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Forecasting The Top Salesforce CRM Trends In 2021

Forecasting The Top Salesforce CRM Trends In 2021
21/02/2021 57

Leveraging technologies have become an essential requirement with the increasing competition in the industrial dimensions. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one such software that is leveraging digitalisation to devise strategies while analysing customer data and driving sales growth. To achieve the market's feat, intelligent analysis of customer interaction is an essential segment procured through life cycles.

Cloud-based CRM solution is, in fact, a trending discussion that helps in improving customer service relationships with the help of efficient tracking, filtering, and managing data of the users on a real-time basis. In fact, CRM is the one-stop solution for businesses to make decisions driven by the data to improve and boost business revenues.

So let's discuss some of the Forecasted CRM Trends in CRM to look out for in the year 2021.

1. Artificial Intelligence

There is too much noise around Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the year 2021, and of course, CRM cannot be outside the zone and trend. It is estimated that AI fused CRM solutions will increase the revenue by more than USD1 trillion by this year-end.

AI can bring essential enhancement in the process of CRM with the help of conversational instruments.

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, China’s GDP is estimated to grow in a significant manner. According to Statista, AI will contribute close to 26% in China’s GDP by the year 2030.

Artificial Intelligence contributes to CRM by increasing efficiency for service agents. It uses data points to anticipate the queries from users and simply make predictions about additional details that the customer will need. These AI insights assist the service agents in becoming more diligent about customer issues and resolving the same.

Forecasting The Top Salesforce CRM Trends In 2021

2. Internet of Things

As per the analysis of experts, the Internet of Things will redefine the CRM activities shortly. By the year 2025, the IoT devices will increase to more than 50million devices by 2025, ranging in products like smart home, wearable monitors, cyber scanners, and more. Companies worldwide are consuming the technology to generate data from IoT solutions that helps improve the user's overall experience.

IoT devices are record performance and maintenance issues of the company with the customer relationship management software. It will detect the product performance and identify the potential problems with customers at the same time. Thus, users will be able to leverage IoT devices and detect the performance issues and inform about the same to the companies. It will basically be a merge of CRM and IoT technology to help the company and user experience.

3. Customer Experience

In the list of Forecasted CRM Trends In 2021, customer experience is a definite key aspect. As per Salesforce, 84% of customers state they experience an organization as significant as its items and services. As more associations up their customer experience game, others should stick to this same pattern: 73% of customers state one remarkable experience raises their assumptions for different organizations.

The fate of CRM keeps on being impacted by customer experience (CX). For both the organizations that utilize CRM and the customers of these organizations, this is genuine.

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Convenience has consistently been a test for CRM structures, so there will be an interface centred around usability for the most well known CRM frameworks of things to come. Specialists expect that CRM frameworks will, before long, develop to be not difficult to utilize, making it simpler to get to and assess data. We may likewise see CRM usefulness to make it simpler for deals and customer service specialists to start customer contact.

4. Mobile CRM Will Be On the Rise

The appearance of cell phones has re-imagined how organizations lead their tasks. CRM innovations also have developed to stay aware of the always-changing patterns in the computerized world. Work from home has become the standard of the day; CRM assets should be gotten online by all partners concerned. This calls for smaller CRM assets with simple online-disconnected compatible capacities. With deals faculty being more out and about than they are ever in the workplace, more mobile viable CRM highlights are relied upon to hit the market to meet the end customers' always expanding correspondence needs.

5. Self-service

With self-service, with substantially less exertion required from the organization, customers get their inquiries addressed snappier, which is best achieved by Salesforce mobile application development services.

In this age, computerization is an exceptionally encouraging innovative pattern. In chatbots, its impact on customer relationship management is obvious, making the association management and commitment assignments of organizations less complex. Driving platforms, for example, Hubspot and Drift, give bots through the right channels that control customers and possibilities.

Such bots pose inquiries, assemble data, give customized substance and experiences, in addition to whatever else that a customer may require. This is efficient and peaceful on the buyer side, and a spending plan inviting for the organization.

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2021 is the year we are required to see more tweaked programs, all gratitude to CRMs, ideal for the millennial age, distant zones, and more modest organizations.

6. More Integration of CRM with Other Processes

CRM software utilizes information from upwards of 12 hotspots for its working. Future CRM platforms would go for cutting edge integration with different information sources and other outsider applications to draw more experiences on shoppers while improving their software's usefulness. For instance, integration with marketing computerization and insightful apparatuses would help CRM platforms follow and break down outer connections with shoppers. Also, integration with different bookkeeping apparatuses would help organizations smoothing out the charging cycle a better execute customer division. As effectively expressed, integration with IoT gadgets would give CRM platforms admittance to voluminous information on purchaser use to offer better customer uphold and detail customized marketing techniques.

7. Voice and Conversational User Interface (UI) will be coordinated with CRM

Voice technology is basic to the progression of SaaS solutions. An Adobe concentrate on voice technology says that around 94% of users consider voice technology simple to utilize, and state it accomplishes more than saving time – it improves their personal satisfaction.

For instance, Salesforce's Einstein Voice Assistant assistance deals with workforce track customer information quicker and updates their groups about the equivalent. SAP, another CRM solution supplier, also has grasped voice technology. More CRM solution suppliers must take action accordingly and consolidate voice technology into their operational cycles and interfaces.

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The rising selection of CRM platforms among organizations across different ventures can be credited to the developing interest in examining information to drive better customer experiences. CRM's integration with enormous information and AI-fueled investigation are relied upon to help improve customer experiences significantly. Decreased marketing costs and more limited deals cycles have additionally added to the expanded appropriation of CRM software.


After discussing the trends in detail, you will need a trusted partner to help you develop the fusion of trends with your CRM software. A technical partner like Owebest technologies will help you drive salesforce trends in 2021 fused with your requirement and expectation to increase your brand's revenue shortly.

Contact us today to understand what this fusion can really do for your company and how to stay ahead in the competition with the right combination of trending technologies, your business solutions, and CRM software. So let's discuss what really looks like just a perspective to an agile reality that best defines your brand value along with a fine user experience.

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