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Make Your Website Visually Appealing

Make Your Website Visually Appealing
12/08/2019 57

As one of the saying goes, Presentation is the key: to sales Thus signifies the importance of appearance of a website. Some of the important characteristics of a good presentation or appearance of a website:

  • Visually appealing: This certainly depends upon the creative designs chosen and implemented.
  • The trend of designs for Website changes quite rapidly. Every New Year brings new trends with it. These trends are always in focus and thus are readily acceptable by the masses.
  • This actually refers towards a well distributed layout with proper alignments, symmetry, beautiful images/icons and other factors which create a sense of credibility in view of the audience.
  • Refreshing: Refreshing means that there should be some elements like image slider or other things used into the website so that the visitor always feels like something is new on the website. Also the layout and color effects are important to make it refreshing.

Though some of the acute guidelines which should be followed while designing a website are as follows:

Optimum Use of Colors: The use of colors on a website certainly depends upon the usage of the website and the targets marked. For example an appropriate color scheme will contain about 2 or 3 primary colors that blend well with each other and create a proper mood or tone. Similarly for website such as “Social Networking”, “Search Engines”, “Big Online E-commerce Platform” etc. over which the users are expected to stay for longer durations, always a light color scheme should be used for background or base colors. Here are some other tips:

  • Very first criteria for choosing the colors are to choose them according to the latest trend.
  • Preferences of targeted Audience are very important in choosing the colors. In many countries or regions of the world some colors have some meaning or values associated with them. Thus an understanding over the same and a likewise implementation is certainly desired.
  • The color behind long textual content should always be either white or a very light color shade soothing to eyes.
  • For continuous and large display elements dark colors should always be avoided.
  • The header or footer of a website should always have either a different/contrasting color or should have a separator so that the audience may clearly identify.

Easily Readable Text: It should be ensured that the text should be or could be easily read throughout a website. For readability of a text, important factors are the font chosen, the color of the font and the size of the font.

  • The ideal state for an easily readable text is to have it in a black color over a white background. Though in case of other situations it should be ensured that the color of the font and the background are in contrast with each other in an appropriate manner.
  • It should always be avoided to choose fancy fonts for the biggest reason that Google Chrome supports a very limited number of fonts. In fact all of the web browsers support different fonts and display each/same font differently. Surprisingly, this is still a fact in 21st So for long texts, majority standard fonts should be used. In fact many a times the operating system also factors a lot in font support & application. Some important information for Websafe Fonts and other fonts can be found at the.

Size of the font is another important aspect. Unusually large fonts if used everywhere often irritates the user. The fonts should be chosen according to the purpose i.e. for headings comparatively large fonts can be used but for long text usually the font size around 10 -12 pts is preferred. The font size also depends upon the targeted audience though. According to different purpose, a fixed set of font sizes should be defined and followed throughout the website.

Meaningful Graphics: With the ever evolving lifestyles of people, they always want to capture most of the information in least of the time. This is where meaningful graphics play the most important part as they not even lend visual variety but they also add to the appeal of an otherwise boring page of text. The meaningful graphics have a no-limit boundaries though a major classification is as follows:

  • Images with Sub-titles
  • Images with short text within
  • Conceptual Icons
  • Info graphics
  • And many more

Quality Photography: The importance of photography can be easily understood by reviewing the comments from Frederick R. Barnard: “a picture paints a thousand words”. Optimum use of quality images is by far the simplest way increase visual appeal of any website and imparting information in the quickest manner. Since beginning of the web world, people prefer images over text as they easily & efficiently draw attention of a user and trigger emotion of the audience. Some important points should always be remember while choosing the images:

  • The images being used should be copyright protected and thus in turn would also aid to branding.
  • The overall look & feel of the image should match the aesthetics of the website/webpage.
  • The images should be conceptual and meaningful.
  • Images should be according to the target audiences, considering their preferences as well as intelligence level.
  • Images should never look like banner ads. In fact the ads should also be represented as a regular image on a website while secretively/indirectly promoting the campaign.
  • Technically rest assured that the images are optimized and do not take extensive time to load slowing down the website.

Simplicity: Last but not the least; the overall appearance should be kept simple, allowing adequate white space incorporating uncluttered layouts allowing viewers to focus on your message. Still the masses are not comfortable browsing overly complex design, animation, or other effects repetitively. Rather people prefer a focused approach, nice and clean presentation so that the audience does not get an impression that the presenter is forcing thoughts and forcibly driving them.

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