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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like UrbanClap?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like UrbanClap?
27/11/2021 57

With mobile app development, everything comes conveniently at the tip of your finger; it has set up a domain in the steadily prospering innovative period. With the innovation of technology, whether it's a beauty service or education help, apps like urban-clap are in motion to provide eternal services. The vivified method of living, keeping up with all the family tasks and monitoring various tools might be simply baffling. The evolving demand of customers to have on-demand home services app development are making apps like urban clap more demandable.

As the generation is more engaged with mobile technology, companies have thought to build on-demand app development services at their tip. It is the across the board stage where every customer can employ an expert from every industry, from couch cleaners and teachers to beauticians, designers, and more. The desired company instantly provides these services at the customer's preferred location and time. It has turned out to be the most convenient and successful service till day by rating it to the top-class of all.

What Is An App Like UrbanClap?

The UrbanClap like app tends to offer outstanding yet straightforward services to its customers. It provides breathtaking services for one-stop objectives by assuring urban and lavish lifestyles. With this, you can enrol the experts to complete the things related to you or affect you in your everyday lifestyle. Be it a yoga instructor, a luggage packer, a nail artist, a dietician or even a tutor- these days, you can opt for them through such applications. Nowadays, people look for services or service providers digitally without going anywhere; they get what they should manage with no issue using UrbanClap like applications.

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Features That Make Application Like UrbanClap Simply Amazing

Must-Have User-End Service Features

The user-side features of the app development permit the customers to arrange the particular help- especially which are on the priority. The users can efficiently download the on-demand app and choose to acquire the best services. In the wake of picking a help, there are colossal options from which they need to choose. After selecting their desired service, the customers need to accommodate the app with date and time. Clients can likewise check the profiles where they can like instalment alternatives either on the web or cash. The features of the user-side app are listed below:

  • User-friendly access with easy login/registration.
  • Intelligent access to view comprehensive services.
  • Enormous payment options with robust security management.
  • Easy integration with other social media platforms.
  • Review and Feedback option available for customer's satisfaction.
  • Instant messaging is available for customer's convenience.

Must-Have Service Provider Features

Service providers panel in such applications plays an important role. They must have an easy registration process followed by profile approval. The features of service providers allow them to work with ease while offering excellent customer care. Hence they need to have proper communication with customers to address their concerns. Here we have; listed some of the must-have features application development companies should include in the application.

  • User-friendly access with easy login/registration.
  • Instant Chatting with the customers.
  • Enormous payment options with robust security management.
  • Easy integration with other social media platforms.
  • Integration of payment services like hourly, fixed or experiences.
  • Tracking of GPS

Elucidating The Cost To Develop An App Like UrbanClap

Being a novel concept can estimate the cost of developing an on-demand app like UrbanClap based on the kind of application you need. From basic to advance application OweBest Technologies help you develop all type of apps. Majorly the cost of application development depends on the features and functionality we wish to add to the application.+

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We need to survey your plan, requirements, ideas, and other added highlights to get an accurate quote and particulars coordinated into the application. Applications like UrbanClap offer you the capacity to immediately contact the administrations at your place. We will make your thoughts and send you a Reddit draft of the cost to develop an app like UrbanClap.

We're giving the leading services at a tremendous cost. Our team of experts are specialists in the plan and improvement industry and, when planning the program, they utilize the most recent tooling advancements. We convey distinctive elements at an affordable cost to build on-demand home service apps and follow on-time projects. The estimation of the cost is thereby decided when dealing with the clients.

Benefits To Build An On-Demand App Like Urban Clap

The apps like UrbanClap tend to follow a similar blueprint yet with additional changes to provide a flexible experience to their customers. Are you Wondering the benefits those apps would give? They are simply noteworthy. These apps are constructed with the latest technologies and platforms. They acquire both iOS and Android app development services to make the experience of the user more convenient. Let's dive into the extraordinary benefits of app development like UrbanClap.

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This significant app component lets clients set aside time and cash by wiping out the deep-rooted cycle of looking for on-demand services. The apps are reviewed as the best time-saver applications as services are astonishing with experienced staff who pledges to complete the work on time. The specialist co-ops are handpicked and checked to utilize the application before they are added to the app. They are personally reviewed and are onboarded to make the time of the customer more valuable.


This app development service has been planned with incalculable security preliminaries to guarantee that any unanticipated activity endeavors don't frustrate proficiency. The specialist co-op's contact data can not change evaluations and confirmations. The personal and valuable data of both customers and the experts involved in the app are prioritized with the ultimate security service.

Efficient To Use

Consistent plan, flexible UX/UI, and ease of use were the means by which the app was intended to charm client experience. The application assists it with finishing clients to get to administrations quickly. Clients can filter their needs and decide from the accessible drop-down decisions. The features are adaptable to use so that the age barrier does not reflect the app. This fruitful benefit of the app development makes it so amazing to develop and use.

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Enormous Payment Gateways

Clients can browse any internet-based payment alternatives accessible through the apps such as UPI, cash, debit or credit card, and more. It keeps up with track of installments and forestalls the issue of paying through cash. The payment gateway is secured to the fullest, ensuring the safety of customer's data and money.

Better Communication

One of the excellent benefits of developing an app like UrbanClap for business is the expanded proficiency of correspondence channels. Clients can resolve their inquiries and issues through the application. It builds the client's commitment and clarification on specific needs. As said, efficient communication leads to magnificent success; the development of such apps would lead your business to a greater height.

Boosts Marketing

The development of apps like UrbanClap offers direct advertising openings for current and expected clients. The applications serve many capacities like giving general data, rates, booking structures, client accounts, news channels, search choices and more. The application notices ready clients about limits and impending special proposals to support deals.

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Give your users an impressive experience as they go through the app to find a satisfactory service provider. Let your customers feel free as they tap and swipe on the screen to find a deal to steal in their desired location. They can access a wide array of services and service providers, which are readily made available with appropriate classifications as it comes in handy these scripts. With upgrades made in the clone scripts to overcome the cons of the basic design, it empowers the users with the easy handling of the app and booking of services. Primary services delivered to the customers include:

  • Laundry
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Fitness instructor
  • Beautician
  • Housekeeping
  • Masseuse

In the end

As we know, the popularity of an on-demand home services app is increasing; it is a solid and versatile thought to build it right away. Suppose you are pondering the structure of an application like UrbanClap. In that case, it is the ideal choice for acquiring moment client consideration as the requirement for on-request applications is rising progressively. At this moment, it's your opportunity to make administrations accessible for your clients. The app's comprehensive services, just like UrbanClap, will drive the user's attention more towards your app and business.

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Owebest Technologies is a top-rated mobile application development company. We help you develop applications like UrbanClap following market trends and using modern technologies. Get future-ready with us; our team of experts enables you to develop an advanced app analyzing the business scope while offering dynamic solutions. For more information, connect with us or visit our website!

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