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What is Blockchain-as-a-Service & its Business Benefits?

What is Blockchain-as-a-Service & its Business Benefits?
02/12/2022 57

Blockchain is one of the most revolutionary technologies. The use of blockchain technology is constantly growing in the real world, and it is one of the fastest-developing IT technologies. Blockchain development services are among the most secure online transactions that have an impact on all businesses. It will soon be a crucial component of various sectors and niches. Although it has many benefits and applications in the real world, digital companies are still having trouble utilizing the full potential of blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain As A Service?

A recent development in blockchain technology is BaaS or Blockchain as a service. BaaS is the establishment and maintenance of cloud-based blockchain networks by third parties. Blockchain as a service is mainly used to create and develop blockchain applications. It is a witness to all kinds of transactions, not just cryptocurrency transactions. It is a significant advancement and a crucial turning point for businesses. BaaS makes it possible for companies of all sizes to use blockchain technology without having to spend money building it themselves. Companies can use the BaaS paradigm to access the blockchain provider's service and create blockchain apps for very little money. Because of this advantage, it has become an important component of blockchain technology trends. With the BaaS paradigm, businesses may create blockchain apps at a low cost by using the services of blockchain providers.

How Does Blockchain-as-a-Service Model Work?

Blockchain as a service business model is the process through which third parties set up, host, and manage a blockchain network on behalf of companies. The service provider offers to set up the blockchain technology and infrastructure in exchange for fees. The function of blockchain as a service for businesses can be compared to that of a web server in many aspects. It lets users use cloud computing services to make blockchain apps and smart contracts and host them within the provider's controlled ecosystem. BaaS integration in traditional businesses offers assistance with resource allocation, bandwidth control, data security features, and hosting needs. The most noticeable effect of BaaS on business is that it lets companies focus on their core competencies without worrying about the challenges of operating a blockchain.

How is Blockchain-as-a-service Shaping Businesses?

Over time, businesses and individuals have shown an interest in using the benefits of blockchain technology. It appears to be a substantial constraint due to the technical problems and operating costs associated with development, configuration, operation, and infrastructure maintenance. Blockchain as a service is regarded as a workable remedy to these problems. Currently, BaaS solutions are being used in various industries for things like supply chain management, smart cards, payments, and transactions.

BaaS for enterprises

Businesses and consumers are embracing blockchain technology and transforming the world. BaaS includes intelligent data protection, a competitive edge, and the ability to get rid of third-party proxies. It serves as a cost-benefit analysis. However, the technical challenges and operational overhead associated with developing, configuring, operating, and maintaining the infrastructure are major obstacles. Companies can acquire the necessary skills to manage the blockchain infrastructure by leasing a BaaS-based blockchain infrastructure.

BaaS for startups

The benefits of BaaS for small businesses are excellent for companies that outsource technology components. They are not heavily involved in the functioning of the Blockchain. It allows these companies to learn about technologies without building their own custom blockchain. Several industries, including identity management, supply chain, and payments, employ the integration of BaaS systems. Blockchain development services are quickly becoming the best way for SMEs to solve problems like the elimination of middlemen and a lack of transparency. Blockchain-as-a-service is only affecting startups and small and medium-sized businesses that rely heavily on big data silos.

Why should Businesses adopt a BaaS Business Model and How can they benefit from it?

Blockchain as a Service could be the engine that propels the widespread adoption of blockchain across numerous businesses and industries. Big or small businesses can now easily outsource blockchain development and cloud computing services to focus on their businesses rather than managing and creating their blockchains. Blockchain as a service has the following benefits for businesses:

Improved Automation

Business operations will be driven by automation. CIOs and other technology leaders should therefore consider technology that will embrace automation. Due to the fast nature of transactions, automation is facilitated by blockchain technology. Thus, self-executing software applications dealing with intricate legal arrangements, like smart contracts, can be deployed immediately. When a BaaS platform is used, internal processes like starting a project or an audit can also be automated. This makes business operations more effective and efficient.

Strengthening Data Security

The development of a classified service or product by the IT team allows each person involved to be verified using a digital certificate with their own digital signatures and a unique, indisputable hash stored in a blockchain transaction. The benefits of blockchain technology include greater data integrity, openness, and accountability. It enables the use of smart contracts as businesses can rely on synchronized and unaffected transactions or processes.

Cost reduction

Operational costs have a significant impact on how profitable an organization is. However, introducing blockchain technology makes it affordable for businesses to use it as a service and cut costs. For example, blockchain technology can make it more likely for businesses to use smart contracts. It means that the number of third parties, like accountants, managers, or lawyers, who would normally look over service agreements or contracts could be cut down or even eliminated. Additionally, cutting the costs related to enforcing contracts and payments is possible.

Complex processes are simplified

Predicting whether a new technology will be useful can be difficult without testing. Also, quality testing becomes more complex when the technology is as difficult to understand as blockchain technology. However, the procedure can be more simple if the company uses a BaaS platform. Because it is not centralized, blockchain technology is easier to use than systems that rely on centralized intermediate platforms.

Less ramp-up time

If your business implements a private blockchain, you must consider the time it will take to transfer systems and learn about new technology. BaaS platforms, however, have the advantage of shortening ramp-up times. A hosted BaaS platform will eliminate the manual, labor-intensive process needed to construct the private blockchain. Additionally, the requirement to develop back-end cloud computing capability will be removed.

How Is Blockchain-as-a-Service Used In Various Industries?


By maintaining an accessible and transparent version of each patient's medical information, Blockchain has profoundly transformed healthcare. Blockchain technology has helped many medical professionals by providing immediate care to patients by keeping their records organized and up-to-date. Additionally, Blockchain helps determine the legitimacy of drugs. The benefit for manufacturers is a great assistance in medications.


Every regular banking consumer now feels at ease, thanks to blockchain technology's ability to automate most financial processes. In addition, it also introduces immutability and transparency to avoid conflicts. Due to blockchain services, customers now also have access to smart cards. These smart cards facilitate quicker fund settlements without requiring central authority authentication.


The automobile industry's greatest difficulty is managing supply chains and looking after counterfeit parts. The blockchain platform saves the situation by providing end-to-end accessible records for the transportation of automobile parts. This aids in tracking and separating authentic parts from counterfeit replacement parts. Moreover, Blockchain services in manufacturing and supply chains have disrupted the efficient flow in the automobile sector. With blockchain technology, no shortage of essential components exists, and enterprises enjoy excellent output with few obstacles.

Logistics and transport

Identity verification is important for both goods and people in the logistics and transportation industries. Passengers can complete the entire process quickly and easily with just one identification token. The same is valid for cargo movement, verification accuracy, and faultlessness. The blockchain platform offers a fail-safe technique for different data silos in various businesses.

How can Owebest Technologies help you with Blockchain Development Services?

Owebest Technologies' blockchain development services are known to deliver the best. We help you increase efficiency, expand automation, and improve data security when making strategic decisions about choosing services to optimize your company's operations. Platforms that offer Blockchain as a service give CIOs and other technology executives creative and reliable methods to enhance business operations while streamlining complex procedures.

The Bottom Line

Blockchain-as-a-Service is currently a novel method for streamlining the digital transformation process. Big tech firms are already providing Blockchain Technology to help customers adopt this revolutionary technology and maintain their competitiveness. Large companies offering Blockchain as a service allow executives to source blockchain functionalities rather than building these platforms from scratch. Blockchain technology is known to be a blockchain-based service that might be a game-changing breakthrough in any business. Blockchain development Services and cloud computing services give your company a competitive edge without spending money on infrastructure, strategy, or research. Use the Blockchain as a Service framework to make your business processes more effective, reliable, and secure.

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