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Sitefinity: The Complete Guide

Sitefinity: The Complete Guide
30/06/2020 57

Many people who are trying to design their website might have come across this word Sitefinity. But what exactly does it mean? This article serves all your queries related to Sitefinity and all the features you must be aware of before you sign up for the same. But before proceeding further with Sitefinity, there is a particular term called CMS, that you must be aware of.

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

In the context of Sitefinity, Content Management System or CMS is popular software that allows your clients or potential customers to fill up the updates of their profile or make changes to their website. And this happens, without hiring a web developer. Sitefinity is a CMS which is developed by Telerik.

Why Use Sitefinity? ?

Let's understand that anyone can use Sitefinity; however, the excel skills are dedicated to Enterprise space. Sitefinity includes major features like multi-site management, user-friendly, and built-in marketing which are quite essentials for industries like marketing and information technology.

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Do You Need Skills for Sitefinity?

Anyone who is, in fact, comfortable using online applications, can easily use Sitefinity system. Let me put it this way: If you know how to use Facebook, you can access Sitefinity smoothly. A person does need web development or designing knowledge to use this system. However, if you wish to customize the Sitefinity system, you might need some basic knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, WCF C#, ASP.net, XML.

Why Choose Sitefinity over WordPress?

Well, this is one common question that a user needs an answer for a while choosing a CMS platform for their website. To answer the same, one thing that a user must know is that WordPress is built to manage specific nice like blogging and do not provide complete focus on other types of content. Sitefinity, on the other hand, is an all-in-one content management solution irrespective of the site type. One can use this platform for websites like news, events, blogs, forms, or even simple pages for different industry verticals.

Outstanding Features of Sitefinity

One noticeable feature of Sitefinity is focused on the creation of content. With inbuilt User Interface for content editor and content management page, it also serves an easy space to edit the content. Features of content editor page include a minimal design which is simple and clean so that the focus of the editor is simply of the content. Sitefinity calls it 'progressively-discoverable' feature which includes a button that will appear only when you wish to utilize the same.

The new version Sitefinity 11 also offers new features that can be accessed by the developer only. Features like Visual Studio extension, VSIX serves lesser time for the developer on a smaller task which can be processed by scaffolds.

Is hosting Offered by Sitefinity?

Well, the answer is No! Sitefinity does not provide hosting, and one has to get the same from Windows server. This CMS use ASP.net as a Microsoft web language used to build this platform, and that's why Windows Server hosts it. Sitefinity platform is available since 2005.

Can You do SEO on Sitefinity?

Well, Yes! After the recent update in Sitefinity, many features were upgraded in the system that helps in optimizing the content for SEO purpose. The system helps in generating extension-less links/URLs, lowercase. It helps in customizing the meta-data that optimize the ranking of the content of search engine platforms like Google.

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Why Sitefinity Tops Best Enterprise Management System's List?

Sitefinity offers many benefits to users. In the year 2019, Sitefinity won Silver at the Stevie Awards in 2019.

There are certain features that make Sitefinity the best choice in terms of Enterprise Management system. Following is the list of same:

Multi-site management

As mentioned before, Sitefinity offers a simple yet sophisticated user interface for multiple websites, of a single firm or enterprise. Consider an instance where an enterprise has more than one website or microsites. Sitefinity offers a solution to the developers where they can manage the content, interface, and other features of every website associated from one particular intuitive dashboard.

One can also customize the multiple levels of access to different users that permits them to access the only information required to access by that particular user. Users, in this case, will be able to access, control, and edit the portal that can be of a single as well as multiple sites. This feature also speeds up the process of creating the website in a much shorter time.

Multilingual Support

People like to communicate in their native languages and they prefer the sites that offer a similar feature for their comfort. So, if you are looking for a global reach for your product or service through the website, Sitefinity can serve multilingual support to the users.

Your readers will be able to read the same information but in their own language. If you are worried about managing the translation process, it can be done at the manual level with workflows and versioning approval. It can also be done by integrating third-party translators.

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One advantage of Sitefinity is that it serves personalized content to its users. Companies can choose to display different type of content which can be based on the user who is visiting the particular website which includes every page of the specific site. Under this procedure, web developers will first analyse the need of the segment by users into different groups of demography along with search terms that users entered to reach the website.


Data security is a definite prime concern of Enterprises. If you are also concerned about the same, Sitefinity is the right choice for you. This platform allows the administrator to customize the user access to content and functions of the same. One can also monitor the activities on the portal with the system audit trail.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also a plus point for Enterprises to increase the visibility of their products or services. One can create an Email marketing campaign on Sitefinity with drag and drop tools and accordingly design the same. One can integrate their social media accounts on the website for the users to go through the social media panels in a single click on the website. Why is it important, if you ask? According to statista, active users of digital platform in the United States is 288.1 million in January 2020. It shows, how people are driving towards digital platforms.

Through social media tools, the administrator can analyze the journey of the user on the website. And all this can be done on the admin dashboard which is quite simplified for the admin to understand.

The mentioned features of Sitefinity is what makes it a unique platform for the Enterprises to choose the same. They are the key characteristics that make it best suited for the company. A simple yet customized platform where a non-developer can also customize their needs without hassle.

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The fact states that a digital presence is a fundamental requirement for every Enterprise today, especially when the technology is advancing every day. The online presence reflects the quality of the products or services provided by the company. And this is why you need Sitefinity as your effective Enterprise content management system that helps in improving your online presence and paramount your business growth as well.

Giants like Dubai Airports, Fujitsu, Air Asia, and many more are writing their success stories through Sitefinity platform.

Sitefinity backs you up with the quality that is most appreciated by the potential clients and serve the right transparency you need for better revenues. After all, your digital quality is directly proportional to the quality of your service. And Sitefinity helps you justify your content with exceptional quality.

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