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Why is a Mobile App Crucial For eCommerce Setup Success?

Why is a Mobile App Crucial For eCommerce Setup Success?
23/12/2022 57

It is a no-brainer fact that the eCommerce industry has taken a ride with blazing speed and achieved revenue much faster than any other industry. With the high current market valuation and numbers in the billions, the projected statistics for the future of the eCommerce industry are pretty promising and reliable. Most entrepreneurs look forward to starting their own businesses through eCommerce mobile app development.

To succeed in the eCommerce industry, one needs to meet multiple verticals, whether in marketing or listing the products. However, the one factor that matters most is choosing the right online platform for the storefront. Websites are there, and they promise to bring the revenue needed. But mobile apps have also become a great source of income and traffic for eCommerce businesses.

Reasons Why Mobile Application is Crucial For Your eCommerce Business

There are several reasons why having an eCommerce mobile app is so important nowadays. As we have said earlier, websites bring profit and help businesses reach their margins. But mobile apps are more than just a source of income. The following points will help you understand how the mobile app can transform your eCommerce business for betterment and growth.

  • The eCommerce mobile app tailored to meet customer needs can quickly improve the overall experience they have from your business. The apps can be personalized and are considered more reliable than the websites because they are within our reach. Therefore, one won't have to wait till the time they get to their house, open the laptop or the PC, and then log into their website for shopping from the eCommerce business.
  • The number of mobile users has significantly increased over the last few years. So, the traffic that the mobile commerce app can bring is exceptional. Surprisingly, the ratio of the traffic brought by the mobile app is way more than the website traffic.
  • Thanks to the mobile e-commerce app, businesses can easily collect data from multiple channels and structure them for running analysis. These analytical reports provide more information about the company and its status in the market, allowing the stakeholders to make crucial decisions concerning the eCommerce business to mitigate the loopholes and the risks involved.
  • With the help of the eCommerce mobile app, you can form a strong relationship between the brand and the target audience. Online brand reputation management is one critical aspect of the eCommerce business. And the mobile app can do so without any form of strategy implementation.
  • Mobile apps offer a convenient payment method since all electronic wallets are usually available in the form of mobile applications; making payments through them won't be a hassle for the customers.

Must-have Features and Benefits of A Custom eCommerce Mobile Application

If you want a custom eCommerce mobile app, there are certain features that you should have. These features will determine how the app works and what it does, so they will have the exact effect you want on your target audience.

For example:

  • User sign-in or login portal on a separate page to ensure people can easily log into their account.
  • Product filters and sorting features help users find the products they want to buy from your eCommerce shop without scrolling through the entire catalog.
  • A personalized dashboard will also help the users make UI changes and use the app according to their wish.
  • Multiple payment methods will also greatly help as they allow users to pay according to their convenience.
  • A wish list and a cart should be kept separate. The wish list must store an unlimited number of items the shopper wants to buy later on, and the cart will store the products that the person wishes to buy immediately.
  • A user profile page should also contain privacy, password and login ID details, orders, payments, etc.
  • The mobile app for the eCommerce business should send push notifications to the customers to notify them about anything like new discounts and offers, their order status, delivery status, and so on.
  • Proper security and safety features are essential in eCommerce mobile app development to ensure that the user details and all other confidential business information are safe from malicious hands.

How to Develop a Mobile App for an eCommerce Startup

Although you can hire an eCommerce app development company, it is better to know the development process of the mobile application you wish to develop. The overall idea will help you decide how you want the development process to go and monitor the phases to ensure minimal technical glitches. Taking these things into account, we've listed some steps you can take to make the best mobile app for your eCommerce startup.

  • First, you must choose a domain or niche where you want to launch your eCommerce business. E-commerce is nothing but having a retail business or a commercial shop on the Internet. Its base can be anything, from fashion to healthcare. Therefore, choosing a domain is most important because the features to be included in the application will depend on that.
  • Product filters and sorting features help users find the products they want to buy from your eCommerce shop without scrolling through the entire catalog.
  • Form a design of the mobile e-commerce app, especially the user interface. The more appealing the interface is, the friendlier it will be, and it can draw the traffic you want for your business to have the desired revenue and a quicker turnaround time.
  • Map out your business's vision and mission statement, followed by the goals and objectives. Keeping this in mind, you must draw the final draft of the mobile e-commerce app you want for the eCommerce business. Ensure the features you include can establish a direct emotional connection with the target audience and compel them to visit your store.
  • Considering the average budget of the project development is also crucial because sometimes, the total cost can get so high that you may need more money to spend more pennies on marketing and sales.
  • A user profile page should also contain privacy, password and login ID details, orders, payments, etc.
  • Starting to examine the market trends and the competitors is also essential. It will help you know the market trend and how your competitors have gained success. It enables you to analyze what more you can do to gain a competitive edge based on competitors' current performance.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an eCommerce Mobile App?

It is difficult to determine the overall cost of developing an e-commerce application. There are a lot of factors involved, both major and minor. Considering the bigger picture, we have described some elements on which the cost of eCommerce mobile app development will depend.

  • Size and complexity of the project
  • Features to be included in the app
  • Native or cross-platform application
  • Custom or generalized features
  • Social media integrations

Usually, the cost for development will be around $30 per hour to $90 per hour, depending on the development agency you hire, the efforts they put in, the tech stack used for development purposes, and so on.

Top eCommerce Mobile App Trends For The Next Five Years

With the growth of the technological industry, you must know the popular mobile eCommerce application trends that can bring another revolution in the next five years.

For instance:

  • The incorporation of AI will remember the last choice of the customers and give suggestions based on the same.
  • Metaverse and NFT will help customers to experience the magnificence of virtual shopping.
  • Digital currency or cryptocurrency will also revolutionize the eCommerce mobile app development process as that will help people buy items using crypto tokens.
  • 5G technology will offer the user a better online shopping experience.

Technology upgrades and advancements have revolutionized mobile app trends while introducing innovation.

How Can Owebest Technologies eCommerce App Development Services Assist You In Growing Your Business?

Owebest Technologies is undoubtedly one of the best companies offering excellent eCommerce platform development. Their team of experts knows eCommerce mobile app development trends and will incorporate them into your application to ensure the maximum traffic can be driven toward your business. With a team of skilled professionals, we work on the latest technologies. In addition, we use the right tech stack to help you increase the app's performance and productivity while reducing the bounce rate and increasing the overall load time and performance.

The number of eCommerce apps has significantly increased in the past years, owing to the growing demand for mobile applications instead of simple websites. Although the application will bring more revenue and traffic to the business, there are specific challenges and roadblocks that people need to be aware of. From knowing the mobile app technology to understanding the trends that might revolutionize the market in the coming years, we should overcome the hurdles at any cost to ensure the application meets the current expectations of the target audience. If you want to learn more about custom eCommerce mobile app development, connect with us to talk to our experts.


Q1. How much time does it take to develop an eCommerce mobile app?

The total time taken to develop a mobile e-commerce app mostly depends on the application size, the project's complexity, the features to be included, and so on. Usually, it takes around ten days to a few months.

Q2. How can AI revolutionize the future eCommerce mobile app development process?

With the help of artificial intelligence, businesses can provide proper functions to the customers by enabling the app to suggest options depending on the past choices of the customers.

Q3. Will mobile app commerce go out of trend in the coming years?

No, using mobile apps for eCommerce won't go out of trend in the coming years because mobile users are increasing rapidly and because people find mobile apps and eCommerce marketing more reliable than websites.

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