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Why Should One Invest in News Applications for Online Magazine?

Why Should One Invest in News Applications for Online Magazine?
29/05/2020 57

In the new era of technology, people are captivated towards smart technology. Whether it's reading a Facebook status of their best friend, or reading the latest update on particular news or political agenda, people want everything on their fingertips. And speaking of online magazines, they are considered as a credible source of information, and sometimes entertainment.

With online magazines source, the information is very well served to the users, resulting in raised demand in the industry. And why not! At some level, we all love to read the latest gossip and news around the world through online magazines. One can read posts on many different portals and applications as it is a more accessible and smarter resource available on the fingertips. Such demands by the users bring the real need of creating a newspaper application for the online magazine. And if you are also planning to invest in such an app for your own magazine, let's discuss the reasons why you must hop-on to the decision right away. If you have a list of loyal readers on your online magazine, you might want a better idea to stick to your brand for a longer time.

7 Reasons Why You Must Invest in News Application for Online Magazine

To seriously consider this investment, the following are some reasons you must pen down before you approach an IT firm for a trustable application and discuss development cost for a news app. At OweBest technologies we help you invest wisely while making things transparent for you.

User's preference

As per the statistics, 85% of the users prefer reading a news piece or an article, on a mobile application as compared to the browser. The reasons are quite relevant as applications are quicker to respond and more feasible as compared to an online magazine on the browser.

The user experience on the application is much simpler and smarter as users receive better convenience on the application platform.

Better User Interface

Speaking of the news application, it serves a better user interface which is quite attractive and exciting that viewers respond to very well. A well-organized user interface is simple to understand and allow their viewers to search their respective features in an organized manner. One can integrate appealing features into a news application and save the read for later. And if you transform your online magazine to a news application, you will surely serve a fantastic reading experience.

Notifications are a 'big plus'

Consider an instance where a favoured political agenda of President Trump serves an exciting angle to your magazine, and you push the same at the right time. However, your article will not help the actual purpose if it does not reach out to the users at the correct time. But, with a news application, your article is pushed out to the right users at the right time bringing more viewers on your exciting write-up. Push notification, thus, can be the game-changer for your application and viewers as well.

Let's not forget revenues!

A digital magazine possesses revenues through different manners like subscriptions, advertisements and paid articles. A news application, in such a scenario, can also act as a source of profit. Users reach out to the news application to captivate themselves with good content and stories of their choice. Loyal users are not a big fan of pop-up advertisement that restrict their choice of reading. In such cases, reading a news piece on an application is a big plus for them as users concentrate just on the content, and not on ads!

News offers personalized features.

Working on app development news, it helps you understand the behaviour and user's choice of content and then leverage the same based on their requirement. Users enjoy a personalized experience on the application without wasting time on the content that does not interest the user. However, such a personalized feature is not available even with significant publishers running online magazines and features articles on the website. With a news application, you will get ahead of even the largest competitors in the industry.

Social media association

A brilliance is best served when it can be shared with other readers. And this is where social media jumps in. A news application can serve a brilliant piece of information to the user that also allow them to share the same on their social media pages. Not only does it help serve the personalized touch, but it works as a brilliant marketing strategy for the application too. When a user shared a news piece from the app to their social media platform, it also increases your market and userbase in general.

Easy Navigation

The application brings easy navigation when an online magazine with a secure navigation system. Your users will be offered fresh news and new information as they prefer. In the news application, users can choose from the popular categories and groups they wish to read about from availability. Once they open the app, they will be easily navigated to their favourite discussion categories in just one click. Such a smart, yet easy navigation does not feature in an online magazine.

Better engagement with the user

A promising user opens their favourite application many times a day. A news application offers the same engagement that pushes your viewers to open the app frequently resulting in more session time. One can understand the perspective through Facebook. Just when the Facebook application was launched, users were hardly active on their Facebook browser page as every feature was only available on their fingertips. A news application is just a new version of your online magazine, but with a twist of new features and better engagement.

Rely on what your user really wants?

When you create a news app, it keeps the experience personalized. An application keeps a note of all complaints and feedback received by the user. Many news platforms, in fact, hire an individual to respond to the input of the viewers to maintain the quality standard according to the expectation. Not only does it serve a personalized feature, but also brings the loyalty of the reader too. The platform works as a help centre for the readers where they can report the issues and enjoy the services they require.

Bottom Line

It is evident to say that a news application brings a personal touch to the readers that they crave for. A news application attracts more and more users as compared to the audience of online magazine platforms that is generally not available on the fingertips. So, when the purpose can be reasonably served on a smarter technology, then why bother your users to jump to browsers. After all, an application serves the right justice as compared to an online platform. And once you serve the craving, you win the loyalty in return. It is important to have a clear goal and path in your mind. Now, when the reasons are quite clear as to why news applications are more beneficial, it is important to choose the right path now.

And if you are looking for a reasonable yet professional technical partner to help you answer as to how to make a news app, you can contact Owebest Technologies. They serve the right technical attribute that serves just the right purpose and requirement. After all, a right partner will lead you to your expectation which in turn will serve a beautiful news application for your online magazine. Give a buzz that your loyal users need, and that is: a news application served in personal features right on their fingertips.

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