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How to Hire React Native Developers for Your Business

How to Hire React Native Developers for Your Business
23/11/2022 57

Several companies in the market are desperately looking for React native developers. These developers help a company complete and deliver its projects on time. Hiring dedicated React Native developers allows for rapid deployment as the React Native framework builds applications for multiple platforms with a similar code base. React Native developers are in high demand due to their popularity, which makes it difficult for businesses to onboard; At the same time, it is undeniable that companies need these React Native developer skills to carry out their projects.

Let’s Understand What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework. With the help of React Native developers, this framework is used for developing cross-platform mobile applications. They use a combination of XML-Esque markup, JavaScript, and JSX. Applications developed using React Native use Objective C for iOS and native rendering APIs in Java for Android. Native rendering apps can access the user's phone camera, location, and other things on the device. That makes React Native developers the best for developing mobile applications.

Need for a React Native Developer

In today's world, it's difficult to find someone who does not own a phone—and not just any phone, but a smartphone. The increase in the usage of mobile phones has led to a rise in the use of mobile applications. These applications are best developed using React Native developer skills. That, in turn, has led to an increase in demand for React developers. The more our dependency on mobile applications increases, the more the need for these React developers will increase.

Mobile applications are simple to use and allow users to do virtually anything they want. However, have you ever imagined designing these applications was that easy? Well, no, it is not. Developing these applications is a highly complicated task that can be done only if a developer has the required professional skills. It is the reason companies need to hire React Native developers. However, if asked how to hire a React engineer, then, of course, like every other thing, there is a particular procedure that you will have to follow. However, you will never regret hiring them since they will benefit the company.

Designing a mobile application takes a lot of effort and time. There are several types of mobile applications, such as; hybrid, native, cross-platform, and web applications. A native developer is a professional with the skills and knowledge to help build all of these apps without affecting the user's experience. The framework that React Native uses is the best for developing mobile applications for iOS and Android. React native outsourcing is something that most companies do. It is simply because hiring an in-house React Native developer can become more expensive than one can imagine. Thus, companies prefer to outsource them. These developers help a company in creating dynamic mobile applications, and that too at a price that does not make a hole in the pocket. Some of the best things about the applications that a React developer develops are that these applications are easy to maintain, support, and update.

Another thing about these developers is that the code they create for developing mobile applications works the same for Android and IOS. There is no need to do any modulations and changes. As a result, this not only saves time but also money. Developers who know JavaScript frameworks or React JS can easily understand, learn, and work on React Native. If you are planning to develop a mobile application, then you must hire a react native developer.

How to Choose React Developers for your Business?

If you outsource react native development or even if you hire one for your company, there are certain things you will have to consider for either of the cases. When hiring a react native developer, only checking the technical skills is not enough. Along with technical skills, you will also have to look at the soft skills of the developer. Here is a list of must-have soft and technical skills you must look for while choosing a react native developer:

1. Technical Skills

When you hire react native developer, the first thing you will have to check is the technical skills of the developer. However, the depth of the technical skills will vary and is different for junior react native developers, mid-level react native developers, and senior react native developers. Thus, choosing a react native developer based on technical skills can be tricky and challenging. Let's check the technical skills that you must look for in all three cases:

Junior React Native Developer

  1. Basic Knowledge of React Native: As a junior, the developer will not have a very high react native knowledge. However, they must at least have an idea of the basic react native libraries and APIs.

  2. Navigation Skills and JS6: Check the developer's coding skills before hiring them. They must know the basic ones such as JS6, etc.

  3. Testing, Debugging, and Compiling: Testing, Debugging, and Compiling is the basics of any development. Even if you hire react native app developers of a junior level, they must be able to do these basics.

  4. Redux: Familiarity with redux is a must. It is one of the essential tools used to develop and manage the state of elements.

Mid-Level React Native Developer

  1. Mobile Features: If you hire a react native app developer who is mid-level, then the developer must know how to develop mobile features using react native. They must also know about integrating mobile features along with the applications.

  2. Third-Party Integration: Knowing third-party integration is a must for mid-level developers.

  3. Data Caching: These developers must know data caching and databases.

  4. Application Deployment: Mid-level react native developers must know about application deployment and sign-up flow.

Senior React Native Developer

  1. Native Languages: When it comes to senior react native app developers, they must know about native languages such as Kotlin, Swift, Objective – C, etc.

  2. Integrations and Delivery: Their high experience and knowledge allow them to make continuous integrations and delivery, which makes these developers worth all the money spent on them. These people can develop applications that have real-time features and are bug-free.

  3. Library Integration: Senior react native experts can integrate all the libraries and frameworks into an application. They are the ones who can successfully develop cross-platform applications.

  4. Skilled Professionals: A skilled react native developer can help you deal with several approaches. Their communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills make them stand apart. They help in accelerating your business by developing advanced solutions.

2. Soft Skills

There are many React Native developers for hire; however, when you hire one for your company, you must also check their soft skills. Soft skills are common and are equal for every level of developer. These include:

3. Communication Skills

Communication skills are a must. There should be no communication gap between the company and the developer. A developer must give you all the necessary updates on a regular basis so that you can keep up with the development of a mobile app. If a developer does not communicate effectively, there is a good chance that the person will not be able to interpret your desires correctly.

4. Time Management

It is a must-have skill for all React Native developers. A developer must be able to follow a strict timeline and deliver the work within the stipulated time.

5. Team Work

Teamwork is, again, a fundamental skill that is a must for all developers. A team that works together succeeds together. Team support is essential, as every team member has a role to play.

To Summarize

If you are looking to hire a dedicated React Native developer, then Owebest Technologies is the company you must check out. We are the best when it comes to mobile application development. Our experts will help you deliver the best services according to your business needs. We are the best React Native Development Company you can work with. You can visit our website and connect with us if you need ideas about the top React Native apps that can help you with your start-up.


Q1. How do I hire a freelance React Native developer?

A. Hiring React native developers requires extensive research. Assessing their soft and technical skills is very important to get the best on board. Verification of their soft skills is mandatory as they not only work on technical things but also participate in client meetings. Therefore, developers with great communication skills will surely grab your client's attention. Also, don't forget to check out their time management skills and team spirit.

To assess technical skills, one should check their React Native basic knowledge and examine their coding skills. Note that the developer should be familiar with all the necessary tools related to react native. They also need to know how to debug, compile, and test code. There are several sites where react native developers can be hired. Check them out, and you will find one.

Q2. How much does it cost to hire a React Native developer?

A. The cost of hiring a professional react native developer depends on several factors. These factors include app category, complexity, design, functionality, developer location, experience, and more. Other hidden elements affect the overall cost of hiring a React native developer.

Each application is different and has its own unique characteristics. The cost, therefore, depends on the type of application you want to create and the features you want to include. The number of features also determines the development costs. That said, a developer's expertise and experience will determine hiring costs. A developer's hourly rate also changes depending on their geographic location. However, on average, hiring a react native developer will cost you as little as $20-30 per hour and as high as $150-180 per hour, depending on your skills.

Q3. What should I look for when hiring a react developer?

A. When looking for a react native developer, you need to know if they are well-versed in the necessary technical skills. They should be familiar with HTML / CSS, fundamentals, react, programming style, JavaScript, testing tools, etc.

You should ask the developer if he is familiar with the different technologies and frameworks needed to develop reliable and scalable React.js applications. Check their hands-on experience developing complex applications with interpersonal skills before hiring them.

Q4. Which company uses React Native?

A. Several companies are into the development of mobile applications that use react native. Reputed websites such as Netflix, Facebook, Uber, Instagram, Skype, and many others are developed using react native. In the current era, more than 9,000 companies and 100,000 websites are using React. Global giants like Tesla, Microsoft, Walmart, Salesforce, Bloomberg, Shopify, Airbnb, Pinterest, etc. use React Native too.

Q5. What do React developers do?

A. The primary role of React developers is to use React Native for mobile application development or building web applications. They generally use front-end technologies such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, etc. Their responsibility is to write top-notch UI code based on mock designs and wireframes.

They closely examine the code to ensure improved app performance. They produce future-proof and reusable AI components to make the apps cross-compatible. Then, they need to write modern, clean UI code and design scalable APIs and app architectures to support it. After that, they do all the testing to check the app's performance. Then, they deliver a robust application that works on multiple operating systems and devices.

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