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Top 10 Sitefinity Features That Can Be Beneficial for Marketers

Top 10 Sitefinity Features That Can Be Beneficial for Marketers
02/03/2021 57

Content Management has become such an essential part of marketing these days. A plethora of content management software (CMS) helps brands create more relevant and highly personalized content. But what makes a CMS right for your brand is your content. Modern users these days are demanding relevant and useful content engaging and interactive enough to solve their problems. Your content can make or break your brand’s connection with the consumers; hence it is important to know about the right CMS.

To begin with, a CMS is no more a mere website backend but has become an appealing content platform that creates and empowers an entire ecosystem around your website. These platforms have underlying features like single sign-on (SSO), user authentication, third-party integrations, security, and personalization that are highly used by mobile apps, web apps, and microsites. Let’s try to find out more about these content management software and which one is perfect for you.

What is Sitefinity?

Established in 2002, it was earlier known as 'RedDesigner Control' and was renamed Sitefinity in 2005. It is one of the most popular and used content marketing systems in 2020, used by brands like Mercedes and Coca Cola. It is not just the most widely used but is also trusted worldwide because of its fruitful features. As a marketer, you get a first-hand experience of content delivery and user experience which you are shaping. Hence it is essential to know which software can help you achieve your goals.

Sitefinity is a traditional CMS that gives marketers and content creators the right tools to create and manage quality content. It combines basic and advanced features that help the user create content independently, comfortably, and effortlessly. Plus, Sitefinity CMS also ensures quality delivery and a great user experience with the content you market.

For any business, content management's major goal is to create engaging and relevant content that gives out your brand message just the way you want it. And to do so, you might wish to go beyond just one platform: your website and cater to multiple devices and platforms. Web development nowadays is not just about creating a website, but making a digital platform that is functional and well connected with other platforms using content management software to generate better content. Corporate websites are no longer just a way to have a digital existence but a way to connect to the consumers by creating a channel between different mediums.

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The amalgamation of smart devices with the internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) have opened new horizons for both users and consumers. No one could have ever anticipated the speed at which new content is produced every day and the speed at which it is consumed. Even how consumers consume the content has changed exponentially, which has given creators a larger canvas to work on.

As marketers, it is essential to respond to the demand for differentiated experiences and maintain its message, strategy, and consistency. The right word when creating content is "iteration" and not repetition. Every time a creator or marketer sits to create content, he/she needs to know what works best for their brand and need to "iterate" the same content to cater to a larger audience on different platforms.

Features of Sitefinity

We at Owebest Technologies, believe that before you choose a web content management software for your brand, it is important to know everything about it. Sitefinity is a great progress software and what makes it great is the distinct features, which makes the work of content managers much easier and seamless. We have created a list of five of the most important and useful features of Sitefinity CMS that will help your decision-making process. Let’s check them out.

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1. Content

Content in the digital world has evolved over the decades. What started as a written piece of content, evolved into images, tabular data, and now is the most consumed in the form of videos and GIFs. For some brands, content can also be in the form of events, news, lists, and even forums.

With so many forms of content being consumed on an everyday basis, we need software that can help us categorize our content and create libraries of all our images and documents. That’s specifically where Sitefinity CMS comes into play. It helps in organizing and categorizing by tagging your content to be used later. If your website is secure, you can even hold the reigns of categories and libraries that your users have access to. It’s all about exploring your options and using them to their optimal.

2. Shared Content

As a content marketer, you already know that when you create a piece of content, the primary intent is to share it across as many platforms as you can. And that is what the Shared Content feature of Sitefinity is for. You can use the sharing widget to save your content in the ‘content blocks’ area, and you can share the content from there anywhere and everywhere. There could be times when you share some content and wish to make changes to it. Since the widget creates a chain between the channels, making changes on the primary platform will automatically make it happen on every other platform. But if you wish to edit only a specific platform, you can break the chain and do that too.

3. Workflows

Once the content piece is ready, it needs approvals before publishing. With Sitefinity CMS, you don’t need to keep mailing the word docs to and instead of simply creating the content within Sitefinity and passing it through an approval process before making it live on the website. It saves a lot of time and effort and also makes the work easy. It does not just make the work easy but also helps you meet the deadline when required with advancement.

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4. Built-In MVC Widgets

Every CMS comes with its set of widgets. Widgets are the draggable controls that are used for editing and formatting web pages. You can use these widgets to highlight or hyperlink your text, or add images and embed videos in your content. Once you are working on website development, it is recommended to explore the widgets, especially the ‘edit’ function on the widgets to see what you can do with them. Gone are the days when you would just publish your plane jane content. Users are now attracted to the content presented in varied forms, including videos, images, tables, etc. So get creative and make each word count.

5. Titles & Properties

This feature is majorly essential for SEO purposes. Titles and properties help you in managing the page name and URL. It also asks you if you wish Google to index your page or if you want this age in the navigation or not. It might seem like this is a very technical job, but your CMS is for. An expert or not, these simple features can make you feel like an expert because all it takes is pressing a few quick clicks, and you are closer to indexing your website on Google. What else do we need? In addition to this, if you happen to make errors while naming the page or URL, you can use the Revision History feature and make things right.

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Benefits of Sitefinity

1. Appealing User-Interface

When we talk about any CMS, the first thing to think about is how interactive the user-interface is. A website is all about its user interface, and with Sitefinity, it is effortless to make changes whenever you need them. This is one of the greatest benefits as it helps us make the website engaging and attracting keeping current trends in mind.

2. SEO Friendly

When plumping for a website, choosing a CMS that is SEO friendly is of utmost importance. With multiple features like SEO-friendly URLs, separate space for meta tags, title, descriptions optimizers, etc., Sitefinity can skyrocket your SEO game. Sitefinity offers the best features that can be lucrative from an SEO point of view.

3. Reliable Management

Sitefinity is a reliable web content management system because it uses the drag and drop interface that makes the content creation process very easy. A marketer does not require technical skills to create engaging content and a pleasant user experience.

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4. Integrated Google Analytics

Just creating a website is not what fetches you the attention, but how you market it does. Keeping an eye on the analytics tells you how well the audience receives your content. Sitefinity allows you to track the codes of each page which makes the analytics easier.


Web development nowadays has become highly competitive, and hence content marketers need to be very precise about the CMS they rely on. There is plenty of fish in the ocean to pick on, but Owebest Technologies gives a thumbs up to Sitefinity CMS because it will never fail to meet your expectations.

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For more information connect with our experts. We help you suggest the best for your project. Considering all its features and benefits for content marketers, it seems to be a great CMS to expand your digital footprint and explore more opportunities. As a marketing professional, it is important to communicate with the right kind of audience at the right time and through the right platforms. A CMS that provides you integrated marketing services comes in handy when you wish to iterate your content for different platforms. Also features like email marketing and subscriptions help in fostering your relationship with the clients.

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