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12 Web Development Stack Trends You Need to Explore in 2021

12 Web Development Stack Trends You Need to Explore in 2021
06/02/2021 57

Ever since the World Wide Web came into people's lives, every individual today relies on it. Web development has become the top-most element in the successful growth of any business globally.

With the constant change and advancement in technology, the trends in the web development world also change. To be at the top of the game, it becomes necessary to keep up with the current trends, techniques, and approaches that are practised and accepted by experts across the globe.

As the world enters 2021, the following are the list of top web development stack trends that will give an improved and effortless experience to web app developers in the upcoming era.

1. Single-Page Applications and Websites

There was a time when a user clicks on a button in a webpage, and another web page gets downloaded automatically from the server. This action was not very user-friendly or developer-friendly, as it was both irritating and time-consuming. This lead to simplify the complexity of the process that got Single-Page applications and websites in the limelight.

Single-Page websites gained a lot of attraction from many small and large size businesses as it benefits in numerous ways:

Many big names in the tech world currently use Single-Page applications and websites, like Google, Apple, Twitter, Github, and many others are working on the same.

  • It provides a hassle-free user experience (UX)
  • It helps the webpage to loads fast and saves bandwidth
  • Developing and maintaining an application becomes easy, cost-effective, and takes less time
  • It makes the caching process more effective and efficient
  • It focuses on APIs
  • It is Mobile-Friendly

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2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the most talked-about technology advancement in the market. Many sectors are implementing AI in their businesses, and it all starts from web page development.

Implementing AI in web development does help the organization to know and analyze their customers' behaviour, such as:

  • How much time a customer takes to purchase a product,
  • When they plan to buy the next or are they willing to go for a subscription,
  • What are the alternate products they would be interested in,
  • Whether or not any customer is willing to buy any product or not.

3. PWA- Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a type of software application used for making websites load faster, more reliable, easy navigation, and give a smooth and user-friendly experience. Many developers use PWA to create and maintain web applications that work on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

To deliver reliability, enhanced capability, and installability, PWA is developed and managed through updated APIs. It can reach any device, placed anywhere, with a single codebase making it suitable for cross-device compatibility.

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PWA has the capability of performing high-quality UX, and also is highly mobile-friendly, investors and developers globally have hopes that its demand will increase in the coming years.

4. WebAssembly

WebAssembly is the future of web development. It is a new approach to analyzing and improving the performance of web applications.

One of the main reasons for the rising popularity of WebAssembly compiles code in any programming language into bytecode that runs in a browser. Along with resolving issues related to speed and performance, WebAssembly also helps in managing cross-platform scripting.

5. Motion Design-UI

Motion Design is the key component and an important trend in the web designing and development world that every developer in the world is counting on. Motion Design is all about designing the web page with animations. It makes a website look more expressive and user-friendly.

When combined with a sophisticated interaction with that of a minimalistic design, it gives an engaging and interactive look to the website that gains users' attention. With the help of different software, such as Sketch2AE, Adobe After Effects, etc., certain elements, like pull-down menus, pop-ups, scrolling, transitions, etc., can be implemented conveniently in a website.

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Motion Design is beneficial in numerous ways:

  • It enhances user-experience
  • It makes a website easy to navigate
  • It makes a tedious website more fun and interactive
  • It makes a website stand out of the crowd

6. Serverless Architecture

Serverless Architecture, as the name goes by, is a way to develop and run applications independently to manage infrastructure. Here the web applications are hosted by a third-party server, where the developers save time by eliminating the need for server software and hardware management.

Serverless Architecture reduces many technical glitches, such as data loss, system overloading, and expensive development. It is based more on cloud-computing that is replacing regular servers. The developers do not require to maintain, provision, and scale servers to run applications, databases, and storage systems.

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Currently, companies such as AOL, Netflix, Reuters, and Telenor are already going Serverless.

7. RAIL Model

The RAIL model is a web performance model that first came in 2015 but gained attraction from 2019 onwards. It evaluates user-experience by provides an accurate and comprehensive system that helps developers to relevant improvements. RAIL evaluates various user interactions in four different categories, i.e., Response, Animation, Idle, and Load.

  • Response evaluates the time that shows the reaction time of the website to inputs. A of 100 milliseconds is good, but anything under will be slow and noticeable by the user.
  • Animation evaluates the visual animations of the web page actions like scrolling and dragging, aiming at one frame in every 16 milliseconds.
  • Idle focuses more on the background of the website right after it loads initially. Many tasks are kept in idle mode to improve the web page load timing and activate other tasks, such as storing and fetching.
  • Load refers to the page load time. It is crucial for evaluating a website's performance, and to measure the time as to how long it takes for a website to appear.

8. MEAN Stack:

MEAN is the most important technological stack without which non of the other trends could be implemented. It is an open-source JavaScript software stack that is used for developing complex websites and web applications.

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MEAN is a collection of JavaScript-based frameworks used by web developers, that includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

  • MongoDB: It is a database or a storage base that stores data. It is scalable and performs exceptionally well when managing a large amount of data.
  • Express.js: It manages the backend of the development.
  • Angular.js: It is the frontend framework that is open-source, TypeScript based, which is used to develop client-side applications.
  • Node.js: It is an inbuilt web server that supports MongoDB to deploy the database to the cloud. It can handle millions of connections simultaneously and is also scalable.

9. Unparalleled 5G

5G, the fifth generation of cellular, is bringing in new opportunities for businesses, developers, and users. Faster connectivity is required to keep up with new technological advancements.

5G is 100 times faster than 4G, which gives developers an edge to create a more complicated website and web applications in a much faster and efficient way. The benefits that come with 5G are:

  • Network speed up to 100 Gbps
  • Enhanced capacity
  • Greater network coverage
  • Increase in the number of connected devices
  • Improved speed in transmission

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10. Internet of Thing (IoT):

Internet of Things (IoT) is referred to as objects (things) that have the software, sensors, and other technological means that helps to connect and communicate with other devices and systems over the internet.

These devices need web servers to make communication more effective. The data from sensors are collected in the cloud, and it is the user interface that enables the other users to communicate with connected devices.

Nowadays, many IoTs display website contents, such as UIs on smart appliances and gadgets, and some can also search web browsers.

11. Mobile-First Approach:

With the increased number of mobile devices globally, web developers are targeting small-screen devices first to get more engagements. It is a new and robust approach that is picking up in the web development world. This approach leads the web developers to focus more on the essential deliverance, such as content first and makes the UX designers strip-down unnecessary elements. It makes the website accessible on any device and is very cost-effective.

12. Voice Search and Navigation:

Voice Search and Navigation has made web search more comfortable and engaging. With the growing sale of mobile devices, this trend is surely going to be one of the most dominant in 2021.

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Many tech giants have already started offering this service, and it is giving developers a boost to implement this as part of providing users with a more satisfying experience. It increases the web site's accessibility and reduces the search and navigating time for users.


Keeping up with the above trends will give an edge to the experienced, as well as new developers in building a complex and sophisticated web application in a very efficient way. These points ensure that all the factors are considered that are required to develop a more interactive web application for the business. In case you need a consultation on the development stack, you can Owebest Technologies to help you further decide how to get the project started for your product.

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