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Best On-demand Food Delivery App Models for Startup Businesses

Best On-demand Food Delivery App Models for Startup Businesses
21/06/2020 57

When it comes to popular and successful apps making significant revenues with new ideas and creativity, on-demand food delivery apps are also part of the same marathon. The growth in this particular industry is quite constant, and with modern technology and features adding up, various modules are attracting eyeballs of many creative heads. One might be shocked to know the fact that the first official website to order food delivery was introduced in 1995 with the site called waiter.com. Just as impressive as food delivery startups business sounds in the early 2000s, the idea caught the trend and in no time many pizza chains developers their delivery platforms which also includes applications and respective sites.

After the emergence of mobile application, ordering food online also became a past activity. However, the trend continues with different modules and original features found in recent application fused with the latest technologies. It has become effortless to order food online these days, which also brings better opportunities for those who are looking forward to developing such mobile application.

Life is now smarter and quicker where people can just order food online from nearby eateries whenever they wish to call guests at home.

Let's Discuss the technical dimension of the food industry. There are various modules that one can work upon before planning on application development. Let's have a look at the top 4 modules to help you understand as in how each of them is unique in their way.

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Top 4 Business Models of On-demand Food Delivery Business

Online food delivery app is a massive industry in itself that needs no introduction. Not only just entrepreneurs, but many food enthusiasts successfully launched different food delivery models which are appreciated by many users. If we talk about the revenues forecast, the numbers seem quite promising. In the year 2020, it is forecasted that the revenue from platform to customer delivery of food will conclude with USD 70740.8 million worldwide.

Let's first analyse what type of models one can work upon before dialling on to your technical partner in the same.

1. Meal Kit Delivery Model

Meal kit delivery model is quite different from most preferred models. Under this model, the application delivers high-quality ingredients of the meal to the customer. There are various plans available for the users from vegetable plans, meat plans or family plan that includes a list of unique ingredients which are not readily available on the nearby grocery stores. Not just ingredients, you can deliver the entire meal as well prepared by the chef according to the requirement of the user.

For instance, if the user is vegan, a meal kit will include either the ingredients which are vegan or a vegan meal, which is not quite available at every restaurant you order from the app.

Sources you will need: You will need a professional chef under this model who is expert in unique recipes along with the team of delivery men. Make sure you have a proper list of suppliers for the individual ingredients too.

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2. Order Only Model

This model is quite simple, especially for the owner of the application as the restaurant directly handles the delivery services on this platform. In this model, the food delivery application platform takes orders from the users and instantly share the same with the restaurants. To proceed further, the restaurant than prepare the meal and deliver the package directly to the user who ordered the food on the application.

Sources you will need: Under this model, you will just a need of customer service professionals to help you with value propositions of the business and confirm the order with the users and restaurants on time.

3. Order and Delivery Model

As the name suggests, this model is based on both handling order as well as the delivery of the restaurant. Under this model, the application owner has to be in charge of the logistics of the restaurant to place the right food options to the users. Since the restaurant does not invest in the delivery service, the application can create a much better revenue system under this model.

One can allow anyone to the delivery driver in this model, depending on the driver who is available nearby. Food delivery companies pay the driver based on the distance covered by them as they complete the delivery.

Sources you will need: Under this business model, on-demand food delivery app development will need more resources. Backend process to handle the entire logistics of the restaurant and confirm the food order for the user. Here, the application will also work on four different panels: admin, restaurant, user, and delivery man.

4. Cloud Restaurant Model

When thinking of running an on-demand food delivery application, this model is known to be quite efficient. One can run this model from their house itself as it does not require the complete infrastructure of a restaurant. Once the food is ordered on this application, it is received by the central kitchen, and then the food is prepared, which can be quickly done from a house as well. It requires own team of delivery drivers who deliver the order directly to the user.

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Sources you will need: Resources under this model are in your hands and thus, you need only a few resources to tackle the same. So, the resources can be adjusted according to your business needs.

What Market Trends You Must Keep in Mind

New Delivery administrations give augmented delivery services to another gathering of customers and restaurants. By teaming up with restaurants that haven't offered delivery panels previously, new delivery systems increment the entire food delivery access available.

Possibly these restaurants will begin contingent upon the new delivery stage in a matter of seconds as re-appropriating coordination's can be moderate.

The truth of the matter is that new delivery applications give the most significant points of interest to each gathering included – teaming up restaurants, the delivery administration organization itself, and customers.

This new delivery model is a chance to expand the customer base for restaurants, and a degree to all the more likely utilize existing kitchen offices. In the end, this may bring about better income and more business advancement.

Likewise, new stages give free coordination and marketing systems for restaurants that were prior unfit to convey themselves.

The new delivery stage brings determination, possibility, and speediness for customers. The resolution of a few foods is appealing for individuals who would prefer not to eat Italian and Mexican any more.


So, the choice is yours whether you wish to proceed further with the stand-alone application or aggregator approach as Business Models For On-Demand Food Delivery Apps, the technical platform of the application will, of course, need assistance.

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But before you decide on the same, it is vital to have a clear image of the model so that it becomes simpler to approach the companies and vendors at the same time. Just developing an application will not bring the revenues, rather a better understanding of the model is essential for your future suppliers and vendors as well. Not only will they help you with better profits, but will help you uplift the visibility and quality of your product too.

To maintain the seamless service of the application, it is essential to partner with a professional development company who will understand your need and model in the right manner. And if you are looking for an on-demand food delivery application development company, Owebest Technologies offer a wide variation of services under affordable quoting. Maybe your dream project is one step away from a beautiful reality. All you have to do is dial-up Owebest, and witness your food delivery business ideas into a successful model with excellent revenue growth.

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