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Top 10 programming language of 2020-2021

Top 10 programming language of 2020-2021
27/07/2020 57

When it comes to the world of technology, many freshers are passionate about learning new programming languages. However, choosing the right one is always a troublesome procedure. But to make an ideal choice, all you need is a better understanding of the popular programming languages and their scope in the coming years.

If you wish to become a developer in future, you must know the industry you are taking your initial steps in, including the revenue of this industry. According to Statista, worldwide mobile application revenue in 201 was reported at USD461.7 billion. In future, it is estimated to cross the milestone of USD900 billion by 2023.

However, one must choose the language that interests them, and not just something that everyone finds it interesting. It is vital to make this decision wisely. So, bring your favourite notepad and let's get started. So, before you choose a career path for yourself, let's have a look at the top 10 Demanding programming languages 2021 that will help your breakthrough success ahead.

Let’s Find out More About The 10 programming language of 2020-2021

We will highlight all the important and popular programming languages in this section followed by their respective pros and cons. However, the choice ultimately lies in your interest, so make a wiser decision.

We will highlight all the important and popular programming languages in this section, followed by their respective pros and cons. However, the choice ultimately lies in your interest, so make a wiser decision.

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1. Most Popular Programming Language Python

Python is known as one of the fastest-growing top programming languages with popular frameworks. Python tools like Django and Pyramid for web-based development and framework are quite popular among the developers. The reason why Python is one of the popular future programming languages among developers and applications is simpler coding, even for complicated structures.

It is quite famous among beginner’s community as it is open source and simpler to comprehend. The applications of Python language cover a wide range of spectrum including Machine Learning, Network Servers, Web & Desktop Development, GUI based Desktop application, Data Science, and so on. To name a few giant firms and platforms using Python language are Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

2. The Second Programming language is R

Interesting story about R Programming language: It was first conceived in 1992 by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka at the University of Auckland which encourages developers to build new ideas. R is an open-source platform implemented on Linux, GNU, and Microsoft Windows.

However, this language is a little difficult to understand at first, as compared to other frameworks like Python. Few of the IT giants like Accenture, Capgemini have deployed their business operation in this language. The application under R Programming language includes Machine Learning, Statistical computing, and Data Science. 3. JavaScript

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3. JavaScript

must be first Programming Language to Learn 2021 in your list as it is the most popular frontend development language. It is gaining perspective and relevancy in the bank-end process too. The rapid expansion of this language in dynamic industries like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Gaming development is increasing the prevalence of the same.

Tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Groupon, and Paypal are using JavaScript programming language to handle their operations. According to Statista, the most used programming language globally in the first quarter of 2020 is JavaScript. The facts explain the popularity of JavaScript itself.

4. PHP Programming Language

PHP language was initially introduced to maintain the personal homepage of certain websites. However, the consumption of this language changes globally when it took over 23% market of the worldwide website because of its simple framework.

PHP language is generally used to create the web pages, which are written in HTML format. Websites with dynamic and static properties use PHP language to design the page. PHP language is quite popular among tech giants like Mail Chimp, Yahoo, and Facebook.

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5. Java Programming Language

Java is known to be the most demanding programming language created by James Gosling in 1991. Java Virtual Machine is a tool that makes it compatible to cross platforms. This programming language is featured for its open-source property, platform independence, and robust nature.

After the invention of this language, it is applied in industrial dimensions like Scientific application, Financial and Banking services, Desktop development, and web and mobile app development. Major tech companies like HCL, Infosys, and IBM operated on Java Programming language.

6. KOTLIN Programming Language

KOTLIN programming language endorsed by Microsoft, and right now is known to be the most desired programming language. It was initially developed by JetBrains with complete operational features with Java with no added limitations while supporting other functional programming languages as well.

The applications of KOTLIN programming language includes Server-Side development, Web development, Desktop, and Android development. Popular applications like Post Mates, Uber, Pinterest, and Coursera are developed under KOTLIN programming language.

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7. C++ Programming Language

Because of its reliability and high performance, C++ has created a never-fading demand in the market. It is also one of the most flexible and highly efficient programming languages. C++ has rich libraries and supports OOPS. One can commonly see the language being used in creating Web & Mobile Solution, Desktop Applications and Embedded Systems, and Game Development.

Top tech firms like Google, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft have been using C++ language in their operations with full content.

8. SWIFT Programming Language

Apple develops swift programming language for a general-purpose compiled programming platform. It's commonly known as the demanding programming language in future. So, if you wish to become a developer and want to develop native iOS application, SWIFT is the right choice for you.

This language is inspired by Android programming language Python, which is popular for its robust and secure platform. SWIFT language is designed only for Apple App and Software development. And if you are fond of the operational languages of 9GAG, Apple, and Slack, that's because they are developed on SWIFT programming language.

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9. C# Programming Language

C# is an object-oriented which is known for its faster features and rich library. It is one of the easier programming languages, which is the next best choice after C++. The first version of C# was introduced in the year 2001. This language uses Syntax that is quite similar to that of C language. It offers easy integration with .NET and Windows Operating Software.

The applications of C# programming language are realized in verticals like Game development, VR Games, and Windows OS 8 and 10. If you have heard of big firms like Cyber Infrastructure Inc., Zealous Systems, and Xtreem Solution; they have based their operations on the C# programming language.

10. SCALA Programming Language

SCALA was designed in the early 2000 decade to solve some problems that programmers commonly face in Java. It is known to support Functional programming that can be Object Oriented. It can be statically typed and compiled in Java Byte Code. The code can also be executed in Java Virtual Machine.

SCALA can be widely used in Web Development, Data Streaming, and Data Analysis. New York Times and Meetup.com are among top firms deploying SCALA into their businesses.

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In case you are planning to develop an application shortly, this list of the best programming language will help you decide which language you must choose for your revenue model. You can also consult technical professionals like Owebest Technologies to help you walk this path together. If you already have a great idea of application or website but need technical guidance, you are on the right platform.

Just the idea is not enough to help you meet your revenue goals. In the field of technology, you need a partner and advisor who are proficient and professionals in this industry and will guide you the ideal path in your monetary barriers. Owebest Technologies does the same.

Or even if you are confused as to which programming language for beginners to choose, professional guidance will always be helpful. No matter what technology or language you choose, one must be aware of the frameworks and applications of the language. Otherwise, you might end up wasting time in juggling from one platform to another. So, choose your ideal model and language wisely. After all, your career and your future application depend on your initial selection.

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