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Owebest Terms & Conditions

The Head Office of OweBest Technologies is located at 39, Pradhan Marg, Vidhyut Abhiyanta Colony, Block C, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur- Rajasthan- India. The given terms and conditions apply to be worked from any office of OweBest Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Owebest is a multi-faceted and fast-growing IT company based in India. The company was established in the year 2013, the owners and the core team of Owebest have an amazing experience of over 12 years in the industry. By delivering innovative solutions with the highest level of knowledge and quality, the company aims to become a market leader and aspire to be the first choice of customers. Owebest is not a typical web development agency. It is focused on making things work for its customers. We craft websites that are simple to use, maintaining a flair and exuberance at the same time, you won’t find anywhere else.

All the public holidays are communicated by the development team directly to the clients; these holidays are further compensated by working extra in evening or on weekends and the result is provided as per the time schedule agreed with the clients.

As a customer-oriented organization, we understand the need and requirements of customers and we fulfill them not just to their point of satisfaction but often beyond what they expected.

We believe in growing efficiently via delivering the best solutions and services to our clients. That is why it is always about you at OweBest!

We commit to you to our values

What our clients should do

Acceptance of Services

About Invoices

Payment of the first invoice/ advance is considered as the acceptance of all these terms and conditions.

The rates are calculated according to OweBest’s standard rates as follows:


We reserve the right to terminate the project or services without liability to you if:

On termination of the project for any motive


The Customer must make OweBest aware(in writing) during a 30 days Warranty Period if the client finds any error in 
the code or program developed by OweBest. Once agreed, we will correct the errors we made in the code/ system or program at no cost. Under no circumstances, partial/full refund will be acknowledged.

OweBest will not be answerable under the clauses:

You will meet the price of any time spent tracking bugs because of statistics/data content uploaded via customer or a 3rd party which
subsequently become a reason for problems or bugs.

Ways to resolve problems

We intended to provide you an excessive first-class and efficient services at all times. But if at any time you’re not satisfied with the carrier which you get hold of, along with our invoices, please raise your concern in the first place to:

No derogatory comments We work to an excessive standard and we value our enterprise popularity and reputation. In the unlikely event that you are disappointed with any of our work, you have to tell us your concern. It’s miles a condition of our settlement with you that you will not make any crucial or derogatory remark about OweBest to any other party, and you may not post the sort of comment, whether on an internet site, thru the net, or in any other case. Any breach of this clause can also result in legal court cases being issued against you.

These terms and conditions of the enterprise constitute the entire agreement between us and extinguish all previous agreements, guarantees, warranties, representations, and understandings between us, whether not written (oral) or written.

You must not do the subsequent matters either all through your enterprise relationship with us or within three hundred and sixty-five days (one year) of the cease of that relationship:

As OweBest is a commercial enterprise that operates from exceptional countries over a large part of the world, and as facts information technology services are with the aid of their nature global, the provisions are applied throughout the world.

Any breach will result in a declare towards you for damages, with a purpose of a declaration for lack of profit and another loss or expense which we incur as a result of your breach.

Features and Recognition

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