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Why Do You Need a Full-Stack Web Developer for Your Business?

Why Do You Need a Full-Stack Web Developer for Your Business?
01/06/2022 57

With digitalization and the growing demand for innovative and next-gen solutions, almost every business needs a developer who can handle all such kinds of work at their back. There are several types of developers, classified based on their work domains. The modern-day applications are much more complex than they used to be a decade ago. That is why a developer needs to upgrade and learn modern and new technologies.

According to a recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was revealed that the demand for skilled developers will climb to a whopping 13% by the end of 2024. This number encompasses all types of developers currently working on the market.

As we have discussed earlier, many types of software developers work together to create a feasible and innovative solution. However, apart from all these categories, full-stack developers have become the most crucial ones at present. OweBest Technologies team of full-stack developers holds the knowledge of upgraded technologies, but before we discuss that, let's understand full-stack development.

More Full-stack Development?

Before we move further ahead with our discussion, let's understand the concept of full-stack development. The software has two parts — backend and frontend. The backend serves as the software skeleton and is handled by backend stack developers. On the contrary, frontend development concerns the work of the UI, client-side functionalities, etc. These developers are termed frontend stack developers.

Full-stack development means that the same person will develop both the frontend and backend software. Full-stack development is quite challenging and covers almost all kinds of technologies, from Java and Python for back eating to React JS and HTML acting all lovey and funny teams.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

You can understand from the name itself that a full stack developer is concerned with either part of the software development life cycle. They need to pay equal attention to the frontend or UI and the backend. Such professionals need to have skills in more than one programming language. Also, they have to understand the intermediate functions that maintain the translation between the frontend and backend.

If you want to hire a full-stack developer for your company, you are aware of the key roles and responsibilities of the professional. It will make your job easier, and you can settle down with the perfect developer who can meet all your requirements.

  • Developing software solutions with end-to-end work while ensuring the product is up to the mark and has all features required by the business.
  • Having experience in designing the user interface, responsive software structures, and project workflows.
  • Designing different strategies for performance optimization, continuous integrations and delivery, and scalability.
  • Transforming the business requirement into a viable software product that can target the customer requirements with ease.
  • Integrating third-party applications with APIs and plugins.
  • Knowing about the cross-platform application development for higher responsiveness and lighter software.
  • Knowing how to work with several other applications, like JSON, databases, cloud networks, servers, and so on.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring A Full Stack Developer?

If you hire a full-stack web developer for your company, you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits that you won't get with any other type of developer. So, before you decide, here is a brief discussion about how a full stack developer can benefit your business.

1. No Need To Hire Developers Separately For Frontend and Backend

One of the significant benefits of full-stack developers is that you won't have to hire any frontend or backend developers separately. As these professionals already know how things are handled on either side of the software, they will be able to work on both. Therefore, your development team won't require any dedicated professionals separately.

2. Reduces The Overall Project Cost

Since budget is always a constraint on software development, most organizations adopt methods to cut expenses without compromising software quality and performance. This is where a full stack developer comes in! This professional can work on both frontend and backend servers. Thus, you won't have to hire separate professionals for the job.

3. It Can Quickly Transform From Backend to Frontend and Vice Versa

It is not easy to switch from the backend to the frontend and vice versa. This is why most companies have different frontend and backend developers. But when you hire a dedicated full stack developer, you won't have to worry about these minor issues. The workspaces of full-stack developers are designed to shift from the client-side to the server-side of the application and vice versa when needed. Apart from this, they also don't require multiple machines to do the development on different parts of an application.

4. Access To A Vast Knowledge Pool

Having a full stack developer sounds more feasible if you want your software to have all the necessary features to triumph over the market. This professional can quickly help you overcome the gaps in skills and requirements. A full-stack developer needs to know about several stacks like MEAN, MERN, Ruby on Rails, Python stack, and LAMP. You can understand from the name itself that a stack is supposed to be a collection of multiple software platforms required for developing the website or application.

5. Follows the IT Pattern of Software Development

In the IT industry, we call a pattern T when a professional knows about several domains of software development (horizontal) and the steps to complete software development (vertical). If you hire a full stack developer with the T-structure knowledge base and skill set, you won't have to worry about anything else. The person is well aware of the organization's work and the development steps needed to be implemented for the SDLC.

6. Ideal For Startups and Small-scale Businesses

When we consider startups and several other businesses not having big scopes, hiring separate developers for the frontend and backend can be a real challenge for them, especially in terms of infrastructure and finances. That is why you can hire dedicated full stack developers who will live up to your business expectations while ensuring that you won't have to pay too much. Besides, you won't have to change your infrastructure because full stack developers can quickly work in different situations.

7. Knowledge About The latest Technologies and Integrations

If you do not integrate modern techniques and ideas into the application or website, you won't be able to target the audience and live up to their expectations. This is why hiring full-stack developers sound more feasible. These professionals have complete knowledge about the latest development trends and the technologies being used in the market. So, their solutions will be unique, innovative, and result-oriented. Not only will they have an idea about the trends in using modern techniques to develop the applications, but most full-stack developers will master the art of working on emerging platforms.

8. Full-stack Developers Are in High Demand

We cannot deny that full-stack developers are in high demand. Apart from lowering the overall development costs to improve efficiency, they also act as the bridge between other teams working separately at the front and backend. So, there will be one mode of communication and fewer hassles of miscommunication. It is one of the significant benefits you can enjoy with the full stack developer.

9. Knows Several Third Parties For Integrations

You cannot follow the same rules when integrating third-party applications with the front end and backend. There will be some differences in plugins, APIs, or anything else. It isn't easy to understand whether a particular third-party application is suitable for the frontend or backend. That is why you should hire a full stack developer. The professional will know what needs to be done to complete the third-party integrations with the front and backend of a software product.

10. Software Management Under a Single Umbrella

The entire software development life cycle will be under one umbrella. The full-stack developers can work on the frontend and backend, debug codebases for errors, modify the cases to fit user needs, and perform several other operations. They also perform unit testing side-by-side to increase the project's agility and reduce the time to complete SDLC.

How to Hire The Best Full Stack Developer?

With so many full-stack developers, identifying the right one is no piece of cake. We have listed some tips that you can follow to hire the best professional.

  • You should check the professional's experience before proceeding further.
  • Check which stack the developer is aware of.
  • Always ensure to recruit a developer as per your project requirements and budget.

To Summarize

Over the years, full-stack developers have become highly popular. Most enterprises want to have at least one such professional in their dev team due to their high flexibility, knowledge about both frontend and backend, and the skills they possess that you won't find anywhere else. Perhaps, that's why hiring a full stack developer will never prove to be a loss for your company.

OweBest Technologies is one of the best web/app development companies. We have a team of skilled professional full-stack web developers with years of experience. To ensure the success of your web solutions, it is best to consult with our team of experts. We provide a free consultation to help you clear all your doubts and to ensure hassle-free development.

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