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Top 20 Startup Ideas for your Business in 2020

Top 20 Startup Ideas for your Business in 2020
01/07/2020 57

2020, we might all agree, will be remembered for a long time and perhaps, years. Whether we like or not, 2020 was a roller-coaster ride whose impacts even resulted in sleepless nights for some people. However, there is sunlight after every dark night. Many people were, in fact, browsing new business ideas in 2020. And if you are one of them, this article might help you with some deep thinking and come out with some best startup business ideas and models. Let's check out some of the interesting, yet practical start-up ideas for your business you can think of:

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an excellent opportunity for those who can sell products online without buying or storing the inventory in advance. All you need to do is launch an e-commerce platform and sell the products online while partnering with the suppliers. The suppliers will store, package, and ship the product to your customers. The advantage is that you do not have to spend too many hours on the product research as your suppliers will do that for you.

2. Home-based catering

Well, one thing that COVID-19 pandemic taught us was: One can operate businesses from home when the time is catastrophic. Home-based catering is another such example of running the startup where you can deliver catering service to smaller events while preparing the same in your home itself. You do not require too much space for catering and delivering to small events. Home-based catering also involved better hygiene services as everything is produced in a safe environment.

3. Content Writing

If you are a professional writer with knowledge of blog, article, and news writing, this is one of the Best Business Ideas For Newbie Entrepreneurs that can really change your finances. Many companies hire freelance writers for their site and product description. It's a profitable business if you have a team of writers and a bunch of clients to work for them.

4. Email Marketing

All that you need for email marketing is a good knowledge of how to create emails and a good network connection. And if you can gather multiple clients for email marketing, launching an email marketing business can be an excellent approach to make more money. Make sure that you demonstrate that skill of enticing emails that are professionals. The clients will agree to your quoted prices as well.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Every online business relies on its ranking on search engine page like Google. If you are expert in designing the content according to the needs of SEO, your clients will be happy to serve you with all their SEO needs. One can choose and target all sorts of industries including health, legal, and financial firms.

6. Virtual Dance Studio

The advantage of a virtual dance studio is that you don't have to rent a big space to practice your choreography. Virtual dance studios make it easier to share, record, and publish the choreography at its discretion. You can enrol many students as you want as the studio is not required. There is various conferencing software available whether dancers can teach dance by taking a virtual conference class for each student.

7. Website Testing

Many brands hire professionals to test their websites and share feedback. If you are a professional to address all the issues faced in a website, this could be comfortable yet professional start-up ideas for your business in 2020. You can also build a team of testers to help you with better testing. Anyways, you will need a bigger team to test different credentials of the site for different clients.

8. Application Development

With so many businesses demanding application for their products and services, this business idea invites brilliant creativity and better growth. If you know how to create wireframes and user interfaces, half of your troubles are resolved then. With a team of developers, this start-up idea will help you with great success in 2020.

9. Profitable Blog

A highly professional blog writing can help you make big bucks. Many bloggers talk about different services and products that help in better pay from the clients as well as brands who wish to advertise on your blog page. But first, choose your niche as to what you like to write about, and what discussions you wish to create for your readers and start with small profitable business ideas.

10. Online Courses and Coaching

If you know how to hire? Why not teach the same? If you know how to write? Why not teach the same? If so many online courses and coaching platforms are available, why not showcase your true talent and skills to educate others. There are many freshers and passionate students who are willing to learn from an expert. So, think about it! This can be an excellent idea of a start-up where all you will need is a smooth network, a video camera and your true skills.

11. Be an Instagram Influencer

Social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are on the rise. People often check out feedback from influencers on Instagram when they wish to buy a product. So if you have a good knowledge of a particular niche or industry, you can catch some eyeballs by becoming an influencer on Instagram. However, you will need many followers. You can work on the same by running different campaigns and showcasing your knowledge about a particular niche.

12. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are quite in high demand by freelancers along with different kinds of business. One can use this as an excellent opportunity to know more about influential people from different industries. It also offers an opportunity to work and assist from any place possible while a person can develop their skills.

13. Travel Consultant

If you love to travel and share your experience with those who are planning an adventurous trip, how about you consult them and charge the same? The travel consultant is an interesting and exciting business for startups where they can share their views and feedback about a particular place to travel.

14. Data Analysis

Let's face it: Most successful small business ideas around the world are driven by data for pooled and transparent business decisions for the future. If you are a talented data analyst, you can help other businesses with their success rate and advise them on their growth. It's a brilliant start-up idea where businesses enrol to be giant clients to understand the pattern of their clients.

15. Career Consultant

Freshers or students, sometimes, feel stuck with their career choices. What to do and where to head their passion to? If you know the different professions and understand the psychology of students, you end up with an exciting business idea. Career coaching or consulting plays a vital role in defining the future of freshers and promising students.

16. Stock Photographer

If you are a professional photographer, you might become a permanent partner of the stock gallery. They offer built-in designs and images to businesses around the world. Why not utilize your talent and passion by getting paid by one of the most profound platforms? With the team of professional photographers, you can build a start-up team for exclusive images to sell to your partners.

17. Software Education

If you are an expert on popular software, why not teach it? You can enrol many students to your monthly class and make a living off it. It can be a great start-up idea where you can teach proficient learning to students and enrol the endless number of students if you wish to start the coaching through a virtual platform. In fact, this is one of the best business ideas in India.

18. Building a Niche Website

A well-reputed and nicely designed website never gets old. And if you know how to build the niche website, you might just start as an entrepreneur. Professional blogging is also part of the same. One can also build a trading information platform from currency, stocks, and so on. Such websites never get old. In case you have an idea but are not able to execute, you can contact professionals like Owebest Technologies.

19. T-Shirt Printing

Funky logos and exciting graphics on a t-shirt are appreciated by the youth worldwide. And if you have a similar idea on the same, this could be your new venture. You can either sell them on a store, or an eCommerce website for a better and wider approach to customers. You never know, which graphic might just hit the popularity.

20. Print-on-demand

If you are looking for more ideas for a start-up, how about you try print-on-demand. This is when you print a custom-made design on different items like pen, mugs, phone cases, and whatnot. These ideas are generally used for corporate gifts for clients and employees. This is one on-demand business, which never gets too old.

So now you have the complete list of ideas, which ‘hot news business ideas’ one are you going to choose? These are trending startup business ideas which can help you start your own business. become your own boss and consider the best 20 Startup Ideas for your Business available in 2020.

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