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Things to Consider While Developing a Women’s Health Tracking Mobile App?

Things to Consider While Developing a Women’s Health Tracking Mobile App?
06/04/2021 57

Women's health tracking apps are necessary to share a global fashion portion for applying health care improvements to day-to-day life. There's a tremendous rise in the field of technology and digitalization. The easy use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets related to health, especially for women, is becoming gradually popular in the healthcare market. Different studies have shown that a large part of mobile phone users collects information related to health care. Many doctors even believe that women's health tracking apps can enhance women's health and life quality. When the digital industry and the healthcare sector come together, it is certain to make changes in the market. The past few years observed a sheer rise in health applications. With the adoption of new technologies, new business models can be seen, and together, they are transforming how people access healthcare.

There are many software and applications that are helping women to track and monitor their health concerns. Developing an app for wellness and other women's health tracking applications has helped women and businesses open new business prospects. Women have always played a crucial role in society but have always ignored their health. These applications support the empowerment of women all over the world.

What do these Women's health tracking apps offer?

The mobile application related to health focused on fitness, diet and nutrition, various diseases, and lifestyle management. These applications ignored Women's wellness, but now the scenario has changed. The companies are developing an app for women's wellness and overall health. Many Mobile application developers added prominent women health tracking features period calendars or trackers designed to assist women in monitoring their menstrual cycles, ovulation, and even evaluating their moods and hygiene. They have different functionality that aids women in minimizing unwanted pregnancy and understand their bodies better. A period tracking app or other wellness app's accuracy can be measured on different criteria such as the exactness of period dates and fertility tracking, educational information provided, profile safety, flow symptom analysis, personalized information, and other protection.

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There are plenty of women's health tracking apps present on the market, but not all satisfy user expectations. There are even applications for women's health that are based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This combination helps track periods and detect early-stage symptoms of diseases such as breast cancer, which is easily seen in 1 out 10 women on average.

The Stages for Developing Women's Health Apps.

1. Know The Competition

Creating something different and innovative is the key to stand out from the competitors. Learn from the errors of your competitors. The first step in developing women's health tracking apps is to study applications already established on the market. There are various applications like Flo, Clue, Eve, and other such applications which have outstanding functionality.

2. User-friendly Functionality

Users need an application that is understandable and can ease their communication with their doctors based on the results. The features should be simple rather than complicated to make them easy to use. This will improve the functionality of applications related to wellness and health. It also attracts more users and allows people to explore the options.

3. Personalized User Profiles

Registration shouldn't be mandatory through email or other applications as many ladies still do not have access to such facilities. To reach a more customer base, one can ignore such a registering process. Create a simple user profile by filling out health information that the app can further use. This might include their age, weight, height, health issues, and basic information on their hygiene and period concerns. Try not to overthrow extra questions on the users.

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4. Calendar to Track Dates

The main focus is to inform the users of their cycle period, and this can be shown through a simple period calendar or an interactive period cycle progress bar. The application can let women track changes in their stage throughout the whole cycle and also allow them to analyze these changes. Animation and personal interaction can help the app to boast a user interface. The proper functioning of any wellness tracker depends on users' inputs; if a woman forgets to enter the first day of her cycle on time, the application's performance may hamper. So your app should repeatedly remind users to enter the essential data required by the application.

5. Analysis of everyday Log

The everyday log records the amount of flow, mood tracker, PMS symptoms, sexual activities, weight gain or loss tracker, sleep, water intake tracker, and exercise. This information supports the analysis of the cycle and period length; an application can predict what one should expect from one body. The data helps to understand which things are normal for women and which ones aren't. It can even help to alert and notify women when they might need to see a doctor.

Applications that use a blend of artificial intelligence and powerful machine learning algorithms to analyze large sets of collective user data and provide personalized health insights for each user. Many researchers believe that applying machine learning to female health apps will help women understand their bodies better and help businesses build solutions that help identify early signs of any disease.

6. Sharing Information

Some women's health tracking apps help users share information with their doctors, which provides clear interaction with patients.

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7. Privacy Protection

The main concern for such applications is password safety, data theft, and other threats, which application developers should consider this will help them gain the trust of their user and gain popularity among competitors.

Benefits of Women Health and Wellness Application

  • Provides control to women of their healthy lives
  • These applications can give women more power over their health. Thus increasing their happiness and wellbeing.
  • Women's health tracking apps provide insights into body issues which aids women to make accurate decisions when the need arises.
  • It also educates and raises scientific alertness about women's bodies and issues.
  • Timely diagnosis and treatment of health issues

In addition to helping women understand their bodies, these apps can provide medical expertise and enable women to identify and treat their health issues with medical consultation. For instance, if periods are monitored regularly, irregular cycles can be detected with these apps, and many health issues will be diagnosed at an early stage.

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Remote access

Nowadays, the use of technology has increased, and through these applications, healthcare can be accessible to women in remote areas and ease. Women's healthcare issues are often considered unmentionable topics, which are always ignored and make it even harder for women to seek the right healthcare advice or medical guidance. Particularly information provided through these apps on infertility, menstrual health, birth control, and sexual wellbeing can lower the rate of many social taboos and issues.


Technology focusing on women's health tracking app is termed Femtech, which is setting its mark in the industry and not only it is growing in popularity and helping women get empowered. It is prioritizing women's healthcare needs and improving their reach to healthcare. In all, applications providing or focusing on women's health and needs should be considered necessities for every woman. The ultimate motive is to provide solutions and help you prepare for future conditions related to health.

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Technology has the power to change the world. While developing the women’s health tracking app, one must consider the things we mentioned above. It empowers the complete development process while increasing wellness awareness. Women’s health tracking mobile app not just gives them control of their health but also empowers them to do more and challenge themselves.

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