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Doctor App Development

On-Demand Doctor Booking App Development Company

It's time to incorporate technology and innovation into healthcare to blur the fine line between patients and doctors. With an on-demand healthcare application, users can look for the medical professionals they think will be ideal for them and then book the services. There won't be any traffic in scheduling the appointments or hassles for canceling the bookings. This technology might look simple, but it harbors a plethora of services and features that help bridge the gap and fasten the connection process between medical professionals and users.

We at Owebest Technologies offer the best solutions for developing the on-demand healthcare services that will kickstart your journey in this world of digitalization.

We have become a globally-recognized app development company for on-demand healthcare services, owing to our team's expert skills and dedication. Over the years, we have acknowledged troubles both patients and doctors encounter, ranging from being stalled in the queue to receiving late booking cancellation confirmations. After several studies, we realized that the primary source of these issues is the absence of a medium that can act as a middleman and connect the two ends of the healthcare industry.

Bearing this in mind, we have incorporated the services of on-demand healthcare app development within our catalog. With us by your side, you won't have to worry about anything, be it the user interface or the functionality of the applications.

What is An On-demand Doctor Application?

According to the traditional norms, patients have to ring up the clinic or healthcare center, wait in the queue to speak to the representatives, and then check the availability of the doctor they want to visit. Similarly, when they have to cancel the appointment, a patient needs to answer many different questions and wait for minutes before the cancellation is confirmed. These systematic processes are full of redundancies and limitations that gave birth to the on-demand doctor consultation application.

This kind of application lists down all the doctors in their portal so that one can scroll through the options and book the consultation slot. As filters and sorting options are available, the user won't have any problem narrowing down the list and looking for the best healthcare professional.

Features We Include In Our On-demand Video Consultation App

We offer several advanced and flexible features in our on-demand consultation app. These features assist the patient with a comfortable consultancy experience with an advanced user interface and compatibility. Let us discuss some of the on-demand features which our app has for better user assistance and expertise:

Profile Pages

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Patient's Dashboard

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Clinical Detail Dashboard

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Features We Include In Our On-demand Video Consultation App

Exclusive On-Demand App Features
For Users/patients

Automated Appointment Scheduling
Automated Appointment

One of the main features of an on-demand healthcare application for users is an automated scheduling portal. It must have dates so that the users can decide when they want to book the appointment. It must also help cancel the appointment, postpone the schedule, etc.

Ambulance Booking Tab
Booking Tab

One most crucial feature that the on-demand healthcare app must have is a separate portal for booking the ambulance services. This feature must behave like the cab booking apps where users can enter the healthcare institute's pick address.

Integrated Maps

One of the main features of an on-demand healthcare application for users is an automated scheduling portal. It must have dates so that the users can decide when they want to book the appointment. It must also help cancel the appointment, postpone the schedule, etc.

Wearable Integrative Feature
Wearable Integrative

Another most exciting feature add-on that will take the on-demand healthcare app up several notches is the integration of wearables like smartwatches. This way, all the data will be synchronized with the patient profile, and doctors can keep an eye on the vitals.

Electronic Health Record Portal
Electronic Health Record

Patients should be able to upload the lab testing documents and reports on the on-demand healthcare application so that everyone can see the records. It will prevent unnecessary hassles for both doctors and patients.

Video Call
Video Call

Patients look for doctors who are available as per their convenience hence we are introducing this feature which can connect users directly to the doctor they must connect with. This feature will bridge the gap between patient and doctor while offering utmost ease of consulting without any hesitation.

In-App Chat
In-App Chat

In-app chat features enable patients to communicate with the doctor via chat. This in-app chat feature allows the users to chat with doctors real time and get instant response on their queries. This dynamic feature has no boundaries as now you can connect with any doctors to depict your geographic location.

Voice Consultation

This built-in call feature is the most accessible one. This feature can be used by anyone without any technical expertise. It is integrated considering the patients with physical impairments. This voice consultation feature makes patient doctor communication much easier and faster.

Exclusive On-demand App
Features for Admin


As a part of the dashboard management service, the on-demand healthcare application must allow the admins to maintain doctors' and patients' dashboards, sync the uploaded documents, and even manage the profiles. It will become impossible to handle such huge volumes of records at once.

Dashboard Management


The application must incorporate several payment gateways so that the users can have independence with the payment options. For example, there must be options to pay via debit or credit cards, electronic wallets, bank payments, and more.

Payment Gateways


One of the significant admin features that need to be present in the on-demand healthcare application is enhanced data security. As the app will deal with finance data, patient information, audit reports, medical reports, and more, the security level needs to be high.

Data Security

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Workflow of Our Developed On-demand Doctor Application

Workflow of Our Developed
On-demand Doctor Application

Not sure how our on-demand doctor and healthcare application work?

Let's have a glance at its operation so that you can reach out to our experts at the earliest.

  • Users can sign up through their emails or Google account.
  • Both the users and doctors need to create their profiles.
  • Once completed, the patient needs to enter the name or profession of the doctor.
  • A long list will be displayed that shall have the full names of doctors and other healthcare professionals.
  • The user can choose a doctor, enter the preferable time and date, and proceed further.
  • The back end or admin panel will check whether the concerned doctor has a free slot as per the inputs.
  • If there is free time, the booking will happen instantly.
  • But if there is no free time, a list of suitable times and dates will be displayed from which the user can choose.

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Why Choose Owebest Technologies As Your Partner For Developing An On-Demand Doctor Application?

Are you looking forward to establishing a solid presence in the healthcare industry? If yes, then try out the idea of launching an on-demand doctor application through which patients can now directly search for the best doctor, check their skills and experience, book appointments or cancel them with ease. It is a revolutionizing technology, which, if adopted globally, will introduce dramatic changes, albeit in a good way. Collaborate technology with reality to revolutionize the online healthcare system with us. We offer;

We strive to provide you with the best solutions that can help you broaden the horizon of your business for delivering the best on-demand healthcare services.

Enhanced data security for both patients and doctors is what we aim to deliver using upgraded technologies.

We collaborate with our clients from time to time to help them achieve their desired results. Our flexible solutions suit all your specific needs with the utmost flexibility.

Get your problems instant solution with our 24x7 technical support. Our customer support follows the customer-centric approach and enables the members to get immediate help.

We help you integrate the most secure payment gateway while offering seamless communication to provide users with an exceptional experience and aim to provide more personalized services.

With an intuitive interface for better understanding, we allow you to add verified and most famous doctors and other healthcare professionals around the globe using our on-demand video consultation app.

On-Demand Doctor Application

Looking For On-Demand Doctor Application?

Looking For On-Demand Doctor Application?


Yes, it is crucial to include a refund payment channel in the functionalities of on-demand healthcare applications. If not, then either you will lose customers or may have to deal with legal lawsuits.

A. The on-demand healthcare application is for connecting the doctors to the patients. Therefore, either you need to physically visit the doctor or arrange for teleconsultation.

Our app comprises an automated appointment portal where the scheduled dates are represented according to the specialist availability. Patients can book and reschedule their appointment on the portal itself.

No, our app has a record of patient visits and all the reports. The specialist can go through the reports during consultation for clarity.

Our app incorporates various payment gateways for payment. Patients can choose any of them as per their convenience for the payment.

The e-prescription will be available on the patient portal with all the suggestions and prescriptions of the specialist. Patients can get and follow it easily.

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