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Want to know about Digital money and how cryptographic form of money is created? Get all the cryptocurrency development services from us and create your own cryptocurrency now.

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Cryptocurrency has evolved a lot since the time of its inception and the birth of its first progeny Bitcoin in 2009. With the advancement of the strong communication system, this digital form of money has brought an ocean change in the processing of money online. Even after the immeasurable benefits and the appreciations bestowed on it all across the globe, hasn’t yet impressed innumerable associations such as banks, governments, and many individuals. Nonetheless, it is just a matter of time as it is expected that in the near future, this digital currency will be embraced by renowned banks, esteemed accounting firms and other noteworthy associations to convey a paper for it or initiate a scalable system.

  • Alternatives Blockchains
  • Sidechains Wallet Develoment

The Evolution of Digital Money and how it Became a Side After Effect of Automated Cash is something that will leave you flabbergasted. When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Bitcoin, he never suggested to concoct cash. In fact, these Cryptocurrencies came into existence as the reaction of some other development. With the passing of time the appreciation of Bitcoin paved way for the other Cryptocurrency development and hence giving better cryptocurrency development services.

The dispatch of Bitcoin gives way to new Cryptocurrencies, thereby maintaining the flow of new currencies. Undoubtedly, the source code of all these digital currencies is the same Bitcoin and that is why all these new Cryptocurrencies have got the name as "Bitcoin Clones or Altcoins." Hence, it won’t be a hyperbole to say that Bitcoin has been a boon in the world of digital currencies and being an open-source it can be used by anyone belonging to any continent. We, as a cryptocurrency development company, tends to provide all realiable services regarding this.

Most Powerful Cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitshares
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Stellar
  • BanxShares
  • MaidSafeCoin

In an unprecedented way Bitcoin has allured all around the world and following this path many associations have rolled out their own specific intriguing tokens. At the time when the fundamental slab of bitcoin was getting laid, then the overall market of Bitcoin was approximately $10.12 billion. Strikingly, at present the market best of Bitcoin has surpassed the overall market of Twitter Inc. This remarkable journey of Bitcoin is incomparable to any other digital currency and that is why it is still most of the Altcoins use Bitcoin’s Blockchain. Although there are some exceptions that use their own specific blockchain such as Ethereum.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

OweBest Technologies helps you develop the cryptocurrency exchange website considering liquidity, trading volumes and traffic. It is important to have a piece of knowledge about the exchange type before you even start trading. There are multiple ways of trading, and one must choose the dynamics that suits their requirement. Our team of professional developers with years of hands-on experience helps you provide with below mention options.

Spot Exchange

OweBest Technologies helps you develop the cryptocurrency exchange website considering liquidity, trading volumes and traffic. It is important to have a piece of knowledge about the exchange type before you even start trading. There are multiple ways of trading, and one must choose the dynamics that suits their requirement. Our team of professional developers with years of hands-on experience helps you provide with below mention options.

Buy-Sell Crypto Exchange

Buy-Sell Crypto Exchange works on a centralized exchange platform. A central Authority (like Binance) is put into a position to facilitate the trading. This platform offers administered transactions that serve extensive safety to all the buyers and sellers. Owebest Technologies offer scalable solutions that work best for the users by providing scalable scripts for popular platforms like Binance to enjoy uninterrupted trading.

Peer to Peer Exchange

One can consider this model as a next general trading exchange that allows the trade between seller and buyer without requiring a third-party platform. Under this model, traders can communicate directly to initiate the trade between currency pairs. We offer an escrow protection model that helps in ensuring extensive security and privacy to the traders. We develop personalized software for the traders, which is scalable at different levels suiting the protocol and requirement of a user's business.

Exclusive Features of Our Exchange

It is important for the traders who understand the exchange platform inside out, especially the features they offer. Cryptocurrency Exchanges are questioned for their security and authenticity many times, and thus, the traders need to choose their bet safely.

Margin Trading

The fact states that Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in nature. For users who trade in small amounts may face more losses than profits as the graph keeps on fluctuating between bears and bulls' zone. In such a scenario, margin trading help in capping their trade value. It provides more profit potential as they can prioritize their investments in certain currency pairs.

KYC/AML Verification

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an essential process in the world of trading as it helps in verifying the identity of the traders. Cryptocurrency Exchanges are adhered to this protocol to serve extensive security and threat-free trade to all users.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) are measures taken by the Exchange to prevent financial crimes that involve criminal financing or terrorist attack.

Liquidity Management

The liquidity in the Cryptocurrency market helps in transforming the crypto coin into real money. Liquidity plays an important role, just as the market capitalization to attract investors on the platform. Liquidity management is a part of a safe and secure exchange that allows its users to use their assets in a hassle-free manner.

Extensive Security

A secure platform for your secure assets is what defines the extensive range of privacy that a user must be offered. While blockchain technology is catching eyeballs of many cybercriminals, a highly secure Crypto Exchange is what draws the attention of users on its platform. Our team of developers ensures high security and data privacy of every user and associated trades.

Development Services

Cryptocurrency is a billion-dollar trading market that holds high potential to make a profit with digital currency. From Start-ups to businesses, entrepreneurs are seeking their way to tap this market and claim first-mover benefits quickly.

Owebest technologies Crypto Exchange software offers specifically what you need. It accelerates the deployment process with ready-made backend and customized solutions. Our ready-made solution enables the potential for the client or exchange owners to successfully launch their exchange platforms in no time.

Why Choose OWEBEST Technologies for Cryptocurrency Development?

We are the best and the most reputed Cryptocurrency Development Company that has proven our worth to our clients. Scroll down to have a look at our attributes that make us different from others in the world of digital currency development.

  • Impeccable Technical expertise

    Our top-notch work for high profiled Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies development influencers is the proof that we are the most applauded company for Cryptocurrency development services.

  • Speedy Response

    When you are with us, then we make sure that you achieve your business goals with the help of our skilled professionals who have the expertise in the convergent technology and software development related to the digital money world.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solutions

    Our in-depth understanding and hands-on experience as a cryptocurrency development company and in the processing of transactions in the Cryptocurrency Market world makes us the best option for providing you the bespoke
    Cryptocurrency trading & exchange software solutions.

  • Security Experts

    We value your digital money and are well aware of the security threats involved with the Cryptocurrencies. This is one of the reasons why our professionals give importance to coding and develop highly secure codes for your Cryptocurrency market transactions.

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