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Our Approach

Our approach to project management is simple. We aim to clearly identify the value and project objectives of our clients. Once these are identified, we work to create value for our clients by developing and fostering a collaborative team environment that encourages innovative thinking and sharing of ideas among all the members of the project team. Resultantly, our clients come in a position to make more informed and effective decisions related to the project.

The fundamental elements of our approach depending on the type of project we are handling. Owebest is proficient in handling both types of projects viz. the milestone-based projects and the hourly/time-bound projects.

Milestone Based Projects

Owebest follows a rigorous, milestone-based approach and disciplined processes to project development. The project breakdown structure includes several milestones that allow us to get feedback from our clients and move forward by making necessary improvements. Also, we offer a beta version to our clients before releasing the final product.

Here is the plan devised for the successful implementation of our milestone based projects.

Requirements Assessment:

We understand and gather our client’s requirements through effective communication and analyze them for practical deployment.

Sign Off for SOW:

We would freeze all of your requirements through this document so that the development team may plan the code & logic likewise for a speedy completion. Any requirement beyond the SOW after sign off will be considered as a change and would be charged exclusively.

Sign Off for Design:

We would look forward to finalizing the look and feel of your design theme. After an official sign off from you, any change in the core design theme would be charged exclusively. Maximum of two different design versions would be provided with a maximum of 3 revisions/amendments for Sign off.

Sign Off for Wire Frames:

As your project needs considerable inputs, we would like to present you a wireframe to confirm the flow of the system. After this sign off, any change in the System Flow would be charged exclusively.

Milestones Declared & Approval from Client:

A fixed time will be promised to you which would be the total time involved in the development of your project; and as already mentioned, we’ll devise a milestone based approach to complete your project. We’ll give you the start & completion date for your project along with the complete plan.

Project Moved to the Development Team:

After your approval on the Milestone Plan, we’ll move the project to the development phase.

Milestone wise delivery plan implemented:

This phase emphasizes on implementation of the Milestone Plan as declared and approved by you. System functional requirements will be confirmed with you in parallel with the plan. The milestones will be delivered after Smoke testing, without a thorough quality analysis so as to confirm the functional requirements. After the last milestone delivery, a maximum time period for 30 days will be extended to you (depending upon the size of the project) for reviewing the system and sharing your comments.

System functional requirements confirmed by the client in parallel:

We confirm the implemented functionalities from time to time from our client to take their valuable feedback and do correction or any other improvements, if needed.

QA Process:

After the completion & confirmation on the functionality part of your project, the project will be actively pushed on for Quality Analysis (QA) process.

QA Sign Off:

After the successful completion of the QA process, the QA sign off will be extended to the client.

Complete Project Sign Off:

After the completion of the QA Process, we would look forward to receiveing the confirmation for the completion of our project.

Final Site Uploaded via QA

(either directly or indirectly – credentials should be changed) Final Delivery of the project

After Sales Support and Maintenance:

The day project is signed off; a term of 1 month will commence extending after sales support for you.

Hourly/Time Bound Projects

We follow a planned approach to the completion of our hourly/time bound projects, as given below:

Task Analysis:

We understand and gather the task requirements of our clients through effective communication and perform a rigorous analysis of their practical implementation.

Task Estimation:

After the analysis of the task requirements, task estimation takes place that involves establishing a complete task list and the time requirements for the completion of the same.

Tasks List Sign Off:

After the successful completion of the task analysis and estimation, we would freeze all of your requirements through this document so that our team may start planning the code & logic for a rapid completion. Any requirement after this sign off will be considered as a change and would be charged exclusively.

Delivery plan implemented:

Our team will start working on the tasks for the timely delivery of your project.

Final Delivery and tasks achievement confirmed by the Client

In summary: We listen to our customers, understand their problems, create a working environment that facilitates success, define and implement the goals progressively, offer control points to check progress of the project, and deliver what we promised in the time we promised.

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