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Website Redesign: Why Do You Need it & Key Benefits

Website Redesign: Why Do You Need it & Key Benefits
04/12/2020 57

Do you think just a business website is enough to grow the revenues for your brand? Well, you are wrong if you think so. The website needs to be updated and re-designed regularly. With technology being updated every minute and new tools being introduced every single day, a simple website is a 'NO NO' for a growing business.

If we keep the website usability aside for a bit, there are several factors that play a major role in the success of your website, which includes security, SEO and conversion rate of the platform. Website is an essential piece of revenue and information about a brand that helps your users to gain trust and credibility in your business model. And that's Why Your Business Needs a Website Redesign.

Users have become particular about their choices of products and services they wish to receive from a website. And thus, an outdated website or re-design is a big rejection with the growing competition. To attain maximum results and attraction online, website redesign help is a beneficial investment that brings effective results in terms of visibility and revenue. Let's get started with simple yet significant factors you must keep in mind while thinking of updating your website.

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Why Website Redesign Is Important for Your Brand?

When users are trying to buy a product or avail a service online, your brand website is not just a single source of information or benefit to them. They will always compare your services and interface with your competitors too. For instance, a user who is exploring a website to buy plants will explore all your other competitors, and will purchase from the website, which is easy to understand and access. Let's face it: no one wants a complicated interface! Let's figure out some reasons that will help in realizing the process of redesigning your website faster.

  • Your website design is outdated, resulting in lesser retention of users on the platform.
  • Your website is not responsive, which in turn, waste too much time of your users.
  • Your marketing goals are not quite clear on the website, which means no revenue from the site content.
  • Your branding is obsolete, which does not entice your users towards your business model.
  • Your website is too slow, which is a big turn off for any user globally.
  • You do not have a content-rich website, which, in turn, do not deliver the answers to your users' requirement.
  • Your branding positioning is off that do not lift your brand in the crown or competition.

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Benefits of a Site Redesign in 2021

With the above-mentioned failures, it must have been clear by now as to why website re-designing is important for your brand. Depending on your business expenditure, you must evaluate the changes you need for your website and how to receive better retention on your website.

So now when we are at a good start, and you know that website re-designing is an important factor playing in your revenue generation, it's time to understand the benefits of the same. To clear the clouds, site redesign does not require much of a significant or big investment from your pocket; however, the results are unbelievable. Not just the retention, but users are inclined towards your website for the credibility and authenticity you serve to them. Let us Know the Key Benefits of redesigning business’s website:

Improved marking/ branding

A refreshed website will help reinforce the consistency of your image. With an advanced design, your website will advance trust and brand recognition among buyers, which is the reason a website redesign can do wonders for your image-building activities.

Potential clients that discover your business online will utilize the general design and nature of your website to assess the dependability of your organization.

Early introductions matter and they're 94% affected by your site design.

If your site seems modest and obsolete, doesn't function admirably, or gives awful client experience, it can dismiss individuals from turning into your clients.

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Then again, a website redesign helps keep your business relevant and upgrades your image picture with a solid impression.

Better search engine rankings

Is a website redesign really necessary? Truth be told, your website's redesign should consider search enhancement from the code right to its end responsiveness.

Eventually, that implies your site's redesign will assist you with moving up in the SERPs, scoring you more natural traffic.

Moreover, when individuals click on your connection and see your cutting edge website, they're more prone to stay. If your site structure is enhanced, guests will peruse through your site, look at more pages which will reduce your skip rate.

At long last, a very much designed website can likewise draw in more backlinks, which can give you a solid push for significantly higher Google rankings and extra referral traffic.

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And if we are talking about ranking, no engine can compete with Google. As a matter of fact, Google is the most popular website worldwide till date with the highest number of monthly visits.

Improved data stream

The core objective of your website content and data is to enable likely clients to get familiar with your business, items/administrations and eventually help close arrangements.

Regardless of whether it's data about your organization, your originator's story, or simply instructing them on your items and administrations, a website's key design is to give data that assist guests with making the desired move (conversion).

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Obviously, individuals expect the data they need to be directly before them at some random second. Also, to have the option to convince guests to consider your contributions and become paying clients, you have to have an ideal data stream.

Shockingly, numerous websites neglect to satisfy this serious need.

Website redesign is no silver bullet; you can give a valiant effort to structure and present your data such that all the significant stuff is anything but difficult to track down as clients stream naturally starting with one page then onto the next.

More leads and sales

A website redesign will result in more leads and sales because of the usage of front line conversion enhancement strategies and features.

Let's be honest; changing over guests is a definitive objective of any website. Regardless of whether you need to gather their email or telephone number, drive them to plan a booking, buy a thing, or pursue a membership, conversions are where it's at.

One of the Benefits of redesigning a website is that you can make conversions the essential centre, and you'll do it by presenting a progression of data that channels them to buy, buy-in, or request more information. That is something most more seasoned websites simply don't do well overall.

Increase revenue and reduce costs

All things considered, by improving brand consistency, boosting your rankings, and piping your guests to a conversion occasion, a website redesign will help increase your revenue.

In any case, do you realize that it can likewise reduce your costs?

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When doing a total redesign, you get the occasion to reevaluate your facilitating and CMS (Content Management System). Also, another website may run significantly more productively, occupying less room on your worker and working more rapidly for every one of your guests.

Likewise, it's regularly more cost-successful to do a redesign than to fix usefulness issues and add more features over the long haul. As opposed to sticking a lot of bandages to your current site, it's smarter to go with a total upgrade and begin once again.

What's more, a website redesign will reduce expenses of botched chances and lost revenue brought about by your old, awkward website.


So far by now, you must have realized the importance of website redesigning for your website. The other important question is how to get the work started? All you need is a technical and creative partner who can help you design an interactive user interface of your website. This is where Owebest Technologies will help you achieve great revenue and retention numbers as a whole.

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The professional and creative team of experts understand your requirement and offer the respective solution and design, which will definitely add one more star to your brand value. After all, it is about the brand and value of the same in the market. And who can understand that matter from those experts who design such a value in the web world.

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