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Why Should Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter?

Why Should Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter?
17/10/2020 57

In the world of technology, Flutter is a known emerging platform that is really changing the face of businesses and creating a revolution in recent times. Flutter is a Google-based platform which includes the best tools and features that helps in creating the incredible mobile application for your brand. Well, of course, a brand required a brand solution! That is what Flutter is for.

Flutter is a popular platform that inherits a strong framework for mobile app development. And thus, it is considered as an ideal choice when developing a mobile app that is a powerful and professional application. Even if you just launched your start-up and you are looking for a versatile and dynamic application, Flutter is among the perfect choices to start with while you choose between cross-platform and native applications.

Since the technology is moving further every day, the time is gone when applications were just limited to two operating systems only. Now when the application is being served at different platforms, you will need a cross-platform application to serve more and more users.

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However, before you choose Flutter for your cross-platform application, it is vital to understand the key features of the same.

Know More Why Startups Choose Cross-Platform App Development?

While developing mobile application development, there are two significant options to avail: Either native-app development or cross-platform mobile development.

While native applications have their own perk, the preference is bent towards cross-platform development as it is compatible with both operating systems: iOS and Android.

Here are some other benefits of choosing cross-platform development:

More productive, fewer efforts

A codebase for a native application requires a lot more time which consumes more effort by the development team. With cross-platform development, developers can use the single codebase rather than working on two different versions of the same application. In short: why code twice for different operating systems, when cross-platform codebase can use the same framework for both?

Less testing time

Since a cross-platform application avails a single codebase, the testing of the application becomes an easier task. In such a case, quality analysts just have to focus on testing only one version of the app.

Lesser Development cost of the app

One major factor in deciding a development company is the cost of developing the same. The resource time by the team will be lesser, which automatically reduces the development cost for the start-up.

Quick to market

Since the development time and cost is lesser in cross-platform development, entrepreneurs can launch the application faster in the required industry. Thus, start-ups can enjoy the perks of an early bird application by introducing free subscription for early users and sharing features for selected users.

While penning the benefits of cross-platform development, one platform that comes to mind is Flutter. Flutter helps in developing your application for different operating systems in just a single codebase. With a dynamic user interface and compatible designs, your application will be appreciated by your user. It results in better compatibility and loyalty of your users, which, in turn, helps in improving the revenue of your application.

Flutter helps in developing the application for operating systems like Android, iOS, Linux, Google Fucsia, Windows, Mac, and single codebase web. Not only does it expand the market for your application, but the revenue model will also be expanded for the same. Great news already, isn't it?

Key Features of Flutter That Makes it an Ideal Choice

Flutter is a cross-platform development framework that offers a simpler yet smart solution, even for your complicated requirement. Let's understand how Flutter can make your brand presentation simpler and smarter.

Fast App Development with Hot Reload

If you want your application to stand out from the crowd, Flutter is the best option for you. With Hot Reload feature, developers can experiment with different UI and add features and debug applications. This feature shows all the changes you do in the coding and thus, you save effort to save it later. It reflects all the changes on a real-time basis, which also allows continuing code execution while completing the project at the same time.

Open-source Platform

Flutter is an open-source language, which makes it simpler to code and develop the application dynamically. Even if your idea of the application is too complicated, the open-source platform makes it simpler for the developers to turn your ideas into a dynamic solution by leveraging the material design from the vast choices available. It also includes various choices of scrolling behaviour, Cupertino widgets, rich motion APIs.

Widgets Make It Worthy

If you are worried about the performance of your application, that's where Flutter widgets play its charm! Flutter mobile app development accommodates various amazing widgets that improve the native performance of your application.

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Various Operating Systems and Single Code

Where would you like to invest: a developer who can work on Flutter and create an application for all operating systems or hiring a mobile app development team for a different platform? FLutter sounds like a better plan, isn't it?

Flutter is what you need where developers can write a single code and build the cross-platform application while monitoring the performance just like the native application.

Why Choose Flutter For Your Mobile Application?

Now, when the list of key features is clear, it is vital to know the benefits of choosing this platform too. Before you contact the team of developers to help you build the mobile application, benefits are what will help you imagine the application into a dynamic reality. With popular tools like React Native for developing cross-platform mobile apps and iconic presence in the market, the reality is somewhere delivered by Flutter. Flutter offers a genuine and true code on the table that helps in creating a powerful native experience, even with cross platforms.

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The productivity of the Developer

One of the reasons why growing startups are choosing Flutter is the productivity of the application as well as the developer when you hire an experienced app development team. With Hot Reload feature of Flutter, the productivity of the developers increases ten times when native platforms as the coding can be edited on a real-time basis. This saves a lot of effort and time of the developer as the testing can be realized on a real-time basis, without debugging the code at every stage. Developers do not need to re-compile different stages of coding, which saves a lot of time.

With better productivity of developers, Flutter, in fact, became the second most used framework by developers in 2019 and 2020. According to statista, Flutter was used by 30% of developers in 2019 and 39% in 2020.

Powerful Design with Flutter

Every application aims to catch attention from the users. And that is only possible when the user interface and design of the application are powerful. Flutter mechanism is based on the same. It promises powerful UI experience to the users, including smooth functioning of the application, which is majorly expected out of native app development only.

Flutter includes many customized widgets for different operating systems that improve the complete feel of the application for your users. The catalogue of Flutter widgets might surprise you as it includes the widest range of tools possible.

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Google-backed Firebase

The usage of Firebase, which is backed by Google, offers immense support in different segments like cloud storage, hosting, authentication, cloud functions, and database. The infrastructure of the application becomes more scalable with Firebase, and no server required. Companies, literally, do not invest in the backend development, when developing applications using Flutter with Firebase feature.

Developers also enjoy the ease of combining Firebase with automated tools that help in release and Development of mobile apps process with constant delivery.

Fuchsia Operating System Use Flutter

The new Google operating system Fuchsia is going to rely on Flutter heavily. This operating system will bring Chrome and Android together, including several internets of things on a single platform. Well, is there any better news you heard today, after this?

This Operating system will also be a key connection between augmented and virtual reality. With Flutter, being used in Fuchsia, your mobile application will just adhere to all latest technologies possible.

To conclude

Flutter, as a matter of fact, is going to ring the next digital era soon. So NOT building the mobile application on this platform will just be a disappointment for your business. The versatile design and dynamic features will simply help you build a better brand structure for your users. If you wish to think of the future, the time is now, and the solution is Flutter!

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Flutter simply makes everything better for your application if you hire a professional software development company. Even with cross-platform features, it offers the smooth operation of a native application. Not only does the developer enjoy better productivity in less time, but the users also enjoy and appreciate the look and feel of the application. Users, when downloading the application for the first time, decide to keep the same only when it offers solutions to their needs. And if you build the application to complexity, you might have to say goodbye to your retention time as well as daily active users.

In fact, your application might just be kept in some folder that users never open in their smartphones. So now, the choice is really yours! If you want your application to be hidden in some folder, or wish that users must explore your application on a daily basis. Your long term revenue will depend on the same, and Flutter truly can change the destiny of your brand as well as its application. Now, if you are looking for a professional team of developers to help you build the application, you can contact Owebest Technologies mobile app development company for future endeavours and build a versatile definition for your brand. After all, you deserve the best, and nothing else!

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