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How to Develop an App Similar to TikTok? Key Features and Benefits

How to Develop an App Similar to TikTok? Key Features and Benefits
03/08/2020 57

As the world is dependent on applications on their phone, the lifestyle in every corner and street has revived. Whether it's uploading selfies on a social media page or sharing a life story on a blog site, people around the world have transformed their life according to applications in their smartphone.

While highlighting the same, the latest bulletins that struck some of the 'influencers' deeply was 'TikTok ban' in some of the countries. It is an ideal opportunity for the developers to create an application like TikTok and generate great revenues in the near future. The demand for How to create an app like TikTok is, indeed, already in the picture. The news took the world by storm when TikTok was shining in the global market, and suddenly, some Major start-up companies and entrepreneurs started working on a similar application to attract more users on their platform.

And if you are still reading this article, it seems that you might be looking for an answer on the same. Let's see what features you must opt for while planning the development of such an application.

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What to Focus on While Developing an Application Similar to Tiktok?

The reason why some of you are still reading this article is because of the popularity of applications like TikTok and your interest in creating a model like that. The reason why business giants are interested in Creating an App Like TikTok is because of the number of users and the success story of this platform. After depth research, we came across three factors that helped in building the notoriety of this application:

Short Content:

While many people do not have time to watch the complete videos in a short span of time, TikTok is an ideal platform for them. From watching videos of influencers to the short 15 seconds marketing video, it just catches more eyeballs. With short and quality content videos, people are more influenced by such platforms considering TikTok development time and cost.

Target Audience:

Let's face it: if you wish to sell online gaming software, your target audience will mostly be found on social media pages. Aged between 16 to 24, TikTok users are generally those who follow the latest trends and discussion popular in this age group. And thus, this is an ideal platform to market your quality services and products targeted for young audiences.

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Access to Celebrities and Brands:

Since TikTok is an open platform that offers people to portray themselves, many celebrities and brands are also attracted to the same. Well, you cannot express everything on Facebook. Such a presence supercharges awareness and engagement to millions of users on the platform.

Features of TikTok Application

TikTok comes with some basic features that allow users to follow, like, and share their videos with others on the platform. After the first-time install of the application, the user is asked to sign up, followed by editing their profiles and managing notifications from certain users. It is important to understand these basic features, especially when you are planning to create a Mobile App Like TikTok.

Let's understand the same in detail:

Sign Up and Log In

To post the content on TikTok application, users must sign up to their profile first that will include information like your mobile number, email, and social networking credentials.

Editing the Profile

By editing the profile, users can create customized experiences for their viewers by accessing your profile picture and other details on the profile.

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Uploading and Editing Videos

The reason behind the success of TikTok application is a quick and simple way to upload and edit videos. It takes just a few minutes for users to create and edit their videos, and accordingly customize the same according to their requirement.

Filters and Effects

While creating a video, TikTok basic features also offer many filters and effects that enhance the quality of the content and graphic. As a result, it attracts more users and helps in increasing the followers for users. Better effects help users to become influencers in the longer run.

Comments and Hearts

Similar to other social media pages like Instagram and Facebook, this platform offers an opportunity to like and comment on the video. It also helps the users improvise their content as per the choice of users following them.


TikTok also serves as a sharing option for other users, if they wish to share the content on other platforms like social media platforms and WhatsApp. Certain private users use TikTok platform to share with their group of friends and family on WhatsApp. This feature certainly helps with the same.

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The notification feature helps users to inform their followers once they post a new video or content. It supports better reach on their profile. Notification feature on TikTok is implemented by Apple Push Notification (for iOS users) and Google Cloud Messaging (for Android users).

Admin Panel

Under admin panel feature, users can access multiple functions like managing their users (delete or block a user from their list). This panel also serves additional information about the users such as the number of videos posted by a user, data posted by other users, and so on.

Along with basic features, there is the number of advanced features of TikTok application. Following is the list of same:

  • Location-based content
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Video preview before registering
  • Live Video streaming
  • AR Filters

These features will also add on to the Cost to Make an App Like TikTok attracting more number of users on TikTok application. We are highlighting global user spending on TikTok application, and the numbers are quite surprising. According to statista, users spent around USD50.4 million on TikTok platform in February 2020.

What Do You Need to Create an App Like TikTok?

Now, when you are well aware of the features you need to create such an application, let’s figure out what you need to develop the app? Your Cost to design an app like TikTok depends on your team size and technology stack that you will need. Let’s have a look at the team; you will need to develop such an application:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • QA Engineer
  • Back-end Developers
  • Android and iOS Developers
  • UI/UX Designers

But before you hire a development team for App TikTok, make a list of the following technology stack that will help you with successful development and delivery:

  • Back-end Development: Node.js
  • Cloud: Azure or AW
  • Real-time Analytics: Azure stream analytics
  • Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android
  • Database: Cassandra or MongoDB or SQL
  • Notification: Apple Push Notification and Google Cloud Messaging
  • Benefits of Applications Like TikTok

It might even come as a surprise that many of the brands have still not explored the benefits of marketing on TikTok applications. But those who have tapped this market, really known the perks of the same. Whether you wish to develop such an application or advertise your brand on the same, this platform can benefit in every manner possible.

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How Can You Make Money With Your Application?

There are several ways in which you can generate revenues through your TikTok-like application. Let's pen down some of them:

In-App Purchase

Concept of a premium version in an application is a great way to make revenues. In order to unlock certain important features of the application, the user must pay for the premium version and what's how the application makes revenues.

Fund Raising

Many investors in the industry can invest in your application, which becomes a prime mode of earning revenue in our application.

Selling Your Application

Once your application is popular among your niche users and target audience, all you have to do is look for the best buyers for your application. One can connect with potential investors and make a profitable deal.

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Advertising on Application

And if you are not open to all the options as mentioned earlier, you can opt for advertising on a longer run. Applications can be used to target ads according to the age group of your users and location.

Applications like TikTok are quite popular as they are quite simpler to use. With such popularity, applications like TikTok can make huge revenue in terms of popularity as well as monetary. And if you wish to develop the similar application, you can contact Owebest Technologies to help you with an experienced and professional team of developers who understand the model and will answer you proficiently on How to make a TikTok app?

Not just that, Our team with years of hands-on experience can help you develop an outstanding app considering the recent trends and technologies. Our expertise can help you transform your idea into a revolutionary app with beneficial outcomes.

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