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How To Create A Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse In 2021

How To Create A Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse In 2021
18/07/2021 57

Voice chat applications got popular a long back. In no time, with its lucrative features, it became users first choice. It offers immediate, effective, and meaningful connections. The boom of this momentum came when people changed the way they communicated. With technological advancement, the revolution has taken place. Now the trend of audio-chat applications is growing day by day. There is a popular application Clubhouse, which has gained popularity among the internet generation. However, if you look closely, Clubhouse is not a new concept. The discovered server has also been on the popularity radar for a long time now. So, what is about these voice-chat applications which are making the users go crazy about them? Let's see!

Applications like Clubhouse have smartly applied concepts that are user-friendly. Here we have listed some of the top reasons why it gaind popularity.

Fulfils the Desire for Fame and Elitism

Voice chat applications successfully satisfy two seemingly opposing desires: a desire for fame and a passion for elitism and isolation. It could be a genuinely revolutionary new form of media worth paying attention to for benefiting results. This is precisely how WhatsApp began once upon a time. Developers of voice-chat applications must keep this factor in mind as it plays an important role.

Gives Control

In these voice chat applications, control is the key. With a simple raise of the hand, it should be possible to spread a message across a network or become a speaker (and permission from the moderator.) The app development team must make use of this factor.

An Updated Version of Podcasting

Voice-chat applications are the evolution of podcasting, as well as freedom of speech and global connections. This is not, however, a novel approach; invented radio called many decades ago. But, the new generation is loving this concept.

Fresh Content

The fact that voice-chat applications are spontaneous makes the content engaging and fresh. Additionally, the new in-ear wireless headphones allow users to create and consume new content. Live audio has become increasingly popular in social media because it will enable people to speak out publicly or "podcast" in real-time for no cost.

These concepts are a recipe for success if you include these in your voice-chat application. The development of such an application should be done following these seven steps, which are mentioned below by OweBest to make sure your application is successful.

1. Idea Generation

A voice-only social media app should allow users to join rooms and communicate through voice chat. Users should be directed to a list of rooms created by other members after signing up with a name and profile picture. You should join and participate in the ongoing discussion in the rooms, which are a close-knit community centred around the creator. All users should be muted by default when they sign up, but they can unmute themselves whenever they want to participate in the discussions. Your voice chat application should be an exclusive and unique social media app that can only be joined by invitation.

2. Choose a Revenue Model

What are your plans for monetizing your app? Knowing who your target customers are will assist you in determining which revenue generation method is best for your intuitive voice chat app. Apps can make money in various ways, including charging users directly, profiting from in-app purchases, or creating a freemium app with a paid version.

3. UX and Design

It can be challenging to balance making your app visually appealing while maintaining its functionality and usability. What matters most, however, is the quality of the experience. With so much competition out there, your app's UX can make or break it. Knowing your target audience and their priorities, on the other hand, will help you focus on meeting their needs and providing the best experience possible. You must Hire Dedicated Developers to make your work easier.

4. The Creation of An MVP

You're now ready to create an MVP to test the market, user, and stakeholder acceptance of your voice chat app. An MVP is an essential product that should demonstrate the app's maximum benefits for the least amount of money and effort. Before you start working on a full-scale version of your app, you should test it for bugs, errors, and usability issues. It could take several months to build your MVP and collect feedback.

5. Development and Testing

If your proof-of-concept product is a success, you should have enough funding to begin work on a final version of your voice chat app by now. You will refine your product and work on its most complex features during this stage. Remember to include testing in every phase of software development – it could save you a lot of time and money.

6. Promotion of Application

Promotion is frequently treated as a separate step when in reality, your marketing campaign should begin long before the final version is released and wrap up at the same time as the product development. The participants in your MVP evaluation could become early adopters of your app, which could help you kickstart your promotion phase. Before the final release, release a few videos and teasers.

7. Collection of Feedback

Once users have had a chance to try out the MVP version, you'll want to keep an eye out for any issues and see if the app is serving its purpose. Nothing beats getting feedback from users who have tried out the app to point you in the right direction. Rather than relying on analytics, users should be interviewed for feedback on their app experience. Thanks to the feedback, you'll be able to pinpoint issues and areas for improvement in the next release.

Features to Include in Your Application

If you plan to make a voice-chat application that becomes a public favourite, then make sure you include these features in your application. Not only will these features make it easy to adapt, but they also increase audience retention.


Your app should have a section dedicated to a specific topic. To join, the user must press the Start button. The user can choose any of the virtual rooms from the list and join them by pressing the Start button. Please make sure that users can find information about each moderator, speaker, and audience member in that conversation or 'Room.'

Android Support

Even though Clubhouse is a trending application, it is not available on the Android platform yet. If you are making an application, then make sure it is android friendly. Your app development agency will help you explore this area.

Push Notifications are Crucial

This is the essential feature in any voice chat app. This feature sends users notifications whenever someone submits a request, a room in their club is updated, or a new follower becomes available. You can use this feature to alert users who haven't used the app in a long time.

Invitation to Application

The invitation is the essential feature of an app that uses voice chat. On the app, users should be able to invite family and friends to a room. Users must sync their address book with the app to use this feature. After syncing the address book with the app, the user can send invitations.

News Feed Section

This feature is similar to Facebook's news feed section, but instead of showing posts from other users, it offers a list of all the virtual classrooms that are currently active.

Summing Up

The trend toward audio, social media is gaining traction, and the market appears to be ready for new entrants. We at OweBest is committed to helping you make an application that includes the features of the famous applications and upscale those applications' performance. We have a lot of experience designing and developing engaging mobile apps as a mobile app development company. The market of audio-chat applications is blooming, which marks the accurate time to commence developing an application that can be profitable to your business. Wait no more, and you have arrived at the right place!

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