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What are the New Content Marketing Trends to Follow By Businesses in 2021?

What are the New Content Marketing Trends to Follow By Businesses in 2021?
24/02/2021 57

Since the pandemic hit our world, offline businesses have gone topsy turvy, paving the way for the digital industry. All major industries have made a tremendous shift to digitalization, and that has given content marketing the highest position in the digital chain of command.

If you’ve ever read anything about digital marketing or have worked as a digital marketer yourself, you would have often come across the phrase “Content Is King”. You read this so frequently because that is the absolute truth of digital marketing. Everything in the digital world starts from content, and when you are running a business on any digital platform, you should know the right ways to market your content.

Content marketing has become a huge industry that has been diversified into several forms and ways for businesses to optimize their conversions and sales. And since content marketing forms the basis of digital marketing, we thought of compiling a list of content marketing trends that will rule 2021!

According to statista, In North America, one of the world’s broadest advertising landscapes, between 30 and 40 per cent of B2B and B2C marketers planned to increase their content marketing budgets in 2020.

Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out in 2021

1. Personalize the Content

In a world where you have to sell your product or services based on how you promote its content, it is essential for the customer to feel specially designed. When they read the content, they should feel like the brand cares, and they want the best for their customers, which will induce them to buy the product or service.

Also, to personalize your content even further, try to collect as much data of your leads as possible, including their names, email ids, interests, and requirements, etc. This will help you send out personalized emails that will start with the customer’s name, bringing their complete attention to your content. It will make them feel like you’re talking to them personally and suggesting they buy a product or service because they really need it.

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It also helps in connecting with your potential conversions on a much deeper level and helps build communities. When you collect enough data of your ideal or potential client, you can create a campaign around that data to retarget your leads and convert them. The more they interact with your brand, the more personalized will your content become.

2. Know the Inside Outside of your Subject

Lately, Google has begun to promote more informational and valuable content to consumers. Backlinking as Part of SEO works well only until your content holds a lot of weight and imparts some knowledge to the reader. So, do not completely lie on backlinking, rather work on creating authentic and subject-related content that helps the reader in some way or the other.

Also, once you sit to write the content, don’t get too sentimental because the reader is only interested in consuming is useful information and not your personal life. Long-form content does better on Google, but how long will it hold the reader’s attention if your content is not relevant or informational?

The length and style of your content should change depending on the target audience. While professionals would stick around to read the entire piece, millennials prefer to read snippets. You need to resize your content based on your buyer, especially if you promote the brand on social media.

Readers and customers are peppered with so much content every day, and hence it is natural for them to get picky. It is imperative to create contention-driven ent pieces in a market like that and get your customers to read it and eventually buy the product.

One of the best ways to drive attention to your content is to go niche specific. Writing the same content as your competitors will not give you an edge over them, instead will make you part of the crowd. Go as specific as you can if one product or service of yours does better than the others then choose that and link to the audience that is most likely to turn onto sales. For example: If you wish to write about content marketing’s benefits, why not write about why content marketing is important for business owners and target a specific section of society?

3. Keep Your Content Engaging, Interactive and Fun

A consumer will only consume your content if it catches their attention. Your content needs to be good to interact with the customer, and they can relate to your product or service or your brand. The ultimate goal with your content should be to either bring a smile or laugh or give them a solution to the problem they’ve been having for the longest time. Your content should give them the surety that you’ve got their back and their problems will now be solved.

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Keep your content relatable and fun because only that will drive interaction and engagement. Use ideas like quizzes, contests, relationship tests, GIFs, etc., to drive attention. Adopt the B2C model of content marketing to get to know your customer better.

4. Diversify Your Content

One thing you need to learn the most is to utilize your content to the fullest every possible. Social media is a huge platform, and billions of users consume several varied contents every day. There is nothing new under the sun, but even if your market is saturated, atomizing your content will fetch you the attention and engagement you desire.

If you curate a long-form content piece, then break it into smaller pieces and use them separately. Convert the content into videos, podcasts, infographics, GIFs, etc. that work best for your brand. Consumers on social media are very inclined to video-based content, hence converting your content into videos to get the optimal organic reach.

By diversifying the same content, you will cater to a much larger audience because every user has different preferences when consuming digital platforms. This will also help you to have enough buffer content because reusing will eliminate the need to continue creating new content. A content piece that did well on one platform can be presented differently on another platform and use to its highest potential.

5. Shift Your Focus to User Generated Content

Getting creative about your content is the need of the hour, but we would recommend still stick to basics while doing that. Mouth recommendation to date is the best way to market your product, and you can still do it on digital platforms. Your consumer is a human who would want to communicate with another human and not a brand to communicate their requirements or ask for feedback.

When the consumer comes across a real user giving feedback about a product or service, that makes the potential lead buy it too, if he can relate with the user’s story and how the product has made a difference in their life, that will create a need for your lead to also try the product.

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You can simply ask your users to drop in feedback that you can use on different platforms in different ways and get your potential conversions’ attention.

Will These 2021 Content Marketing Trends Stir Up the Digital World?

As we discuss the new content marketing trends that will rule over 2021 but are they beneficial? Digital media is an ever-changing platform, and it is of significant importance to stay updated. The new content marketing trends of 2021 will benefit the businesses if they apply them appropriately keeping in mind their brand reputation.

Content is the foundation of digital marketing, and hence businesses need to understand to make the most of it. Content marketing is all about smart work and not hard work. Placing the information correctly that convey the right message is what requires the most. From personalizing the content to generating user-centric content, each has its own value when building a solid foundation of your business. The content you use to represent your brand shows a lot about you and explains your business. Hence it is imperative to follow the content marketing trends that hold the markets.

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Digitalization is purely based on the content you use to represent your brand. Owebest Technologies helps you analyse the market trends that help you build brands reputation. With expertise in the field and years of hands-on experience, we help you create the best content that defines your business. If you’re looking to grow your business online on digital platforms, it is vital to be aware of the latest content marketing trends because they can make or break your brand exponentially. You need to be confident about your brand value and create content around it that is of supreme benefit to the consumer. Digital platforms give you a tiny window of 5-8 seconds to gain attention, and that is where the magic happens!

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