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Ultimate Guide of Odoo - Open Source ERP and CRM

Ultimate Guide of Odoo - Open Source ERP and CRM
29/03/2021 57

The word Odoo is the abbreviation of On-Demand Open Object. It is also known as OpenERP Modules and was established by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005. Odoo is open-source software and consistently incorporates functional business applications called Odoo applications that structure an ERP arrangement when merged with it. This business app practically suits every business and accomplishes every business goal.

Odoo is an enormous collection of business-related applications and enterprise resource planning modules such as CRM, Sales, e-trade, warehouse management, project management, purchase management, marketing and accounting activities, customer support, HRMS, and so on.

Odoo ERP Development is accessible with SaaS subscription evaluation as the Enterprise edition or the Odoo-free Community version. With this feature, it meets the needs of companies of all sizes worldwide. Odoo is adaptable, customizable, and hence configures itself to meet companies' 100% satisfaction. It has more than 14,000 third-party Apps/Plugins which are accessible in its application store. Today, Odoo is one of the broadly utilized open-source ERP arrangements on the lookout.

How Odoo Helps Business?

Running a business is sometimes difficultOdoo has a decent ERP solution for both small and huge companies that they need to consider in their practices. It has one interconnected system that businesses can approach to manage their work and needs. However, there are enormous Odoo ERP solutions for business; one such is, Odoo makes business life more comfortable by easing complex integration difficulties. It can be a tailor with a specific workflow concerning business necessities. Let's look at some of the significant benefits of Odoo in business.

1. Easy Integration

By now, we know that ERP solutions for businesses come with great flexibility and scalability compared with other ERP solutions. Odoo integration is an all-in-one management ERP software that helps companies deal with their functionalities efficiently. Odoo ERP integration has an easy configuration process with huge ERP benefits compared with other ERP solutions. With Odoo integration, you can save ample time and do all the necessities in one single platform. It increases the productivity of a business and has the feature of automatic filling of data.

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2. Low-cost License Fee

As developing ERP costs a company a lot, Odoo ERP development provides a superior benefit to a business with its ultimate feature of the low-cost license fee, which saves them from a huge-costing. The full version comes with both options of free and paid subscriptions. Every developer can customize ERP Odoo according to their business needs. It will save time and allow businesses to cut costs and grow in their respected market.

3. Security

Security is an essential factor for every business. Odoo guarantees to provide continuous protection for every data through their ERP solution. It has excellent security features that help businesses in different sectors to save their essential details. For instance, Odoo provides database security, System security, physical security, software security, etc.

4. Flexibility

There are times when a business needs more components than usual. With other ERP solutions for businesses, they may not get superior flexibility. However, Odoo has flexible details available. This feature is a boon to the developing world as when the developers enable it, they will consume more parts. Eventually, it will save their time registering the different components.

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5. User Interface

Odoo is a store of more than 1000+ modules to upsurge business productivity. With this, they have an effective user interface which is not as severe as other ERP. It has a simple navigate URL that runs smoothly through all the modules. Whether small or big businesses use Odoo ERP modules, everyone can learn the usage of Odoo quickly.

How to Implement and use Odoo?

Odoo offers a one-hour Getting Started video to find out about the Odoo/OpenERP and Odoo CRM. Odoo has video tutorials on various Odoo applications like eLearning, quality, and helpdesk. To find out about and evaluate the product first, Odoo offers a 15-day free preliminary and Odoo demo, a video visit at odoo.com.

There are several processes for Odoo implementation. Customers can implement this extraordinary Odoo ERP by themselves too. Implementing Odoo can be trickier, and however, this implementation should be done with professional experts' help. The ERP Odoo implementation includes:

  • Installing the software
  • Transferring your necessary data files.
  • Planning your process.
  • Training your customers to use them.

After completing all the steps, it can then be defined whether your setup is successful or not.

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The following are the employee roles in implementing and setting up Odoo:

1. Project Manager

Project managers are the leaders that strategize the project. They define the project plan and follow up accordingly. They handle the main objectives and use the right resources to complete the project on Odoo.

2. Developer

Developers are assigned to customize Odoo development. They have the responsibility to design the ERP according to the company's needs and requirements. They work on specific projects and perform different functionalities.

3. QA Test engineer

To ensure the working of the ERP successfully, QA engineers head up the testing phase. They provide that the OpenERP is working fine and smoothly.

Odoo Modules

One of the qualities that separate Odoo from numerous other ERPs is its module architecture. As a client, this gives you a ton of force in your usage. There are more than 35 bases of Odoo/ OpenERP modules or Odoo applications, covering a vast swath of business capabilities, from Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting to Sales, eCommerce, HR, and so on. You can choose the applications generally relevant to your business and buy and execute those. The modules all work practically together, giving you admittance to one firm ERP framework. The following is the list of Odoo modules with their price listing.

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1. Odoo Accounting

Odoo Accounting is cutting-edge accounting software that helps every business to precisely track their expenses and funds. It contains all the highlights required for accounting, like payments and installments, invoices, reports, and so on. It has been functioning admirably for every business for quite a long time now. The traditional methods such as pen and paper didn't scale as expected and prompted accuracy issues.

2. Odoo Marketing

Odoo's marketing module comprises several marketing features that attract their targeted audiences, such as plan-promo actions, creating mass mailers, conducting and analyzing clients' surveys, control conversion rates, and more. The integrated marketing platform-Odoo gives a 30% sales development rate and a better envision for a business-customer journey.

3. Odoo eCommerce

Odoo offers you the capacity to effortlessly construct and add items to your website. Also, it coordinates with the remainder of the Odoo ERP development so that you can have legitimate payment options, shipping integration, and more. The extraordinary thing about Odoo eCommerce is that this usefulness is implanted inside your entire ERP framework.

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Below are some Odoo shortcuts that would be helpful

When it is about proficient working, how could Odoo miss it to provide this professional facility? Odoo has Shortcuts for its users to make the turn out easy to handle and makes it easier to use. Henceforth, if you would prefer not to utilize a mouse without fail while chipping away at something in Odoo, you have an easy route in Odoo, which can assist you with working activities like add, alter and delete.


With this ultimate guide of Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP, joins the upsides of a comprehensive ERP framework with an in-house arrangement's adaptability. The open-source code, the venture's overall adaptability, and its many modules let you develop a business necessity from effectively determining the modules.

The outcomes will be at the top finish of what you may anticipate from any ERP framework. The extensive increases in profitability, proficiency, and permeability become apparent a couple of months after usage. What's more?

You can acquire from expanded operational quality regardless of whether you lessen your human resourcing force. Since there are fewer repeated tasks for your staff to do, they can focus on higher worth-added work. Businesses frequently lean toward an ideal usage way. Even though OpenERP's straightforwardness makes this assignment simpler than with different ERP, you can't deny the fact that project implementation can be stressful and requires concentration for every business.

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