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8 Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Development Team Instead of Freelancers

8 Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Development Team Instead of Freelancers
21/07/2022 57

A software developer can also be called a computer programmer, software engineer, or coder. They are the masterminds behind all the computer programs. They write codes to develop various kinds of applications. These applications help people in several ways to deal with their everyday life. Software developers store, retrieve, and manipulate data to understand the requirements and capabilities of the system. These developers are regarded as natural problem solvers with high analytical skills and the capacity to think out of the box. It is essential to hire dedicated developers if you want the smooth running of an application.

What Does A Software Developer Do?

Software developers are creative people. They are full of innovation. They show this innovation through codes that they use to develop an application. They conceive an idea, create a design, and then finally build various computer programs using the computer language. Some of these developers build mobile and desktop applications, while others are responsible for building multiple underlying operating systems.

The main work of the software developers is to identify the users' needs and build programs accordingly. They also test these programs to see if any requirements or changes need to be made. They do this before presenting the program to the users so that they do not face a problem while using it.

Full-time Software Developer Vs Freelance Software Developers

When you hire a software developer from a dedicated development company, then you generally tend to hire a full-time developer. These developers are 100% dedicated to the company. They give all the time that they have to one company only. All of their attention will be on the project of the company. Whereas, in the case of freelancers, it is not the same. Freelance developers may not give their entire day and complete attention to a single project. As freelancers, they have other assignments to complete apart from your one. Hence, most of the time, they are multi-tasking.

There are pros and cons for both freelance and full-time developers. Hiring a full-time developer is always costlier than hiring a freelancer. That is mainly because they focus entirely on one company that freelancers do not. However, if you choose a freelance developer, you can rest assured that they will be experts. People choose freelance developers for specific projects. Selecting a person for a specific project is evident because that person has expertise in that particular kind of development. Hence, you can expect that the result will be flawless. 46% of businesses hire permanent developers' while 54% of businesses choose freelancers. By 2027 51% of the entire population will become freelancers.

Reasons to Hire Dedicated Development Team

Applications and websites are the base for any business. It is the only way you will be able to create a digital presence for your business. When you decide to build an application or website for your business, you will find various ways to do it. If you are building a web store, then go ahead with a Shopify expert hire. You can either choose a full-time business developer or hire a freelance developer. However, we recommend hiring a dedicated full-time team for your business. You need to hire a dedicated development team to build an application for your business and not a freelancer. Here is a list of reasons for you to select a dedicated team for your business.

1. Better Project Outcomes

In the case of freelancers, they generally take up more than one work at a time. That makes them lose track of work. There are chances that they will get lost in some other project. Also, freelancers generally tend to work from home or a place of their choice. They do not attend the office regularly. If there is an emergency and an issue post-development, you will have to wait for them as they will not be readily available. It will not be the case if you hire developers who will work full-time for your company as dedicated developers. You know you have a dedicated team of developers who are readily available for you even if they are working remotely.

2. Improved Quality of Service

You must ensure a correct time estimation for effective and successful project development. However, freelancers may not be able to abide by this time. It can be basically because of two reasons. These are either the freelancer is a non-experienced individual, or they have a lot of work at hand. It may be the reason they fail to abide by your time. Failing the deadline is crucial for a business. Filing one deadline will mean missing a target. It can be a loss bigger than you can expect. If you hire a development team who is dedicated and sincere with their work, then you can be sure that you will get your work delivered to you within your stipulated time.

3. Client-Specific Strategy

A programming team usually has a lot of experience. They have worked with numerous clients. It has made them come across and work in multiple domains. Therefore, they know exactly what can be a client's typical requirements. Knowing and understanding client-specific requirements, they can build client-specific strategies. These strategies ensure complete satisfaction to the clients. They not only manage the project like a pro, but they will keep you updated even about the slightest things that are happening. That is not the same in the case of freelancers. They are usually much more careless and keep losing track of work. Therefore, hire programmers who would work only for you.

4. Easy to Track and Manage

When you decide to hire a software development team from a reputed company, if you face any problem with the team or are unable to track the team, then you will directly be able to charge the company from where you will be hiring the team. They will help you to track the team and manage them. The team you hire will come along with a team manager. The manager usually serves as the first point of contact, and if you have any issue with the project handling, you can directly talk to the manager. In case if this does not work, then you can speak to the company.

5. Better Support during Emergencies

Emergencies may arise at any point in time. There can be situations where you need to move the scale of work and adjust it with the current load. Scalability is one of the most critical aspects of project management. Apart from this, there can be various other urgent situations where you may need immediate help from your software developer. If you hire a dedicated development team, you can be sure they will be available for you 24x7. It is not the same in the case of freelancers. You may not have them open for your help during emergencies. You would rather wait for a particular time to reach out to them.

6. Higher Scalability and Flexibility

If you already have a team of dedicated developers for your business, then you can just adjust them. You can either scale up the group or scale them down. It will be completed according to the business needs and requirements. The team is flexible enough to adjust to the needs of the business and create strategies accordingly. It is not the case for a freelance software developer. They are usually not that flexible. They are quite particular and rigid when it comes to changes. That is the main reason why businesses appoint a dedicated team of developers, not freelancers.

7. Stability in Work

If you have the experience of working with a freelancer, then you must have noticed how easily and how frequently they lose track of the work that they are doing. They not only lose track of the project post the project submission; they also lose track while the project is going on. However, this is not at all the case for dedicated developers. They keep track even of the smallest of things, even if they are working from home. Most people are working from home post-Covid-19, and so are these developers. Yet, you will see them stably doing their job. They not only keep track of the work for themselves, but they also keep you posted with constant updates about the progress of the work. You can hire Shopify developers from reputed companies to do your job.

8. Improved Turnaround Time

Freelance software developers work on more than one project at a single point in time. Their efficiency is thus divided between the various works that they do. Divided efficiency may not give a good enough and satisfactory outcome. That is mainly because they do not share their 100% concentration on a single work. Whereas, if you hire dedicated developers for your business, you can be sure they will give all their efficiency, effort, and time to your project. It will automatically increase the level of satisfaction as a customer. At the same time, it will tend to reduce the related vulnerabilities, increasing the level of productivity.

To Conclude

Successful application development depends on the developer and the dedication of the developer who is developing the application. The task is not at all easy. However, it can be perfect if the developer has his complete concentration on building the application. You can hire the best developers for your company from OweBest Technologies. We at OweBest Technologies do 100% from our end to satisfy our clients. You can stay assured that you have the best and the most qualified and experienced team support if you hire developers from us. OweBest Technologies is the one-stop solution for all your development problems. Our team will be available for you whenever you need us. You can check our website to learn about all the services that we provide.

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