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Know more about the Android 11 Features that can impact your Mobile Application Development

Know more about the Android 11 Features that can impact your Mobile Application Development
22/01/2021 57

Android, without a doubt, is known to be the most popular operating system introduced by Google for smartphone devices. It not only holds the top position in this industry, but it is almost a decade where people started switching to Android platforms for better digital experience. It is because of its open-source nature that speaks on global success and acknowledgement it has achieved in the last few years. It allows the manufacturers to modify and use the code, according to their choice where Google is continuously introducing different features since 2008.

It was in a recent time when Android 10 was introduced and all set for the Android devices when Google introduced the preview of Android 11 for the team of developers globally. However, if it surprised you at all, we believe that Google has always proved itself to be a top-notching choice in the field of innovation.

Android surely is now one of the most common platforms for developers to build new products and applications every day. Google is improving every day and adding new robust features that make it simpler for the developer’s team to hang on to better products.

After Android 10 achieved great success with new and unique features like dark mode, and in-permission front, people have great expectations from Android 11 launching pretty soon. So, if you are an Android developer or an enthusiast planning to build an Android application, let’s have a better understanding about this update and how you can utilize the same for your dream project.

Features of Android 11

You might need a pen and notepad if you note down all the features of Android 11, that will make the development much easier and will offer much better user experience for the application. Let’s start with some of them.

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Messaging Improvements

The user experience with Android 11 is definitely going to take a turn in applications. Many messaging features are introduced in the new version by Google. What's interesting is the Chat bubbles that will help users to continue texting where conversations will be hiding in some small bubbles that can be seen on the side of the screen. Users will also be able to attach images while they are still replying to the messages, seen in the notification.

No need of downloading screen recorder

Many users wish to record their screen, and always juggle to download complicated applications to do the same. Well, the requirement might vary from every user, but this feature will surely be appreciated by the users at many levels. This built-in screen recording feature also includes a user interface (UI) and toggle that can record audio as well as video in a single touch.

Security and Privacy will be much better!

Google has now increased the privacy setting with Android 11 that also includes strict security measures for users. The update will focus majorly on providing safety regarding information and data that users wish to secure on their phones.

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Permission for everything!

As of now, we give authorization to applications before all else. The application has the necessary consents constantly. Android 11, definitely, changes this aspect in the industry. We have much more power over versatile applications we normally did. As a user, you can give consent to an application only one time. Along these lines, you award consent on a one-time premise. To concede the authorization, this step will be something asked every user while running the application on their respective smartphones.

5G Preparation

With COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdown, many people spent their time in their respective houses which made the need of 5G experience a major demand at different levels. 5G innovation is quite in the line these days. Android 11, in fact, is going to introduce Dynamic Meteredness API that will allow complete advantage to the users to enjoy better and faster connectivity through 5G experience.

Changing in accordance with various screens

Foldable devices are a progressive development in the realm of cell phones. With Android 11, engineers don't need to stress over such devices. Operating System 11 will accommodate portable applications that will run quite smoothly, especially on those devices which are foldable.

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Improved WiFi Experience

Android 11 will introduce a better Wi-Fi experience for the users. How, if you ask? Operation system 11 carried out different types of updates while improving the experience for the users on Wi-Fi, while it was already running the portable applications.

Dull Mode Scheduling

Another best element of Android 11 is the booked dull mode alternative. Although we got a few looks at this element in Android 9 and 10 too, we would now be able to plan at whatever point we need the dull mode to be dynamic in our android devices. Regardless of whether you need to plan it for dawn or nightfall or pick a favoured time, you can set it whenever you need as per your inclination.

Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt For Android Development Application

Now when you are aware of all the new features that come with Android 11, how about we discuss why businesses should opt for Android development and introduce applications with the new update. Android, as mentioned before, is the popular platform among a huge customer base at the global level. The Play Store surely showed unprecedented growth in the last decade, which also confirms that Android applications are far more popular among day to day businesses with more than 250 million downloads on the daily basis.

How many about we go through some of the valid reasons why it is a good idea to opt for Android application development:

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Broad Customer Base

Android is the ideal choice of downloading applications like Play Store inclined phones are quite affordable by most of the population in the globe. So, if you want your business to run and need better visibility, your application must be present on the Android platform. According to Statista, Android share of smartphone shipments in 2019 was 87%.

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If you compare it with iOS applications, applications on Android are really cost-effective and involve a lesser development cost of the application too. All it takes is a one-time fee at the time of registration which includes many ranges of libraries and tools in Android, that does not only make the development process easier but quite cheap too.

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Simplified Integration

One thing that makes Android an ideal choice is support it has for easy application integration along with customization as the business requires to attract more users on the application. APIs development time is much less, as applications on Android are quite simple to integrate with third-party platforms.

Device Compatibility

Android is known as one of the ideal platforms in the field of mobile application which includes a great number of manufacturers like Samsung, and One Plus. Well, no one really beats them in the market choice these days. This automatically concludes that Android applications are quite compatible with various devices with different resolutions, sizes, and price.

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Better customization

We all know that Google Play Store guidelines include great innovation, this automatically brings better build-up of your Android application. This means that it offers better customization that can reflect the vision of your business which, in turn, helps in achieving your business mission and goals to reach faster. Android applications are highly scalable and can help in improving your business.

Better Storage for users

When we talk about the storage of application stores, the fact is that Apple somewhere is still lacking in the storage capacity of the cloud storage, as compared to Google App store. the iPhone's space, limited to 5GB, is of course not sufficient for users’ data and storage. On the other hand, Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage, that explains itself why users are not more comfortable with Google Android and not Apple iOS.

Now, when we are done with the features of Android 11 and the benefits of developing applications on Android 11, you might want to consider building an application for your business.

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Android 11 offers better tools and features, which is not only beneficial for developers but also for the users. So if you are an entrepreneur, all you need to do is find a development company to help you build the application. Owebest Technologies is the right choice for you, as they include a team of experts equipped with the latest technologies and trends required for your business growth with an extraordinary application. Our team of developers are all set for Android 11, and of course, for your brilliant application too!

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