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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Marketplace Platform?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Marketplace Platform?
28/09/2020 57

With the economy changing rapidly and escalating in the green zone, it has given a major boost to the passionate entrepreneurs to initiate their own online marketplace, with the help of advanced technology. Through the web-based marketplace, people can buy goods, services, and receive all relevant information related to real estate, education, and many more sectors. And if you are one of those passionate fellows who is planning to initiate an online website marketplace, this write-up will help you proceed with a clear understanding of every segment involved.

One thing that pops in the heads of the owner of the marketplace is how much does it cost to create a platform. But before you even choose the budget category for your upcoming project, it is must to get a complete understanding of the marketplace. The cost to develop this place depends on your choice of platform such as Sharetribe or building the same from scratch.

If you choose to proceed with Sharetribe, it is built with Ruby on Rails framework that offers ready features already for the platform. However, if you plan to develop everything from scratch, your time of development and set-up will increase eventually. Choosing to develop from scratch will help you customise your specific needs at any time, which is sometimes troublesome on Sharetribe platform.

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Considering that not all entrepreneurs have a sound knowledge about development procedure, this article will help you make the right decision fusing with your requirements at every stage of development and advantages of an online marketplace. When the word ‘marketplace’ hits your head, the first two names that impress all users is Amazon and Etsy, as their market place and capacity is beyond count.

Types of Online Marketplace

The development cost of a marketplace application will depend on the type you wish to build. The range of aspects differs for each type of development. Depending on your business model, potential user market, communication means, your model will decide the process of development. Let’s check out different types:

Business to Customer (B2C)

This model is known as the traditional model in the online marketplace that enables direct interaction between the seller and consumer. This platform includes amazing features of various types of offers for potential buyers. You can find platforms like AliExpress and Booking, which works on a similar platform and offer quality products to their customers.

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Business to Business (B2B)

Business to business model works on the approach from one business to another. Such a marketplace is useful for entities like whole shoppers. It works for entrepreneurs and enterprises looking for suppliers and buyers for bulk products.

Customer to Customer (C2C)

This type of online marketplace resume communication between two customers. The participants in such a marketplace is not really any other entrepreneur, but just customers communicating and trading with each other. This platform allows customers to exchanges their services and skills.

Features of Online Marketplace

Counting on the development cost, the major factor rolling the decision is the features of marketplace app development. For e-commerce selling, you need to list up numerous features that are MUST for your choice of marketplace. It is vital to think of the main features of your marketplace, as it will develop the platform accordingly as well as create the first impression of your site. Some of the important marketplace app features to note are as follows:

1. User Accounts

A personal account and profile on the platform help in detailing the needs of the user in the proper manner. It is, in fact, important as it helps in developing the specifics for a user on the platform. This feature includes Key Features of Marketplace App for Users:

  • Detailed Navigation
  • Simplified registration process
  • Detailed information about vendors on the platform

Key Features of Marketplace App for Sellers:

  • Managing public information
  • Creating new tasks
  • Segmenting services and products

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2. Instant Messaging

Potential buyers often have questions about the services or products they wish to buy. With Instant Messaging feature, they receive the expected response on a real-time basis. The ability of communication with providers boost the authenticity and credibility of its marketplace.

3. Real-time Booking

Real-time booking helps in putting an order for a product or service and window to return the same as well, if applicable. Users can also buy a product, or add the same on their cart even if it is out of stock. Once filled in, users are notified about the purchase confirmation.

4. Flexible Mode of Payment

The payment process in the online marketplace is usually safe, and the entrepreneur must be able to market the credibility of same. This feature helps in developing trust and reliability of the platform for potential users. This feature will help the users to check the transaction history and manage the payment method in an easier way possible.

5. Listings

With the help of listing feature, providers will be able to manage their services and products in the form of listing. When a potential user or buyer visits the online marketplace, the listing feature will help them to manage, filter, search, and choose the product or services they want from the listing.

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6. Feedback & Review

Feedbacks and reviews, no matter positive or negative, help your product and marketplace to develop a platform which connects to your users in the right manner, without failing to satisfy them. And that’s why, including the feature of feedback and reviews will help the online marketplace to grow up to the expectation, or maybe far, of the users.

Including successive features on your online marketplace will help you reach the best outcomes with increasing loyalty of your users. In fact, according to Statista, eBay is known to be the most popular online marketplace in January 2020 in the United States with a 6.53 index rating.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Online Platform?

Building a commercial centre Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with basic highlights is a handy initial step, as you'll have the option to dispatch your commercial centre at the earliest opportunity. The quicker your item is delivered, the quicker we can make sense of what to improve.


In light of the capacities, we can compute the expense as per three primary variables – Wireframing, Designing, and Development. In this cycle, an unpleasant layout or model of the versatile application is created to give the essential thought regarding the working of the application to the engineers and the customers. It might cost between USD1,000-10,000 relying upon the highlights required for the commercial centre.

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Design of an application is answerable for getting the consideration of customers towards your application. The GUI and adaptability that you present to your guests make a major stage for its acknowledgement in the market.

For an eye-getting and mind-boggling design, cost to build an online marketplace will come around $6,500 to $9,500.


It is the last usage of the thoughts and design in building up an application with coding. Here designers include the kind of Amazon application highlights you need in your application. The marketplace startup costs for a commercial center application relies upon two components – the quantity of useful highlights and the assets needed to be included the development.

Considering the two things the expense to build up a commercial center application, someplace starts at a moderate cost.

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Cost to develop a marketplace app like Amazon and Etsy additionally relies upon the nations.

Additionally, it is preposterous to expect to run Amazon-like applications on a solitary stage. The best thought is to run this sort of application run of various stages like Windows, Android, iOS, and Web. You are needed to utilise these stages, depending on your spending plan.

Because of the necessity, if you have to build up an altered e-commercial center application, you have to spend more to get all the advantages.

The underlying cost of eCommerce app development comes around $2,000 to $10,000. For a solitary stage, the development cost would go to a moderate valuing, which doesn't hurt the pockets of the proprietors.

To get the best quotation for your marketplace platform, contact Owebest Technologies, which is a leading development company to help you with the best platform you deserve.

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