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Wowza: Go Live, Amazing Streaming Engine

Wowza is a media server software developed by wowza media systems. It was officially released on august2 2017. It is a super new software developed and promoted three months ago. The operating system of wowza media server is based on java, platform agnostic: Linux, macOS, Solaris, Unix and Windows. Wowza has the proprietary license. One can visit the official website of wowza to know the complete and detailed information related to the software.

Wowza, A Brief Description

Wowza was released on 2 august 2017 and was offered as an option to the adobe flash media server. Wowza media server pro was the original name of the product. The wowza media server is a java application supported on almost all operating systems. Wowza offers a variety of facilities and services to its clients. Some of them include on demand video, audio, healthy internet applications over computer networks to desktop, laptop and tablet computers and many other network connected devices.

Benefits of Wowza

The management of the steam engine is not so difficult as that of hardware streaming and the parallel streaming. Wowza media server software does not cost much. Many transcoders are not required under this software. There is only a single file needed which transcodes into different formats therefore less storage is required under this software. It is based on java application and is easily supportive of Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Unix, Solaris.

Needs of Wowza

  • Wowza is a very compatible software and has a very smooth streaming.
  • This software can be connected to multiple devices back to back.
  • It is a very powerful streaming media server.
  • Supported File Types are MP4, FLV, MP3.
  • Wowza provides a safe and secure environment to the clients using the software and prevent it from unknown threats mainly the hacking threat

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