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Why Do You Choose Blockchain Development for Ethereum – Advantages & Disadvantages

Why Do You Choose Blockchain Development for Ethereum – Advantages & Disadvantages
19/08/2022 57

Technology has constantly been changing and evolving itself. Recent years have seen the most significant number of technological changes. It has evolved magically in the last few years. Modern technological innovations and upgrades have eased out doing the most difficult tasks. What was once tricky has become smooth now. All thanks to technology, for every problem, there is a solution.

One of the most mind-blowing technological inventions in modern times is the blockchain. Blockchain has made the process of transactions more accessible, safer, and faster. Suppose you are someone who has an interest in investing, banking, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and Ethereum. In that case, knowing the blockchain technology and its uses in the transaction is a must for you. You can hire a blockchain developer if you want to build a blockchain. They will help you to create a safe blockchain for easy transactions.

Understanding Blockchain

If you are entirely new to blockchain, then it may seem to be very complicated to you. However, once you start knowing and understanding it, you will realize how easy and smooth it is. Blockchain is an immutable ledger that stores various information related to different transactions in a time-based series. The various data blocks are all combined and secured using a chain. Every block on the chain consists of information. The chain structure represents the system of linking data with one another. All the data and information stored in the league are safe and secure. You can hire a blockchain developer if you need to build a blockchain.

Understanding Ethereum

Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain that provides the facility of a smart contract. It is a blockchain platform that has its cryptocurrency. It is the primary source of various global payments, applications, and digital money. Ethereum does not have a central controlling authority. It does not even ask for any personal details. You can keep a check on the data you share and keep the rest a secret. Ethereum is almost the same as blockchain. It is too a public ledger that verifies and records various transactions. The network users are allowed to create, monetize, publish, and use multiple applications on the same platform.

Ethereum Features

Ethereum has some of the simplest yet unique features. One of the best things about Ethereum is that it is programmable. You can not only use this for building apps and storing data. On Ethereum, you can also take complete control of your app. You can control what and what not to do with the app. Let us further look into the features of Ethereum:


Ethereum is quite famous amongst developers. The apps built on Ethereum using blockchain formulas are simple and can be deployed quickly. That, in return, helps in saving the overall transaction expense.


1. The blockchain technology on the Ethereum blockchain will have ample space.

A blockchain programmer can develop intelligent contracts as per their perspective, using Ethereum development's help. If you follow the rules and are dedicated build an app on Ethereum, then you can rest assured that all the transactions that happen through it are secured, safe, and ready to be implemented.

2. Modular

From Developer Help Resources, Google offers strong support for Android developers to address bug patches, enhance data protection, and resolve difficulties linked to your mobile app development projects, etc. It enables your developers to produce and deliver applications free of errors for end users.

3. Ethereum as Virtual Machine

Ethereum creates virtual machines that can manage runtime environments for implementing and compiling. The entire process is based on smart contracts. The engines of these machines will know and understand the clever contract language. The operation of these Ethereum virtual machines happens through an environment called a sandbox. It enables you to check the performance by testing the intelligent contracts in a given environment. Once you check and find that the result is satisfactory, then you can move forward and implement it on the leading Ethereum network.

Ethereum Blockchain Advantages

Here is a list of advantages that the Ethereum platform provides you:

1. Immutable

If you hire a blockchain programmer, the programmer will help you build an immutable Ethereum blockchain platform. The transactions that the Ethereum blockchain performs can never be changed again. If you enter a date or trade once, you cannot reverse it at any cost. It is one of the reasons why the Ethereum blockchain is preferred. The immutable nature makes keeping the data safe. It is impossible even for hackers to edit or modify anything on the Ethereum platform once data is entered.

2. Decentralized

The decentralized nature is one of the most attractive advantages of the Ethereum blockchain since it does not allow any mediator to perform any action. The smart contract used here can execute and operate by itself. To make a transaction, you must have the legal authority to access the blockchain.

3. Quick Transactions

A transaction made through the Ethereum blockchain is much quicker than any other method. The manual method of verification and clearance is highly lengthy in general. On the other hand, the same process happens much faster on an Ethereum blockchain. It is only because the Ethereum blockchain is an automated process. One of the best things about an automatic process is that there is no error in the calculation. Whereas, in the case of a manual process, there are high chances of mistakes.

4. Reliable

Blockchain developer companies have recently engaged themselves in using Ethereum. And ever since it has been used, it has proved to be an extremely reliable platform. Applications built using the Ethereum platform would run efficiently without any problems with censorship, downtime, and external mediator interferences.

5. Security

Security is one of the major concerns when it comes to making transactions. The transactions performed using the Ethereum platform are completely safe and secured. It is way safer than the transactions that take place on the bitcoin platform. To add to the security system of the Ethereum blockchain, all the transactions made here are encrypted using the cryptographic method. Therefore, the security is thus double. A blockchain software developer prioritizes safety while building an app using the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum Blockchain Disadvantages

Everything has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you look into the good side of things, you must also consider the wrong side of it. Thus, here is a list of disadvantages that you will find in the Ethereum blockchain:

1. High Transaction Costs

Ethereum blockchain is growing faster than anything. This popularity and fast growth have led to an increase in transaction costs. The transaction fees for making a transaction have increased even more in 2021. The rate is fantastic if you earn a handsome amount from the platform. However, the amount is too high if you are checking out and using it to grow your network.

2. Crypto Potential

The yearly limitation of Ethereum is up to 18 million ethers per year. A limit on the number of coins for a lifetime. That is not the same in the case of Ethereum. Although apparently, it might look like bitcoin, at the end of the day, it is much lesser appreciated than it. That is mainly because bitcoin has a compulsory lifetime limit on more coins.

3. Not Suitable for All

Every developer working for a blockchain development company may not be the right person to develop the Ethereum blockchain. For some developers, developing Ethereum can prove to be herculean. It is not easy to understand and develop the process. Moving from centralized processing to decentralized processing can prove to be quite a challenge. Also, if the developer is entirely new in the field, learning Ethereum development will not be an easy job. The other blockchain platforms would comparatively be more accessible.

4. Uncertain Future

Although the Ethereum platform for building apps is relatively new compared to the other blockchain platforms, it has been showing perfect results from its start and is getting better every day. Ethereum 2.0 is in the process of development and has promised several new functions as well as greater efficiency. However, there is no further update about the product, leading to an uncertain future for the Ethereum platform.

Owebest Technologies provides the best blockchain development services. If you are looking for developers who can build the best Ethereum, then the Owebest Technologies team of experts is the one who can help you out in the best possible way. The team of experts has been delivering blockchain services to businesses for years. You can entirely depend on these professional developers' expertise to develop your app based on the Ethereum platform. Choosing Owebest Technologies will give you zero scope to regret. With a team of skilled professionals, we strive to provide you with the best.

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