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How Much Does it Cost to Create an e-learning App?

How Much Does it Cost to Create an e-learning App?
30/05/2020 57

Before you contact an IT firm and take the e-learning app development forward, it is essential to understand the concept first. There are different types of e-learning applications and how it will help you with better visibility, credibility, as well as revenue for your brand.

In the era of technology, where a small start-up is genuinely dependent on technical innovations, it is essential to understand which technique suits your requirement the best and serve the online services justice to your ideas. With so many questions already in your mind, the primary problem is e-learning mobile app development costing.

What is an E-learning Application?

E-learning application is a sophisticated platform for the students to receive widespread dissemination of knowledge using electronic media. The charm of the concept lies in the location-independent feature. Irrespective of your location, you can access this platform and have a classroom reading and learning experience just on your fingertips.

The times are gone when someone had to browse the entire library to find that one book that proved a physics theory or wait for one whole week to attend the class of that famous mathematician. Now, with smooth internet accessibility, one can attend a class from any place at any time. E-learning application is a solution for all those students to miss out their lectures just because it was a rainy day. With such a request, you can access all the learning you need without worrying about the cloudy weather outside.

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What are Different Types of E-learning Models and Approaches

Just the idea of gathering students on the online learning platform is not enough. But the main question is: Which model do you wish to work upon? What is your approach to the application and its development? Let's pen them down Cost and Features of E-learning Mobile Application in detail.

1. Synchronous E-learning

Under this model, the real-time communication is realized between the student and tutor. This kind of communication can be integrated through a webinar or a virtual classroom where the tutor is instructing the subject from their premises. In this model, all the doubts and questions of the student can be resolved in real-time with classroom experience, but only in better comfort. Some of the examples of this model are:

  • Scheduled online examinations
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Shared whiteboards

2. Asynchronous E-learning

Asynchronous E-learning does not require the tutor to be present for the student virtually. Under the asynchronous e-learning model the tutor uploads all the required study material or presentation for the student to go through at any time. Such a model holds more liberty for the tutor as they can experiment with different presentation skills and learning modules, which can be easily understood by the student. Some of the examples of this model are:

  • Self-paced courses
  • Discussion forums
  • Message boards

What are Different Types of Monetization Models for E-learning App

Well, there is always a revenue plan behind every application that an entrepreneur thinks of in the industry. Whether it's an e-learning platform or just a news magazine; one must have a clear vision of revenue and profits from the same. When it comes to e-learning application, the following is the list of monetary models that helps a firm to earn not just credibility but numbers in the account as well.

In-application advertisements

A well-known method of adapting your E-learning application is taking into account in-application promotions before we jump to Cost to Develop eLearning Mobile App. This technique for adaptation guarantees that the application can be made accessible for nothing to users, which frequently prompts quick engendering of the app among users. The advertisements ought to apply to the crowd with the goal that they don't seem to be being prominent.

For instance, you can select promotions identified with advantageous course materials from Amazon, or you can permit advertisements from presumed organizations which give courses identified with the content you are advertising.

Online selling

An application proprietor can coordinate the in-application acquisition of courses and materials that are made accessible either online or disconnected. The users buy their preferred courses and pay just for those courses in which they are intrigued. To snare the users on to the application, you can incorporate a component which permits the client to see about 20% of the content and afterwards accept an approach purchasing the material.

For instance, the client can see around 10 min of video content out of the absolute 45 min, and whenever intrigued, at that point, the client can select to purchase the content.

Membership model

An essential application is accessible to all the users liberated from the cost in this model and showcased as a freemium item. This methodology guarantees that they can improve thought regarding the highlights of the application and choose whether it is the best fit for them and which membership model to pick.

On the other hand, you can give the full-highlighted E-learning application for nothing to use for a particular number of days. Another chance is that you can permit the users to utilize specific highlights of the application for nothing and approach them to pay for premium highlights.

For instance, you can permit application users to get to the discernible material for nothing; however, on the off chance that they need to watch the videos, interface with the coach, or need to download any content, they should pay.

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Technology Stack Required for E-learning Application Development

If you are thinking about How costly is it to develop an E-learning app, it is important to consider the technical aspect of the same as well. Various technology stacks help in running the E-learning app smoothly. and if you are planning to develop such an application, you might have to remember the following names:

  • Database: Database will help in creating tables that are consumed to enter data
  • Cloud Data Storage: Services like AWS are used to store data on the cloud services
  • Frontend Development: For iOS Development: React Native & Swift
  • For Android Development: React Native & Android Studio (Java)
  • Analytics: Google Analytics is a trusted platform, depending on the level of analytics that needs to be integrated into the E-learning platform.
  • Interface: Designing is one of the crucial aspects in the development of the application. UI/UX will include every aspect of designing from images to icons. The stack includes CSS, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, HTML and so on.
  • Email Management: Sendgrid, AmazonSES, Mailgun, Mandrill are few to name to manage everything related to email.
  • Verification through voice, video, and SMS: Features like Twilio, Nexmo helps with the integration of verification which is done through SMS, video and voice features.
  • Streaming Videos: Streaming videos is a major aspect of the application as students are most depended on the same. One can use services like webRTC, RTMP, and Agora.io.
  • Payment Gateways: Payment gateways must be secured and most efficient, to build the trust in your users and sustain better credibility of your application. Some of the gateways include: Stripe, Braintree, Net-banking, e-wallet, PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards
  • A/R and V/R: Technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are quite trending in this era as they offer better engagement with the users. The learning experience on the application is very much dependent on these technologies.

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Development Team Required for Application Process

Speaking of E-learning applications, there are a group of professionals that one requires for a smooth e-learning mobile app development process. Just hiring a developer does not solve the purpose of an E-learning application. Following is the list of experts you will need:

  • Project Manager
  • Team Leaders
  • Programmers/ Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Quality Analysts

These experts will help you resolve all your queries while developing an advance e-learning app for you. With the help of these experts, you can create a fully-featured, customized app that can help you take education on the next level.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an E-learning Application?

Speaking of the costing, there are various factors to be considered while breaking down the quotation. Some of them are:

  • How complex in the application
  • How many features are required to integrate the application?
  • How many third-party APIs need to be integrated?
  • Is it Native or Hybrid application?

And once, the dilemma of these confusions is sorted at pace movement, the best costing solution will be offered by the technical partner you choose. Normally e-learning app costing starts from 4000 USD to 30,000 USD or more depending on the features you wish to add. You can also contact Owebest Technologies which is a leading e-learning software development company offering a smooth solution to E-learning applications under affordable cost without compromising on the quality of the application.

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