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What is AWS Lambda? Lambda Functions & Advantages

What is AWS Lambda? Lambda Functions & Advantages
20/03/2021 57

AWS Lambda is a compute service that enables you to run codes without any managing servers or provisioning. Since it is a serverless service provider, it runs codes in response to managed events automatically. You need zero administration while running codes for any application or backend services when using AWS Lambda. It performs all the administration, including operating system maintenance, automatic scaling, logging, capacity provisioning, and code monitoring on a high-availability compute infrastructure. The best part about AWS Lambda is that you need to pay for only the compute time you use or consume. You don’t have to pay anything when your code is not running. With Lamba, you can scale your codes from just a few requests to even a thousand per second.

Lambda can also be used to extend other AWS services or create customized backend services compatible with AWS scale, performance, and security. It can automatically run codes for events such as table updates in Amazon DynamoDB, HTTP requests via Amazon API Gateway, state transitions in AWS Step Functions, etc. You need to supply the code, and voila!

AWS Lambda Functions

Any code that you run on AWS Lambda is uploaded as ‘Lambda Function’. Every function has its own set of configurations, including its name, description, resource requirement, and entry point. The code must always be written in a stateless style, meaning that Lamba should assume no understanding or affinity to the compute infrastructure. This is done to let Landa launch multiple copies of the function to scale up the rate of incoming events. Your code can access stateful data through other services if your code is stateless.

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With AWS Lambda, you can use normal language and features, including different threads and processes. Your threads should have access to all the resources allocated to the Lambda function, including memory, disk, execution time, and network use.

There are very few limitations that users face while using AWS Lambda. The activities that are restricted on Lambda include Inbound network connections, and for outbound connections, it only supports TCP/IP and UDP/IP sockets. In addition to these, TCP port 25 traffic and ptrace (debugging) system calls are also blocked.

As per managing your Lambda functions is concerned, you can use the dashboard in the AWS Lambda console to list, update, monitor, and delete the functions. AWS CLI and AWS SDK can also manage these functions.

Growth in the Numbers of Lambda functions

According to Thenewstack, It is also interesting to understand the growth rate of accounts once they begin to put effort into serverless development. Our numbers show that the average month over month growth rate per an Epsagon account is:

Most of the AWS Lambda functions can be configured to run up to 15 minutes per execution. The timeout can be valued between 1 second and 15 minutes. When it comes to the storage of sensitive data, you can use client-side encryption using AWS Key Management Service. This stores your data as ciphertext in you

How does AWS lambda work?

To understand how AWS Lambda works internally, we will have to look at its architectural possibilities, the hurdles it can bring with it, and find a place for Lambda in your software ecosystem.

When we say that Lambda is serverless, we mean that it delivers functions-as-a-service. Users do not need to spin their own server or virtual machine to execute a function.

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Talking about its architecture, Lambda's architecture is called a worker. It is the place where AWS creates a safe environment for customer code execution. A worker creates and manages a collection of sandboxes such as CPU and memory and sets their limits to execute functions. The worker downloads the code, manages them, executed them, and even manages the agents that monitor the operations of AWS CloudWatch.

AWS Lamba has also created an open-source Firecracker that helps with security and provides an isolation layer around the functions.

Benefits of AWS Lambda

When we talk about any commuting service provider, we always recommend our readers to read and compare the advantages and benefits they can enjoy. To make things easier for you, we have listed down the advantages of AWS Lambda that will work well for your business. Have a look.

1. Administration Is Fully Automated

With AWS Lambda, you are assured that your infrastructures used for running codes are maintained automatically. You do not have to worry about updating the underlying OS or resizing and adding new servers to scale. It automatically tuns administration, maintenance, deploys your codes, and facilitates built-in logging.

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2. Scales Up The Process Automatically

There is no limit to the number of code requests that AWS Lambda can handle. From a very few to even a thousand requests per second is the range that it offers. It is so because Lambda automatically scales up the servers and even reduces them when they are not being used. Since the process is automated, the performance is high. Even if the events' frequency increases because coding is marked as "stateless", Lambda has the liberty to start any number of instances without and configuration delays or long code deployments.

3. It Deploys Functions As Container Images

AWS Lambda facilitates packaging and deploys functions as container images, making it easy for users to build Lambda applications. Organizations can benefit from using Lambda and its containerized apps for image signing and security scanning. Other features like automatic scaling, high availability, and simple operations have helped Lambda build a good reputation.

4. It Has High Built-in Tolerance For Fault

Computing service providers often have process failures that put the entire operation on hold. But with Lambda, you can be assured because it has a high built-in tolerance for fault. With its computing capacity spread across multiple availability zones, Lamba makes sure that your codes are protected against any technical fault. The built-in fault tolerance provides high availability and reliable performance.

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5. It Has An Integrated Security Model

With Lambda, your codes can access other AWS services via the built-in AWS SDK. It is also integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) that runs the code within VPC. There is also an option to configure AWS Lambda and access the resources behind your VPC to custom security. Lambda is compliant with SOC, HIPAA, PCI, and ISO.

6. It Gives Complete Control Over The Performance

It is easy to configure the amount of concurrently that would be appropriate for your applications. You can increase or decrease the level as per the demand and need. The provisioned concurrency does not change your code but helps in achieving high performance. Lambda is known for its control over performance and clearly reflects in the way it works. It helps you scale your application performance by running codes.


If you are a first-time user of AWS Lambda, we suggest you read several product reviews and visit their official web page. You can also try using and testing a Lambda function by creating your own through the AWS Management Console. That will give you a fair idea of how the compute works and if it suits your requirements or not. You can also use their getting started exercise to test the contain image feature. You can read all the instructions and follow them to reach the desired results. Check out all their deployment feature and read through the guides available.

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AWS Lambda'sLambda's webpage offers multiple use cases in tutorial forms that will give you practical examples of how this server has helped users. Depending on the need of your application, you can follow the tutorials and fulfil your goals.

Owebest helps you provide as much information and as clear information as possible to its users. We hope this blog was a good read and you can watch this space for more such information.

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