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How to Develop OCR Scanner Mobile Application?

How to Develop OCR Scanner Mobile Application?
02/05/2021 57

We are in a digital world where we have improved our working and moved from paper-based documents to electronic documents. OCR system, which is widely known as Optical Character Recognition, has significant contribution in this. It's a technology used in many sectors to convert images or scanned documents into readable text virtually. It examines all kinds of characters in the picture or a scanned copy. It then electronically converts it into readable text, and it even pre-processes the data, which means it improves the data quality to make it readable.

Having an OCR scanner as a mobile app in smartphones can make scanning and sharing of our documents simple yet effective. It will eliminate the need to carry documents everywhere. A scanner can be a helpful tool, but it is not portable, so developing a mobile app can benefit. There are countless apps for OCR scanners available in the market, which can carry out bill conversion functions, transforming documents, images, warranty cards, and others into readable digital format.

However, for the OCR app Development, the company needs to hire a mobile app developer to help with the development process and help the company understand in brief the functions of the OCR mobile app.

Why Is There a Need for an OCR Mobile Application?

As the world is shifting with technology, companies are also taking their businesses on the digital platform. They are integrating their work with smartphones and other electronic gadgets. When it comes to a business, there is always a need for documents, whether legal or commercial. Having a scanner app or an OCR mobile app… can minimize this storage of documents, reduce this storage of documents, and even the sharing of records will become easy and less time-consuming for the workforce.

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This app can come in handy during the presentation, storing or sharing business cards or receipts. It will eliminate the manual process. Even signing on a document can be carried out with this application. While developing this OCR mobile application, there are certain which mobile app developers need to consider for the popularity and success of the application.

The Division of Features

he mobile application is always divided into two parts: the one is used, and the other is the admin. The user interface has all the features accessible to the user, whereas the admin interface has the features that are not accessible to the user. Admin interface also allows the company to monitor the application and build secure access for the users.

User Interface Panel

While developing this, the mobile app developers must consider the users' needs, and it must be user-friendly and easy to understand and function.

The first step, which is seen in all mobile applications, is the registration process. Now, this process can be done by users' social media account or email. It is an essential step as it helps the company understand its reach and see the app's footfalls.

After the registration is done, the user can log in using the credential: the user name and the password mentioned during the registration process.

They can then give the camera access to the OCR application, thus capturing the image or scanning the document for conversion into the format required by them.

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An OCR application needs to be flexible, allowing the user to input any format like pdf, image, word file, or text. There can also be an option of multiple languages, which will help the user get various input formats and keep them engaged with the application.

Conversion is the main feature where the primary process happens. The user can scan and convert their input (text, image, pdf, or scanned document) into any format they want and also can edit, delete or save the output. Detection of the paper is an important feature where the user does not need to select the document repeatedly. The application can detect the type of document and convert it accordingly.

Pre-process tool or edit tool will help the user to adjust the brightness, color of the document. It can even allow them to edit like crop, rotate and change the size of the paper. After the improved quality of input, the conversion will be smoother and better.

Multiple sharing options like social media platforms, dropbox, and email can help users share and consume less time.

Managing the profile and documents is an essential feature for the user interface where they can change their password, user name for a secure connection.

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Notifications can help users as a reminder and alert them of any changes in the application's user policy.

Admin Interface Panel

The admin has the responsibility to look into all the aspects of the application. They take care of different areas like the input language, tasks, saving and securing documents, deciding file type, securing the app from external threats, and many more. With so many tasks to take care of by the admin, the panel needs to be adequately designed to make adjustments with no trouble.

Login will be the same as the user interface panel with the credentials. After login, the admin will be directed to the dashboard to monitor all the user's activities, like seeing the type of the document, input language, and other activities. Filtrating is the option where there are several filters in each category; the admin can filter the form, change the language, and detect the type.

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Sharing Management is where the admin can share the information saved by the user and manage them. Reporting and analyzing is where the admin records the user's frequent activity like most commonly used filters or application features. It helps the admin to document the performance of the application to the higher Management. Notification is the same as the user interface panel, but the admin is notified about the user activity.

Top 4 OCR Scanning Applications

In the past few years, OCR application has gained people’s attention. With digitalization taking place, it is becoming more prominent that we need an application like these which can make our work easy and saves a lot of time. There are a plethora of OCR applications that are used for converting handy documents into a digital copies. However, here are the top four applications of optical recognition software:

1. PDF Scanner Application

It is extraordinary compared to other OCR apps as its free scanner application upholds the transformation of handy documents such as papers and files into pdf documents. This application is available only on android. It is the best OCR app as it has an abundance of features for scanning.

2. Online OCR

Online OCR application is not difficult to use and capture the papered documents. It is flexible and easy for the ones who are scanning their documents for the first time. Utilizing this free OCR application, a client can choose and transfer a record with the most significant size of 5MB.

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Suppose you have taken the membership of Online OCR, then your approach converting multi-page Excel, PDF, and RTF archives and documents of the sizes increases up to 100MB.

3. Omnipage Standard 18

Omnipage Standard 18 is best appropriate for experts who wouldn't fret spending additional rupees for scanning. You can discover many best receipt scanners/best receipt applications for dealing with organizations. It has an impressive element list to reproduce PDF or paper archives to word-accessible content records and electronic documents.

4. Google Docs

It is a standout amongst other free OCR programming you can attempt on the off chance you know about Google Docs. This application upholds the individual preparation of documents and pictures. The checking and download of PNG, gif, and jpg records will be equivalent to utilizing this scanner. It upholds filtering of reports in the portable camera or tablet into Google Drive using the first design.

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These are the popular applications that can help you get the best results. If you are planning to develop a similar application like these, we can help you build it. OweBest Technologies holds the expertise in developing advanced applications.


The cost to develop an OCR mobile application will always depend on the type of technology and its features or integration with the application. Thus, while developing the OCR mobile application, it is essential to hire mobile app developers and consider the user and admin panel features. It will lead to widespread and successful applications. In addition to it, these applications have numerous capabilities, such as storing data. OCR will be a boon for the users who want to keep their records safely and separately.

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Owebest Technologies helps you develop such an app that can help people while converting your idea into reality. We have a team of experts with years of hands-on experience that can help you develop an advanced app covering recent trends. We help you get the best while covering all your aspects and offering an ideal solution to your clients.

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