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Quintessential Guide To Hiring Remote Developers In The Challenging Time Of Covid-19

Quintessential Guide To Hiring Remote Developers In The Challenging Time Of Covid-19
24/05/2021 57

A tech-based company's first pillar is to build a strong team of expert talents. When it comes to a new product or an existing company, it takes a community of creative developers to produce their best work and keep you ahead of the competition. Indeed, 73 percent of executives in the United States say that switching to remote work due to the pandemic was a success. With the rate at which the digital space is becoming more competitive, it's more important than ever for entrepreneurs to think outside the box and seek out developers from thriving outsourcing locations such as India and Southeast Asia.

That is why experts are encouraging IT companies to hire software development teams that work from remote locations. There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has created difficulties for industries. If you are looking to find an opportunity in these horrid times, then read this article further to discover all the advantages and methods of hiring remote developers, which is sure to elevate your business.

Here we have listed four reasons why hiring developers from other regions is beneficial for you.

1. Helps in Developing New Resources

In the current pandemic situation, IT companies must act quickly while also seeking out new opportunities. For every IT company, outsourcing development is a must-have because it allows them to respond rapidly to challenges posed by short-term liquidity. Furthermore, it will assist them in generating profit. It is a critical juncture because decisions made now will immediately impact the IT firm's survival.

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2. Development at a Constant Pace

Remote teams typically work around the clock and are located in various time zones. Also, because of the unwanted breaks and active work culture, remote development tends to have fewer distractions. Remote development allows for continuous product development with the help of expert talent.

3. Strengthen Technical Alliance

The changes brought about, or rather, forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, are forcing every IT company to develop new methods of operation. Many IT companies are still unable to identify or set their priorities, making it impossible for them to make real-time risk mitigation decisions. It is ideal for IT firms to strengthen themselves by forming long-term partnerships with a top-tier offshore development firm. This partnership will assist them in gaining knowledge and understanding from these offshore firms.

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4. Increase Market Reach

You can indirectly expand the market reach by collaborating remotely with developers in different geographical regions of the world. Because if you hire remote developers, they are so closely involved with your company, they act as brand ambassadors, promoting your products to potential customers.

Top 3 Destination to Hire Remote Developers From

1. India

When it comes to hiring offshore developers, India has risen to the top of the list. Since India is the world's second-largest English-speaking country, it is an ideal outsourcing destination for clients in the United Kingdom and the United States. India's education system also emphasises mathematics, which explains why the country produces 2.6 million STEM graduates each year. According to Gild's research, Indian developers outperformed American developers by 11 percent in logic and math. Their HTML and PHP scores, on the other hand, were significantly lower. According to PayScale, the average software developer in India earns $11,139 per year.

2. Canada

Canada has a well-developed educational infrastructure that places a strong emphasis on technology. STEM degrees are earned by approximately 18.6% of Canadian graduates each year. When it comes to skill sets, Canadian developers are ranked 21st by HackerRank. The three Canadian cities that rank among the top 50 on the Tholons Globalization Index are Calgary, Halifax, and Toronto. Additional advantages of doing business in Canada include accessible communication with US clients due to similar time zones and easier collaboration due to cultural differences. According to PayScale, the average annual salary of a Canadian developer is around $47,659.67.

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3. Brazil

Brazil has a population of nearly 6.18 million English speakers. More importantly, with 38.18 percent of the people under the age of 24, Brazil is emerging as a software development outsourcing hotspot. If you're looking for junior developers, Brazil is a great place to look; however, if you're looking for developers for advanced projects, you'll need to look elsewhere. A Brazilian developer's average salary ranges from $6,009.26 to $33,054.78.

A step-by-step guide to learn how to hire remote developers

1. Write a Job Description Seeking Remote Talent

The primary thing to do is determine who your ideal candidate is before writing a job description for a remote developer. What kind of skills and experience are you looking for in a candidate? The job description for remote developers clearly states the technical requirements. Also, mention that you are looking for remote talent from other countries. A clear job description will ultimately bring you ideal candidates, as per your requirements.

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2. Explore Remote Job Portals

The next step is to start promoting your remote position. The key points clearly describing your requirements should be included in your job ad. There are several online remote job platforms available, including remote: co, Upwork, and freelancer. You can browse all of the remote job openings on the sites and pick the ones that best suit your needs. All you have to do is create a job profile on the platform, and it will generate a shortlist of independent professionals who are qualified to work on your project. You can choose the candidate who best meets your needs from the list.

3. Filter the Right Candidate Portfolio

Must handle the completed projects in the portfolio with extreme caution. Many times, candidates will list many platforms and languages on their resumes, but they will have a small number of completed projects. Similarly, it's possible that a large number of developers are only interested in the tools and languages they've used rather than the outcomes of their work. Therefore, you must be cautious while screening the portfolios to find the best pick for your company.

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4. Interviewing the Candidate to Make the Final Choice

You can invite a developer for an interview if you have shortlisted a resume. The discussion can take place in several stages, such as via email or online communication, with a group of technical specialists questioning the candidate on various topics such as experience, development process, technical knowledge, and so on. After that, you can start having face-to-face meetings. You can ask that candidate questions about what is expected of him or her in a specific position. To assess the overall candidates level, it's best to start with basic questions. You can then give the candidate a test task to evaluate their abilities and code quality. After this is completed, you can make the final choice. However, remember to discuss all the details of the job contract and clearly state your expectations.

In the end

We understand that hiring remote developers is difficult, but if you're looking for ways to expand your developer team and stay competitive in this market, going remote is a great way to do so. One should do significant research well to hire remote software developers. Explore your options, follow the steps in this guide, and remember that the process will be stressful but rewarding.

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The stressful times of Covid-19 have indeed brought difficulties, but it also has another side that is sure to attract opportunities. Remember to see this process for what it is: an investment in your company's future success. Owebest Technologies helps you find the best remote developers with years of hands-on experience. Our aim is to serve you the best hence, please feel free to write to us or connect with us to hire remote developers.

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