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Develop future ready e-learning solution with innovative feature using advance technologies.

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E-learning App Development Company

Almost everyone is best served by online learning. After all, the revolutionary digital era now offers new and exciting ways to access, consume, discuss, and share content. Mobile phones and laptops currently serve as classroom substitutes for blackboards. The government has emphasized the development of e-learning and educational mobile apps during these difficult times.

It is where eLearning app development services like OweBest Technologies develop e-learning apps for companies that rely on classroom training. Their learning management system is explicitly designed to train specific sectors. An extensive selection of courses has been adapted for mobile devices while making the learning process more visual, interactive and adaptable. We believe the E-learning and Educational mobile apps industry is no different and can use our guidance to reach the masses.

E-learning apps are used by learners these days for getting information and knowledge; this is why they should be well integrated with features to make them easier to use and meet all their needs. We are the best E-learning App Development Company that offers E-learning App Development Solutions. So, if you are looking for a business model that involves eLearning apps, our expertise with custom eLearning apps will be helpful.

E-learning App Development Services

The purpose of mastering content in enterprise manners and worker engagement is to provide students with accurate instruction to learn and become masters in that field. Sport factors enable us to deliver material or specific skills fascinatingly. Individuals can receive Education from any location and at any time via e-learning applications. With our experience as an e-learning & educational mobile app development solution, we can translate and localize global content into multiple regional languages.

Our E-learning App Development Services Offer These Best-in-class which includes:

Live streaming

Since the time of stay classes, our e-learning app developers have provided our customers with the capability to perform live audio and video streaming e-learning.

Group Conferencing

We offer a solution to our customers that makes their lives more accessible through group conferencing, which means they can study together in groups.

Interactive Learning

Using our recorded video resources, users can get help from different lectures and training videos. It's a flexible solution with various learning options like videos, podcasts and other beneficial methods.


These apps, which education app developers have created, allow you to develop questions quickly and mock tests to test your ability & knowledge.


We are a leading Education and elearning app development company. We ensure that we integrate e-commerce platforms with e-learning apps, enabling you to sell study materials, class notes, videos, lectures, etc.

Transformative E-learning App Development Solutions

The E-Learning App Development Solutions we offer are competitively priced, so the solutions are affordable. The E-Learning app we develop is a well-designed app for our clients and provides a wide variety of themes; therefore, any customization we can offer our clients will be the best.

As digitization is taking place everywhere, we've realized that e-learning requires the same approach. We must channel learning to reach as many people as possible. Many parents even consider homeschooling their children or making arrangements to get tuition without leaving their homes.

This is when they turn to e-learning apps because the usage of e-learning apps simplifies teaching their children. With our team of experienced e-learning app developers, OweBest Technologies provides the foundation for long-term success by conceptualizing the plan that helps you grow. When we develop e-learning applications, we are looking for growth. We offer exceedingly innovative and interactive functions that help make our clients' applications more precise and effective like;

  • Soft Skill Development Apps
  • Online Training Apps
  • Webinar Apps
  • Buddy Learning Apps
  • Educational Gaming Apps
  • E-library Solutions
  • Language Learning Apps

Features of E-learning and Educational Mobile Apps

The features of Our E-Learning App provide our customers with maximum results in the shortest time possible. We include the following and many other useful features in our e-learning apps to make them useful, smart, productive, and better for our clients as per their business requirements.

Session Scheduling

Keep the system integrated with the master calendar and get notified. This feature of the app enables users not to miss a class and schedule it at a convenient time.


Users can communicate with other students from around the world who have the same interests. This also allows students to interact with tutors on common problems. 


Evaluate what you have learned from a particular chapter. Users receive assignments created by tutors. Complete and submit for review by the tutor.


You can see where you stand in the competition with this leaderboard facility. It helps to bring out the competitive side in you and prepare yourself. 

Sharing Documents

Anybody can access your subject's pdf file, presentation, and documents. This feature is extremely popular as it makes the student's life easy while allowing cross-sharing of files.

Video Conferencing

The tutors can share the audio documents with students, allowing them to get a lot more out of online training sessions. On the Other hand, this selection does not mean handiest lets you attach with your users via video call. Still, additionally, you could connect with multiple users at an identical time.

Dedicated Tutors

Personalize e-learning experience offering dedicated tutors for students who need extra attention or for students who want personal sessions with tutors to clear their doubts.

Performance Tracker

Monitor the student's growth using this lucrative feature that allows the tutors and parents to keep tracking the performance with ease. This feature gives the flexibility to check each student's performance individually.

Advance Features of E-learning and Educational Mobile Apps

Virtual Classroom Extracts

The virtual class development solution is going through significant groundbreaking changes. The pandemic has demanded the e-learning community area to be more noteworthy, simplistic and accessible, and the administration is attempting to give these while controlling expenses.

Therefore, partnering with an e-learning development company with various grounds for expertise will ease the difficulties in keeping every one of them associated. A straightforward and compelling virtual class development enables educators in multiple areas to team up utilizing virtual gathering and, all the while, cut out travel costs. OweBest Technologies furnishes this with a simple arrangement that empowers resources to share thoughts, learn new skills, and guarantee that a similar norm of instruction is kept up with across all grounds.

Individual & Group Sessions

The idea of one-to-one tutoring and one to many tutoring has changed the fundamental value of e-learning in the most recent few years. The web and new innovations for developing these e-learning factors have approached a superior quality of education.

Our team of expert developers and others initiate this vital development to the upheaval of online training. With the growing number of college, university and online tuitions, our e-learning development for one-to-one and one to many tutoring have upscaled the development level. The maximum benefit of this development is that it is accessible anytime, anywhere, with the highest quality of education.

Pre-Guided Courses

The development of pre-guided content has impacted a more significant effect on the learners than any other method. One of the more critical advantages of the pre-guided courses is that the tutors can design and apply the teaching techniques according to their methods. It facilitates the students' learning; these pre-guided courses would help the students and the learners to educate themselves more proficiently.

The OweBest Technologies team has a unique way of developing pre-guided courses for their partners. Our team researches the logistics and time functionalities for developing this module and thereby articulates the e-learning objectives. We tend to make the most from the sources given to us; we never compromise with the quality, whether for the course development or module development.

Interactive Whiteboard

The worth of whiteboard development in study halls and workplaces has stayed nearby as the years progressed. They have been instrumental in informative instructional exercises and meetings to generate new ideas as crowds are interested in watching issues be disclosed and thoughts wake up. The development of e-learning modules is also said to build comprehension and maintenance, just as it upgrades inventiveness and essential thinking as it connects with the cerebrum more through exceptional intellectual handling.

Having the option to allow considerations to stream uninhibitedly from the psyche to the board gives the adaptability that is expected to create significant results. When attempting to draw in with crowds genuinely, you must be prepared to adjust to how the discussion unfurls. It is the place where slide decks have missed the mark and why they have been losing their notoriety in business introductions.

Hire Dedicated E-learning and Educational Mobile App Developer

When it comes to building an E-learning App, OweBest Technologies always hires high-quality professionals who provide the highest quality work. We will never let you down with our results. You can hire our team of experts:

  • Hourly Basis
  • Full-time
  • Part Time

For mobile-based e-learning software development for education apps, our education and e-learning app development Solutions have an excellent understanding of programming languages, internet characteristics, and exclusive video and sound configurations. Our team of experts helps you suggest the best as per your business requirement. Whether you need a full time dedicated developer or project based service, we make sure you get the best service.

Why Choose OweBest Technologies as your Elearning App Development Company?

The professionals in our technology team are talented, knowledgeable and skilled in their respective fields. We provide our customers with unique and more efficient packages because they have modern, interactive features. Our expert technical group keeps our clients one step ahead of their competitors by providing our clients with innovative and unique solutions.

Agile Approach

We revolve around customers through applications that are agile and integrals, affirmed agile experts develop this approach with a deft disposition for our customers to grow their business worth and return for capital contributed.

True Partners

We rely on genuine partnership with more outstanding commitments for our partners to ensure that their success grows the upward ladder. This increases client visibility and believes in us working together through the years.

Dedicated Team

Our experienced team of developers, managers and analysts contributes to the accountability of our partner's crucial projects. They help to identify their vital outcomes and benefits from the blueprint they provide.

Quality Development

As we hold developers with experience of more than a decade, there is no sort of doubt in having professional development for every project. We sense the responsibility and thereby develop the projects with a greater focus and effort.

Customized Solution

Some customers might want to in-built their choice of functionality, and guess what? We genuinely support their idea. Our team develops the customization features enthusiastically, which are eventually loved by our partners.

Affordable Development Rates

Development rates can lower a partner's morale; however, at OweBest Technologies, we have standard affordable rates, which help both our company and our partners to upscale in their desired area.

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