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School Management Software Development

Mobile apps have become a significant part of our lives. Regardless of whether you just want to check the weather conditions in your area or stay connected with your friends, apps are there to cater to every aspect of our lives. We can't imagine life today without apps. But apps are perhaps not just for entertainment. They are helping us run the business from construction to education, they have made their dent.

Apps are helping school and universities deliver better education to their students and streamline mundane office work. Sure there is online school management software, but you can't carry your laptop around all the time. However, mobiles stay within your reach for most of the time. They can help you stay updated with critical information with regards to your kid's school performance or notify you about upcoming exam dates or fee payment last date. Owebest Technology Pvt. Ltd. is helping scores of educational institutions harness the power of the internet through School Management System Software and apps.

The Need for School Management Solutions

School Management System offers a better and efficient way for schools to convey crucial information to students and help teachers deliver education better. Outright many people may wonder the real practical use of app development for schools. However, the truth is that the apps for schools are not just a means to please parents with some trending shiny and classy object. These are indispensable for both parents and the educational institutions. Here are some ways in which apps can significantly help school and universities:

  • Academic year management
  • Attendance and reporting
  • Online fee payments
  • School calendar
  • Driver contact updates

School Management App Development by Hiring an Expert

School Management involves plenty of departments and stakeholders besides teachers, students and parents. Hiring an expert for School Management app Development can be difficult since not every app developer can handle this. There are dependencies that need to be taken care off right from the beginning, which only a seasoned developer can comprehend.

Since we at Owebest Technology Pvt. Ltd. have already developed school management app for a few schools and universities, we can better understand this.

The app and the website interface for school management system integrate and simplify everyday administrative and management tasks. Akin to any business, each school has its unique challenges. Therefore the first requisite for any school management software is that it should be scalable and offer a high degree of flexibility that allows the school management to easily customize the app as per the needs of their organization.

School management system facilitates the real-time flow of information between all the stakeholders including teachers, principal, parents, staff, and students. This significantly reduces operational costs and provides an interactive interface to the users that make learning and teaching interesting and fun for all.

App Development For Schools

If a school, a university or any educational institution is contemplating the development of a mobile app for their institution, the first thing they should consider is to cover every question that comes to the parent's mind. If you are running a school, then you must be knowing various reasons and occasions when parents call the school to obtain information, for example, they may call for queries regarding rainy day or fee payment or regarding the exam dates. They may even call at times when their children have not timely reached home. These are just a few scenarios where parents get in touch with the school to collect a critical piece of information. All of these can be handled with the help of online school management software and apps, easily without any human intervention or without getting into the tedious communication system.

Schools and academic institutes have extensively started using technology to nurture young talent and to ease the everyday functioning of the school. School management software India consists of the following modules:

  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Parents
  • Administrative Staff
  • Principal
  • Management

School management software and apps work on the cloud. They store the database in an efficient manner which can be retrieved easily with a tap, touch or click to gather information related to activities such as student's performance, fees, exams, celebrations, etc.

Features of School Management Software

Here is a list of few handpicked features and functionalities of School management system that makes the entire school operations a breeze.

  • Student Information
    Student Information

    Students module focuses on attendance, medical history, school fee, homework, discipline, grades, and achievements. Students related information can be easily accessed by parents, teachers, and students. The school management system can also offer real-time information and announcements through SMS as well.

  • Parent Access
    Parent Access

    It is necessary to keep the parents updated and notified about the progress of their child to avoid any surprises later. Traditionally schools conduct parent meetings to keep parents updated about the academic performance of their children. These are still important, however, parents don't need to wait for such a meeting to collect information related to their wards.

  • Teacher Information
    Teacher Information

    The system also keeps record and provide real-time information about teachers activities for administrative or management purposes. School administrators can access any teacher's engagement such as class schedule, daily reports of the teacher, etc.

  • Real-time app notifications and SMS
    Real-time app notifications and SMS

    It is necessary to keep the parents updated and notified about the progress of their child to avoid any surprises later. Traditionally schools conduct parent meetings to keep parents updated about the academic performance of their children. These are still important, however, parents don't need to wait for such a meeting to collect information related to their wards.

  • Attendance Management
    Attendance Management

    The attendance management system is the main feature of any school ERP software. App follows RFID school management systems, which makes attendance taking faster, easier and more comfortable.

  • Report Cards
    Report Cards

    A school management system automates the process of report card generation and printing with the help of interactive GUI. With students performance and grade in the database, the report card preparation may take only a few seconds. Teachers can review them before publishing.

  • App Platform
    Fee Management and Online payment

    Physically paying fee is a time consuming and inconvenient task for both the parents and the school administration. With School management systems, parents can pay their child's school fee online and get receipts for their payment.

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