our B2B Web Development

At Owebest Technologies, our team of professional web developers focus on creating top-range solutions with strong customer growth and retention potential. We centre on various Features of B2B Web Development within our service.

  • More Business Exposure
    Expect higher visibility for your web solutions across different industries with a scalable B2B portal. That is one feature we focus on while focusing on our web development services.
  • Global Reach
    During B2B Portal Development, we develop a digital platform with an extensive global reach. Users can trade effectively across different international markets via web apps.
  • Relevant Content Structure and Design
    With our services, you can expect personalized content design with only the relevant information and features. We create the benefits and features to have appealing design layouts.
  • Safe Transactions
    One of the main features of B2B web development you can expect from our service providers is a secure medium through our portal. The connection's security is a priority point we focus on to ensure a safe environment for transactions.
  • Valuable Services
    We can incorporate highly valuable services to the apps and sites during web development. These include integrations of Chats, News, and Emails.
  • Maintenance and Support
    One of the main features you can expect from our solutions is a more accessible and smoother support structure. We ensure that our clients handle their websites and applications without complex maintenance issues.

Exclusive Services We Offer

At Owebest Technologies, the team of experts in web and app development sectors are qualified to deliver top-range B2B Portal Development Services. Take your choice from our eclectic list of services in the portfolio for standard, enterprise-level, and custom development benefits.

Website Design and Development

Our skilled developers and designers conduct further website development and design services for various industry sectors. We utilize a gamut of high-quality technologies and tools with our work for an optimized performance guarantee.

Custom Software Development

Expect customized software options with our development services that perform with scalable results and quick productivity rates. We use our skills and experience to create tailored feature-driven software solutions for businesses tailored to their preferences.

E-Commerce Websites

Our team of developers have the knowledge and professional capacity to create scalable, versatile, robust, and user-friendly websites, whether standard-level or advanced. We can create feature-rich web solutions for e-commerce businesses with a smooth and stable transaction network.

Mobile Application Development

The experienced development experts at our company can create mobile-intuitive solutions as well. We focus on creating personalized apps suitable for different operating systems and devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the major focus points we centre on for B2B Portal Development is SEO-focused content management and site development. Better SEO ensures higher visibility and reach across multiple platforms.

E-Learning Website Solutions

A lot of e-Learning websites take the support of B2B portal development services for customized and user-friendly performance. Our developers focus on metrics like highly navigable interface, multi-account connectivity, and secure storage.

Looking For B2B Portal Development Company?

Why Choose OweBest Technologies for B2B Portal Development?

At Owebest Technologies, all business and individual clients can expect an equal level of priority-based development benefits. We are equipped to handle and work with several B2B Portal Development Features and Solutions for different companies, irrespective of their services, size, or goals. Take the support of our trained service providers to create scalable and simple-to-use innovative app solutions.

Our developers are always ready to provide the best service possible from the beginning of the development planning and research to the final up-gradation and portal maintenance work. We prioritize our time and effort for our clients and focus on creating customer-oriented solutions.

All members of our B2B portal development team work collaboratively on every aspect of their work, seamlessly creating the application or site. The developers follow the agile methodology to ensure scalable digital solutions with limited error, better feature integration, and faster performance.

Whenever and whatever our clients need support with, our staff can take the priority requests. Our members consider customer satisfaction as their main priority and find suitable resolutions for all queries on time.

We consider the primary needs of our clients to create custom B2B Portal Development Features and Solutions for their businesses. We take the time to understand the demands of our customers. Plus, we do the pre-requisite research to deliver beneficial project improvement and unique features.

Our team of developers and specialists have their strengths in different aspects of B2B portal development. So, you can expect a wide choice of services from our service providers and select the main support work you need.

Looking For B2B Portal Development?


Our service providers provide active operational support and development work on websites native to another portal first. For this, the structural infrastructure of the website matters, like a PHP framework. Therefore, we can provide our services on pre-made sites based on compatibility rates.

The team at Owebest Technologies also includes professional editors and copywriters. They have training in SEO-friendly content writing and can create new engaging content unique for the client's website.

During B2B Portal Development, the developers utilize different types of frameworks and tech stacks to create reliable and robust B2B portals. Some of the common ones include:

  • Mean

  • PHP

  • MongoDB

  • Java

Portal development specifically covers additional web page creation services. Common focus points here are rich app development, registration guidelines management, and server-side/customer-side scripting.

Clients quickly access the different services, and companies notice it lowered support cases with optimized B2B portals. Businesses and customers can use the portal for planning and research needs via optimized interactions.

At Owebest Technologies, we do prioritize completing our work on time. However, the total duration for the project is not a standard amount for every project. It varies for every client. The professional you discuss your project plan at the beginning during your discussion phase would provide an estimated time and cost outline.

Industries We Cater

We cover every aspect of the comprehensive range of business verticals while offering our services and solutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Using our specially designed solutions, we cater to the need of multiple industries like :

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