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Online Food Delivery App Development Company

There has been a surge in the online food ordering business in the last couple of years. Driving edge innovation is on the top list to make business progress in the competitive, innovative and fast-growing food industry. For more than a decade, we've given elite programming improvement for on demand food delivery app development to a wide range of organizations.

The popularity of FoodPanda and Swiggy is a clear indication that people are enjoying their newfound ability to order food online and get it delivered to their doorstep. The demand for food delivery application development has gone up sharply and has become the most lucrative business idea for today.

We are one of the best food delivery app development company developing applications for the Food industry considering recent trends and technologies. From making the UI/UX plan to building the back-end framework, Owebest can create the ideal food ordering and delivery app for your business.

Custom Food Ordering & Delivery App For All

With Owebest Technologies food ordering mobile app development, infuse the delicious menus of your restaurant with the integration of the latest technology that works just to up-scale your business. We render solutions for all, starting from startups to restaurant chains.


Make your waitlist over by partnering with us. Hire a food delivery app developer from us, and we will help you build your dream from scratch with remarkable service.

Single Restaurants

Make your waitlist over by partnering with us. Hire a food delivery app developer from us, and we will help you build your dream from scratch with remarkable service.

Restaurant Chains

Our food delivery app solution will make your entire restaurant chains stand out from the industry and create immense love for food for your customers.

Technologies We Use for Food Ordering & Delivery App Development


Benefits of On Demand Food Delivery App Development


Those restaurant owners who already have an offline presence can benefit from getting an online food ordering website or app developer. It will enable them to directly accept orders online from their customers and deliver food to them at their desired location.


A food delivery app like food panda clone will increase your restaurant business's reach and help you score more customers, and better position your brand.


A food ordering app is also an excellent idea for those looking for a trending business idea in this industry. For example, you can start a food delivery app or website that connects all restaurants in a particular area or city and delivers food orders online. All popular food delivery sites like Zomato, Swiggy, and Ubereats work on a similar business concept.

Looking For Online Food Delivery App Development Services

Hire Developer for Your Online Food Delivery Application

If you are looking to get yourself a full-featured online food ordering website or app without a glitch, you should only hire professional online food ordering app development services with commendable experience and a proven track record.

Owebest Technologies help you with the development of your food order & delivery app that is similar to overeat or Swiggy. We have a ready ‘Swiggy or food panda clone script that needs customization to fit your specific needs. Since the development from scratch is not required, it will save you significant development time and cut down the time to market in half.

Different Stages of Food Ordering App Development


The first step to any development project begins with efficient planning. This phase is about gathering ideas and information from clients, conducting independent market research and coming up with a detailed plan for the food ordering app development.


The design phase involves the creation of app interface design, UX, layout, pages, and structure, according to the plan created above.


In development phase, a food delivery app developer writes the food ordering app source code to give functionality to the various aspects of the food ordering application.


The most important aspect of any development is the testing part. This ensures whether the product is fit for the market or it needs further tweaking, fixing or development. In testing phase we look for bugs and errors in already developed design, code or software to determine whether it operates as expected and lives up to the standards of the client.


Once the app is ready and has passed rigorous testing, it is delivered to the client or hosted on a live platform to allow the project owners to interact with it and find more bugs.

Features for a Future-Ready and Scalable Food Ordering Application

We understand your needs for a future-ready platform with the best user experience. So here are the features below:

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Social Media Login
  • Basic & Advanced Searching
  • Product Navigation
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Multilingual Support
  • Running Offers
  • Cart & Checkout
  • Pick-up and Delivery Options
  • Dine-in
  • Easy Order Management
  • Real-time Delivery Tracking
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Easy Cancellation & Return
  • Push Notifications
  • Easy On-Boarding Process
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Menu Categories Management
  • Menu Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Payment Management
  • Custom Alerts
  • Payment & Reports
  • Offers Management
  • Return & Refund Management
  • Easy On-Boarding Process
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Availability Management
  • Access to Nearby Orders
  • Accept Order
  • Live Tasks Management
  • Easy Delivery Management
  • Easy GPS Navigation
  • Get Paid
  • Order History
  • Payment Management
  • Live Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Product Category Management
  • Product Management
  • Promotional Banners
  • Offers & Coupons
  • Commission Management
  • Orders Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Payment Management
  • Reports
  • CMS Management
  • Notifications
  • In-App Chat/Call
  • Application Security
  • AI Integration
  • Route Planning to Multi-Orders
  • Contactless Payments
  • Smart Searching with Voice
  • POS Integrations
  • Product Customizations
  • Product Recommendations
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Dine-in with Table Mapping
  • Wallet Integration & Development
  • Custom Reports

Looking For Customized Food Ordering App Development Company

COVID-19 Safety Essentials

We understand the COVID-19 Protocols and will make your Food Ordering Application Compliant to serve your customers with the best safety measures.

Contactless Payments

Our Food Ordering and Delivery Application will be supporting contactless payments whether your customers are picking up the food or delivering it through the drivers. The Wallet Application with NFC and QR Code payments is quite popular nowadays, so we integrated those payment methods with the apps to maintain safety with contactless payment.

Contactless Delivery

Our developed Food Ordering Application will also support Contactless Deliveries and keep requesting the Drivers and Customers to follow these guidlines. The application facilitates users to experience contactless delivery due to which the driver has to put the parcel in a safe place.


As COVID-19 cases rise day by day, customers prefer to take away the order instead of dine-in. Our Developed Food Ordering Application will be enabled with features like take-away options where customers can place orders via app and visit the restaurant for take-away, even with contactless payment and pick-up.

Sanitization & Packaging

Our developed Food Ordering Application will inspire restaurant owners to keep their staff sanitized and offer free sanitizers with every single order. The App will be enabled with the Safety Popups with every order so restaurant owners and even drivers never forget to follow the guidelines. The customer will also recieve push notifications to help them be aware of packaging as the package should be sealed with proper packaging labels.

Mask & Gloves Recognition

The Food Ordering Application with Driver Panel will help the drivers to upload the self-image while wearing the Mask and Gloves, and after that only they will be able to serve the customers. The application will be enabled with AI features to recognize the Mask and Gloves.

Safety Ratings

The rating feature allows the customer to rate the drivers on safety parameters like whether they were wearing the Mask and Gloves during delivery or not, so the admin and the restaurant monitor and take actions accordingly.

Food Ordering Covid Safety Essentials

Key Benefits Of Our Food Delivery App Development Solution

Owebest is one of renowned food delivery app development companies that seamlessly connects foodies to their desired restaurants. Our on-demand food ordering and delivery services has given clients the best experience that they ever dreamt of.


Our food delivery app development is committed to hyperlocal conveyances that can make our service very advantageous in getting, measuring, and conveying orders from one spot. The manual work of maintaining records is cut-off.

Order Tracking

Our order-tracking service is adequate for your customers as it is convenient and the interface is user-friendly. When your customers plan a food delivery, they can easily track their order status and delivery status.

Simplified Record Management

Our food ordering mobile app development allows our client with an opportunity to follow every transaction at a single place and understand how often your customers have ordered and spent on various shipments.

Simplified Order Management

The service provided by us would make your order management efficient and secure. We promptly integrate significant technical functionalities that help you, and your customers have uncomplicated and simplified order management.

Why Choose Us For Your Food Delivery App Development Solutions

Owebest Technologies offers incredible scalability, integrity and global reach to its clients. To serve the clients with this great utility, we relentlessly build top-notch and engaging on demand food delivery app development services with our experienced team of preofessionals.

We centre around clients through online food conveyance application advancement and house a group of gifted food conveyance application engineers, confirmed scrum experts, and item proprietors with a deft attitude working intimately with our clients to expand their business worth and return for capital invested.

Pick us as your food requesting application improvement organization to get versatile cordial formats and plans for your advancement arrangements. Our developers make your application, so internet requests turn out to be simple for many clients.

We comprehend your interesting requirements to your situation on the lookout and limits that rely upon your financial plan. Our food conveyance application designers furnish you with administrations at sensible rates.

We are consistently accessible at your solicitation to take care of business and handle every one of your questions regarding your advancement arrangement. Be it addressing minor issues or overhauling your food web and portable application to a superior variant.

To develop an advanced solution, we like to collaborate with our clients to offer a flexible solution. Our customized solutions are based on client business requirement and needs. We offer utter flexibility with robust security.

We focus on smooth communication to understand client requirements and to provide a more personalized experience. Our aim is to provide the user with a comprehensive and seamless experience while gathering all the required information for the project.

Looking For Best Food Delivery App Development Company


1. How much does it cost to develop a Food Ordering Application?

The food ordering mobile app development cost depends on functional requirements, Number of User Interfaces, App Stores, and Technology Frameworks. We recommend all of these based on the size of businesses and User Forecasting.

It totally depends on the current stage of your application. If you are starting a New Business or Project that is under development and not sure about scalability then go with Dedicated Resource or Team Model, but if you have a complete roadmap then go with the fixed price model.

We will assign a dedicated team for your project that involves Delivery & Technical Project Managers, Business Analysts, Mobile Tech Leads, Web Tech Leads, Developers, Designers, and Quality Analysts.

Yes, our developed application are fully robust and scalable, and can be linked with the POS system via APIs. The APIs are available with 2- way communication mode, which means the restaurants don’t need to manage their inventory and orders at different places.

Yes, we understand that Startups can’t manage the technical part on their own as it involves efforts and resources, so we offer back-office and technical support. You just need to focus on the business and leave rest on us.

Yes, we have a proven marketing strategy for your Food Ordering app that can give you quickly as well as long-lasting results.

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