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The Top 8 Programming Languages in Great Demand In The Market In 2021

The Top 8 Programming Languages in Great Demand In The Market In 2021
11/06/2021 57

Programming languages are constantly changing. As new technologies emerge and development priorities shift, in-demand computer programing languages change from year to year. While JavaScript remains the most popular scripting language, the results show several changes from previous years, including significant growth for languages like SQL, TypeScript, and Go, as well as a substantial decline for Ruby. This evolution has an impact on which programming languages are in demand on the hiring side and which are the most profitable for developers to learn. Developing experience with the most in-demand coding languages keeps your developer skills marketable and competitive, as well as your freelance career viable. So, in 2021, which programming languages should developers concentrate on for now? Below are the top eight programming languages to learn in 2021, which are sure to escalate your career to new heights.

According to statista, As of early 2020, JavaScript and HTML/CSS were the most commonly used programming languages among software developers around the world, with nearly 68 percent of respondents stating that they used JavaScript and 63.5 percent using HTML/CSS. SQL. Python, and Java rounded out the top five most widely used programming languages around the world.


Brendan Eich was tasked with creating a new programming language for Netscape's Browser during the first browser war. Brendan Eich built the prototype in just ten days, and the rest is history. Software developers mocked JavaScript in its early days due to its poor language design and lack of features. JavaScript has evolved into a multi-paradigm, high-level, dynamic programming language over the years. The first breakthrough for JavaScript occurred in 2009 when Ryan Dahl released Node.js, a cross-platform JavaScript runtime that allowed JavaScript to run on the server-side. The other major JavaScript breakthrough occurred in 2010 when Google released AngularJS, a JavaScript-based Web development framework.

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JavaScript is now one of the most widely used programming languages globally. One can find it in various places, including browsers, servers, mobile devices, the cloud, containers, and microcontrollers. In the world of browser programming, JavaScript reigns supreme. JavaScript now supports event-driven programming, which is especially useful for I/O-intensive tasks thanks to Node.js. In recent years, particularly in 2015, 2016, and later, JavaScript has undergone extensive modernization and overhaul.


Python has a simple syntax, an extensive library of standards and toolkits, and integration with other popular programming languages like C and C++. It is widely regarded as an easy-to-learn programming language. According to Gorton, it is the first language that students learn in the Align program. "You can cover many computer science concepts in a short amount of time, and it's relatively easy to expand on." Python skills are in high demand because it is a popular programming language, especially among startups. Python is used in a wide range of applications, including AI, finance, and data science.


Apple created Swift as a programming language for creating iOS and macOS apps. Swift is an Apple-developed and maintained programming language that can only develop apps for iOS and macOS devices. Swift is the most specialized programming language on our list, but it remains one of the most popular languages due to the many apps developed for macOS and iOS devices. While there are other frameworks for creating these apps, Swift is by far the most popular, with most apps on the App Store using it. Swift was designed specifically for the realities and needs of iOS app developers, so it's frequently the best and easiest option.

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Java is one of the most revolutionary programming languages ever created. Developed business applications primarily developed business applications in C++ in the 1990s, which was a complicated and platform-dependent language. By providing a much simpler, object-oriented, interpreted programming language that supports multi-threading programming, James Gosling and his Sun team lowered the barrier to developing business applications. By creating the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which abstracted the low-level Operating System from developers and provided the first "Write Once, Run Anywhere" programming language, Java achieved Platform Independence. In addition, JVM provides generation garbage collection, which manages the life cycle of objects.

5. PHP

When a website frequently requests information from a server, PHP is widely used for server-side web development. PHP is an older programming language, and it has a large ecosystem of users who have created frameworks, libraries, and automation tools to make it easier to use. PHP code is also simple to troubleshoot. PHP's popularity has dwindled as Python and JavaScript have grown in popularity. PHP is also notorious for its security flaws. According to Indeed, the majority of PHP programmers work in jobs that last less than a year. PHP is the programming language that powers content-driven websites like Facebook, WordPress, and Wikipedia.

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6. GO

Go, also known as Golang, was created by Google to be a system-level programming language that is efficient, readable, and secure. It's ideal for distributed systems, where systems are spread across multiple networks and must communicate by sending messages to one another. Go has a large standards library and extensive documentation, despite being a relatively new language. Outside of Silicon Valley, Go has yet to gain traction. Go lacks a library for graphical user interfaces, which are the most common way users interact with any screen-based device. Go is primarily used in applications that require a large amount of data to be processed. In addition to Google, several other companies use this language, such as Netflix and Uber.

7. C

According to Gorton, C, along with Python and Java, is a "good foundation" for learning to program. As one of the first programming languages, C has served as a foundation for the development of more modern languages such as Python, Ruby, and PHP. It's also a simple language to debug, test, and keep up. C is unsuitable for more modern use cases such as websites or mobile applications because it is an older programming language. In comparison to more modern languages, C has a complex syntax. C is frequently used to program hardware, such as embedded devices in automobiles and medical devices used in healthcare, because it can run on any device.

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8. C++

C++ is a C++ extension well suited to programming the systems that run applications rather than the applications themselves. C++ is also suitable for multi-device and multi-platform applications. Programmers have created a large number of libraries and compilers for C++ over time. According to Gorton, knowing how to use these utilities effectively is as important as knowing how to write code in a programming language. C++, like C, has a complex syntax and many features that can be intimidating to new programmers. Runtime checking, which is a method of detecting errors or defects while the software is running, is also not supported in C++. C++ is a versatile programming language that is used in a variety of applications. The most in-demand programming languages in 2021 are sure to upscale your professional trajectory.

Things to keep in mind while choosing which language to learn:

Your Niche: While some programming languages are functional across a wide range of developer use cases, others are more specialized, so the programming languages you prioritize should be determined by your niche and your most frequent development jobs. Swift, for example, is an advantageous language for iOS developers, but it isn't as crucial for game developers.

Market demand: While there are many programming languages out there, only a few of them have a lot of popularity and consequent demand from companies looking for developers.

What you already know: If you have prior experience with an in-demand programming language (or two), go with that. You can always learn more languages if and when you come across clients looking for that kind of experience.

In the End

The market's lack of talented developers has always been and continues to be an urgent issue. Specialists with knowledge of any programming languages as mentioned above and sufficient work experience have many options. Furthermore, there is no need to limit yourself to just one language. You can always begin learning new languages in theory and practice to expand your knowledge in different directions. All you need is a desire to learn, as there are plenty of opportunities to do so in today's world. Suppose you're thinking about pursuing a career in IT. In that case, we hope that our article about the best programming languages to learn in 2021 will assist you in making the best decision and achieving success!

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