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Automate Your Business With Warranty And Claim Management System

Automate Your Business With Warranty And Claim Management System
11/09/2020 57

Warranty Management Solutions might seem like an ideal way to draw and attract more clients to your firm. However, the other side of the coin also dictates this system as the source of advantage for competitive businesses and organisations. List of benefits like high operations management, fast claiming process, attenuated dishonourable claims that result in better satisfactory results of dealers.

The analysis of Warranty Management Software revealed that the impact of the same was positive on-chain functions like finances, services, and sales. This system helps in integrating the major key functions of the business, which encircle the revenue cycle of the firm into multiplying revenues and gains.

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What is Warranty Software?

Automated warranty software helps in reducing the cost of minimum streamlining the system and increasing the service revenue to the maximum figures possible. The system helps in benefitting the stakeholders that include end-users, manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and service providers.

Owebest Technologies help in developing the automating warranty claim process in this system that reduces the time it takes to consume in the claiming process.

developed by Owebest offers computability with different explorers and browsers with a responsive design. It integrates the complete process of warranty including a complete solution for all issues related to same.

Not just that, it helps in improving product quality, claiming process, maintenance of claims and in the end, transforming customer experience to the utmost satisfaction.

Let’s pen down some of the features of the same as it will help you structure the system to simplify the needs of your customers.

Features of Warranty Management System

Before you plan to outsource the development of this system, it is important to know the features that will enhance the user experience for your potential customers. Let’s have a look at the world-class features of this system.

Multiple Claims

Under this feature, customers will be able to access services related to six different claim types that include Goodwill, post-sales, OEM PDI, dealer PDI spare part, and campaign. The features appear according to the choice of the claim that the user selects.

Simpler and Easy Integration

The software is easily integrated through different modules like SI, SAP, EPC, and many others. Such integration helps in looking out to the history of part purchase, which is required at the time of generating claims. Along with same, it offers access to other modules integrated with the claim information, in just a single click.

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Restricted Access To Customers

Warranty management system software can help the admin to create different IDs that features certain access only. For each login ID, responsibilities and roles will be different, which will depend on the type of user, for instance, supplier, dealer, customer, and more.

Work Queue Management

Under this software, claims are naturally allotted to processor or supplier based on various progressively characterised boundaries. OEM can characterize processors of the various kinds of claims based on numerous boundaries, for example, assignment, jobs, territory and so forth.

Distribution Centre Bulletin (DCB)

For each crusade run by the OEM, TIB and DCB are made for giving the subtleties of the battle to all the gatherings in question. These notices are connected straightforwardly to the crusades for giving moment access to the significant data.

Return Material Authorization

OEMs can request the causal part whenever as indicated by need, along these lines, our warranty management system permits OEM to create RMA whenever after the endorsement of the claim. Warranty management software offers different ways and pre-characterized rules for creating RMA. It is additionally completely incorporated with FedEx and UPS administrations for call label age, live tracking and so forth.

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Advance Policy Administration Attributes

OEMs can without much of a stretch characterise distinctive inclusion definitions, warranty strategy, standard fix time, standard work hours and significantly more. Contingent upon these pre-characterized business controls, the pertinence of the claim is chosen naturally.

Auto-Generation of Supplier Claim

For each claim created by the seller, OEM needs to produce the supplier claim physically. Here, supplier claims are consequently produced on the endorsement of every single seller claim.

Intelligent Dashboard

The dashboard of warranty claim management system is instructive as it speaks to KPIs and combination outlines which encourages the client to investigate the information in a flash. The client can legitimately know the number of pending claims, part return demand, system clashes and so on. Numerous combination graphs are accessible, and these can be traded in PNG, JPG, PDF and XML group. It makes the process simpler for all the login ID types on the platform.

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Benefits of Warranty Management System

Now when the features of the system are clear, before you outsource the development of same, must benefit will help you understand the outcome of same. Why is it important for you to invest in such a system can be answered when you understand the advantages of the same.

Diminish Claims Process Durations

Claims empower transporters to actualise touchless claims by giving principles driven computerisation that can dole out claims staff, affirm inclusion, set up errands, and produce correspondence, all dependent on data gathered from the start notice of misfortune.

In occasions that aren't good for computerisation, our claims software gives powerfully guided work processes, customised UIs, and group arranging instruments that smooth out procedures – empowering CSRs, claims agents, and different claims handlers to determine claims and assist customers with recouping quicker.

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Increment in Consumer Loyalty and Maintenance

With warranty management solutions, transporters can convey customised, straightforward, and successful correspondences with policyholders and claimants by means of their favoured channels. Regardless of whether they are hoping to connect with you by telephone, email, text, mail, web, or portable application, APIs empower you to meet them on their standing, look after compassion, and console them during distressing occasions.

Moreover, when claims handlers have simple, consistent access to the entirety of the information sources they require, they're essentially better at serving those out of luck.

Influence the Claims Innovation Ecosystem

The thorough accomplice ecosystem includes various reconciliations to claims innovation suppliers who spend significant time in understanding diverse use cases all through the claim lifecycle. The correspondence and hazard management devices can proactively assist customers with maintaining a strategic distance from hurt and keep misfortunes from occurring in any case.

The examination helps in improving the precision of claims instalments and decrease misrepresentation. The system helps in achieving the same nature to associate the devices and information sources you have to lessen misfortunes and smooth out all parts of the claim's lifecycle.

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To Conclude

So now, if you have enlisted the requirements of your warranty and claims including customer warranty tracking software, let’s move to the next step, and that is Developing the warranty management software. You will need a genuine professional technical partner who understands the features well and can deliver the promising benefits of the same.

Now when you are looking for a technical partner, it is important to be thorough with your search. Owebest Technologies will help you realise your ideas into a reality that can bring loyal customers as well as revenue share for your firm. After all, the Warranty Claim system works on the loyalty of the customers and the credibility of the firm. Revenues are generated when everything falls into pieces, and you earn credible status from your existing and potential clients. Let’s get started by contacting Owebest Technologies today.

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