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The Importance And Benefits of Educational App Development

The Importance And Benefits of Educational App Development
31/05/2022 57

Over the years, the education industry has undergone many transformations. For example, in earlier days, all forms of study materials used to be present in libraries only. But now, you can get them online in PDF formats. Similarly, in earlier days, if the Japanese made any discovery, Americans couldn't get details on the same until a teacher or student exchange program was initiated. But now, with the help of the internet, one can quickly know what is going on around the global education system.

It has become possible only due to the use of the internet and the digitalization of the world. Now, students and teachers from all over the world can connect without any restrictions. Apart from all the transformations that the education industry has witnessed, it is the introduction of online learning applications. Also known as e-learning applications, these can be accessed through computers or mobiles. Hence, an education company can quickly target a large section of the audience and establish a firm place in the market.

However, everything comes down to understanding the benefits and importance of eLearning applications. While these applications have a lot of advantages over the traditional form of education, many set prejudices prevent people from accepting this new form of education. That is why an educational institute must learn more about the importance of an application and the benefits it serves.

Evolution of Online Learning Application

Before we talk about the benefits of having the online learning application, let's find out how this software form came into existence. Initially, people used different tools to prepare study materials on computers and use them to educate a group of students. For example, they used PowerPoint to prepare a complete presentation; teachers used it to describe the chapters to the students.

After this era came online websites or forums or study materials that used to be shared or published; while these websites gained a lot of popularity during that time, there were several challenges that users had to face. For instance, the study materials presented were not understandable by everyone. On most websites, the materials were partially accessible, and if someone wanted to read the entire thing, they had to pay a considerable sum of money for the same.

Owing to all these restrictions, a new form of learning platform was created- eLearning websites. Here, classes and tutorials are held that are accessible to almost every user who has signed up for the same. However, the websites were accessible through computers and laptops only. Therefore, a person needs to have the gadget to access the study materials or attend classes.

To solve this pain point, educational organizations introduced what we know as eLearning mobile applications. These are primarily compatible with both Android and iOS to ensure all students and teachers can have unlimited access to the platform and the resources it stores. But that's not all the benefits that you can enjoy with educational app development.

Types of eLearning Applications

There are several types of eLearning applications that you can develop to cater to the requirements of different users. With changing times the need for education apps has increased. Before hiring an e-learning app development company, you should know more about these application types to understand the market better.

  • Student management system: The school management system is a kind of software that is mainly used in schools and colleges. Every detail, like schedules, exam routines, study materials, and other things, are managed here. This application is usually under the control of the school management department.
  • Assessment software: From the name itself, you can understand that assessment software is used to examine all forms. Teachers can easily create different question patterns, and no one will have access to the resources. The questions will be shared with the students for the examinations. Once completed, the papers will be submitted, and teachers will evaluate them. The results will be displayed personally, which means that no student will be able to see what others have done without having the credentials.
  • Virtual classroom software: After the pandemic, the software industry witnessed the growth of virtual classroom software. It features a virtual whiteboard for the teachers to teach all students, a private meeting room with a shareable link, a recording feature, etc.
  • Video conferencing software: Video conferencing applications are mainly used to hold conferences online for business purposes. All the participants will join the conference through a dedicated meeting room link and listen to what the speakers have to say. One of the significant benefits of video conferencing applications is that they allow businesses to hold meetings and official gatherings from remote locations.
  • Massive open online courses: The enormous available online course platforms are best suited for companies willing to share study materials with other users. No money is required for the subscription fee since the study materials are free.
  • Learning management systems: Learning management systems or LMSs are ideal for companies offering a virtual platform for connecting students with teachers. Here, one can set assessment marks, access both web-based and instructor-led programs, give exams, earn certifications, etc.

What Are The Benefits of Developing Online Education Applications?

The importance or benefits of learning app development are straightaway related to the extent of online learning. If you are yet to venture into the world of online learning or planning to do so but cannot decide due to apprehension, here are some of the benefits you will be able to enjoy with the eLearning app.

Customizable According To The Needs

One of the significant benefits of developing an educational application is the flexibility you can offer your users. They can sign up for any course program according to their wishes. They study in the morning, noon, evening, and so on. Students can explore different courses wherever they want without attending the classes in person. With such a high level of customization, eLearning apps have become popular amongst students and teachers.

Availability of Multiple Courses

When students are at schools and colleges, they cannot study courses other than their domains. As a result, they cannot broaden their knowledge base or advance their careers. That is where the eLearning apps have created the differences because they allow students to access a myriad of courses without any restriction, from creative learning courses to a study on data science and artificial intelligence.

WBT and ILT courses

One can opt for two types of courses through the eLearning mobile app. These are web-based training and instructor-led training. WBTs are simple online programs arranged as power points or a mix of texts and videos. You can even develop these courses as interactive materials. On the other hand, the ILT or instructor-led training are arranged and conducted by a professional.

Freemium eLearning Models

During planning the educational mobile app development process, do not forget to make it a freemium model since it will help you reach out to more customers. In this model, a couple of introductory courses will be offered as accessible so that users can judge whether the app you have introduced suits their needs or not. The advanced techniques should be reserved for premium packages so that you can earn revenue from the application.

Availability of Certifications and Badges

Another benefit of developing the online eLearning application is the availability of certifications and badges for students and learners. Be it a regular certification or a globally accredited one, and users will approach your developed application because they can complete a professional course without attending a college or university.

Best for Skill Improvements

The eLearning applications are outstanding in skill development or improvement that one wouldn't find anywhere else. One can efficiently study different courses and develop new skills to help further apply for a better job or higher studies. For example, a corporate professional can complete an MBA or a course on data science to get a new job with a higher salary package.

Cost-effective Solution

If we compare the expenses one has to bear for buying the online courses or paying the subscription amount for your application, it will be much less than the physical course. One of the primary reasons for developing the online eLearning app will be an excellent idea for your business, especially for its revenue and market growth.

Access to The Global Forum

Last but not least, when your educational application is accessible to global students, you can quickly develop a forum so that students can interact with each other and gain more knowledge.

In the end

With the advancement of technology, the education industry will witness several other transformations. The pace at which the industry is changing is dynamic. So, if you want to beat your competitors and outshine them as the best, you need to set new goals and adopt different strategies. That is where the eLearning app development comes in. With it, you can easily reach out to more students and teachers from all fields, from schools to universities, corporate, entrepreneurs, etc. All you need to do is ensure the development company you have partnered with is experienced with developing an education application.

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