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Why Should You Hire Python Developers in 2021?

Why Should You Hire Python Developers in 2021?
28/08/2021 57

People have become extremely smart and reliant on web and mobile applications due to smartphones and digital devices. One can either install a single app that does everything or collect apps that each do something different. This is the reason why there is a boom in web development and app development these days.

Consider The Following Scenario:

You've received funding from investors and the opportunity to demonstrate your product on the market. You hire an engineering team to work on the first version, full of enthusiasm. Your funding runs out as time passes. You also haven't got much to show your investors. This eventually results in disappointment as your investors lose interest. Unfortunately, business owners who hire inexperienced Python programmers to save money frequently find themselves in this situation. Then, what is the solution to this problem? The way out is to hire experienced python developers. Now that you realize the importance of hiring the best python developers let's look at the topic in depth.

What is Python Language?

Python is a powerful, object-oriented programming language. Python has built-in data structures that are combined with a strong binding and typing system. It functions effectively as a result of the interaction of several components. Python includes several frameworks that make development more accessible and more enjoyable, resulting in better outcomes and higher solutions. Developers frequently use it to provide the best solutions in a short amount of time with minimal issues.

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Three Reasons Why Python Became So Popular:

Over time, the language has developed its market empire. Few people realize that this language and its frameworks are here to stay for a long time. Below are three reasons why Python became the go-to option for programmers all over the globe:

1. Quick Performance

There is no need to compile in this language because the interpreter runs the programmes on its own. We should also point out that almost all other languages require you to collect your programme before running it. This provides developers with the advantage of detecting errors and completing programs on time with feedback.

2. Works Well With Big Data

Python's popularity among developers is also because it is fully compatible with Big Data, a competitive and emerging technology. When it comes to working with Big Data, Python outperforms the other languages by working quickly and with simple code.

3. Simple To Use For Beginners

Beginners love it because the language is simple to understand and use. It is best known for its syntax, allowing developers to save time by not writing additional code because they can express their ideas on this platform. Coding does not necessitate a thorough understanding of punctuation and other minor details, whereas working with the English language does.

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According to statista, Python remains the most popular programming language in 2020, according to GitHub and Google Trends, surpassing longstanding Java and JavaScript in popularity. To determine popularity, GitHub compared which programming languages were being searched for the most in Google. Python held 29.9 percent of all tutorials searched for, while Java had 19.1 percent and JavaScript had 8.2 percent.

Python was first implemented in the 1980s and has become one of the key programming languages across the internet alongside Java and JavaScript.

What Does A Python Developer Do?

A Python Developer works on the server-side of development projects, coding, designing, deploying, and debugging them (or back-end). They may, however, be able to assist businesses with their technological infrastructure. A Python Developer's job description can include a wide range of responsibilities. To provide valuable answers to questions and practical insight, a Python Developer frequently works in close collaboration with data collection and analytics.

With all these skills at disposal, hiring an experienced python programmer can prove beneficial for your organization. However, if you need any assistance in this area, OweBest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can help you make the process easier.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Python Programmer:

It's not easy to find Python developers. You should know exactly who you're looking for before jumping into recruitment and sorting through resumes. But, there are some key points which you must keep in mind before making a decision.

  • The length of time it takes to develop your project, and its stage will determine the size of your engineering team. If your product already has some features and you need to scale it, it may take some time for developers to analyze the project logic and architecture and examine the existing code.
  • Your product's tech stack and complexity will determine your engineers' expertise and familiarity with the tools.
  • Define the scope and complexity of your project before hiring Python developers. Create a document that explains your product's purpose, goals, and benefits, as well as its primary users and potential scale.'

Must-have Skills In Python Developers

Python is used across the globe by many developers, they rely on python for their versatile suite of products and platforms. While hiring the python developer is a different task, here we have listed some of the must-have points which you can consider while hiring the python developer like:

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1. Knowledge Of Different Databases

When hiring a Python developer, businesses should look for someone well-versed in various databases, as databases are essential for the development of any application.

2. Deep Understanding Of Linux And Mac Os

Python programmers must have a strong understanding of Linux and Mac OS, as python applications are installed through these platforms. Furthermore, Linux is highly scalable and customizable, which is why companies should hire python developers who are familiar with Linux/macOS.

3. Basics Of HTML And CSS

Companies looking to hire Python web developers should ensure that they have a strong understanding of CSS and HTML. While they do not need to be fluent in these programming languages, they should know how their websites will appear.

4. Thorough Understanding of JavaScript

Python programmers should be familiar with JavaScript because it allows them to get a complete picture of the app they're working on.

Tips To Find The Best Python Developers For Your Organization

Find the best Python developer for your organization by just considering a few points. Let us highlight those points which can help you get the best of a team player.

1. Skill Testing

Companies should test a candidate's hard skills before hiring them. Companies looking for a Python developer should put their candidates to the test by having them work on pre-made templates on a mockup of their product. This allows them to observe how potential employees think and determine whether they are a good fit for their needs.

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2. Two-way Communication

Workplace communication should be open and effective. Companies should pay attention to how candidates speak, whether they listened attentively during the interview, and what questions they ask. This will reveal how interested they are in the project.

3. Give Equal Importance To Soft Skills

Communication in the workplace should be open and effective. Companies should pay close attention to how candidates speak, whether they listened intently during the interview, and what questions they ask. This will reveal their level of interest in the project.

4. Management Of Time

A project's time management can make or break it. As a result, companies should inquire about how prospective candidates manage their time, adjust priorities, set goals, and organize their vendor communication.

5. Ability To Work In Teams

It would be best to make sure a python developer can work in a team environment before hiring them. Companies should ask them about their previous experiences, career growth path, and development process to assess their teamwork skills.

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What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Python Developer?

Hourly rates for Python developers range from $60 to $81 per hour around the world which may vary depending upon the work scope. Keep in mind that the above rates may change depending on whether you need a full-time, part-time, contract, or freelance Python developer. Hiring an on-site developer versus a remote developer may cost more or less. The cost can also depend on the developer's level of expertise and the complexity of the project. Thus, the price can vary. It is interesting to note that in countries like India and Bangladesh, the cost is relatively lesser.

In the End

Python has proven to be one of the most dependable languages in the world of app development, and it is slowly but steadily becoming the language of choice for some of the most popular apps. It offers a lot to developers and is simple to use. Scalability, reach, simple features, and technology have contributed to it being one of the best languages to date. If you're planning to develop an app for your company and want a hands-on app built for today's competitive market, contact us at Owebest, and we'll help you create one of the best web or mobile-based applications.

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