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Start an Online Money Transfer Business App in the UK with Ease

Start an Online Money Transfer Business App in the UK with Ease
29/04/2022 57

The online money transfer business is rapidly growing, and customers consider it over cash or cards. According to data, approximately 70% of people prefer online transfer instead of choosing a card or cash for the transaction.

Also, money transfer over to other countries is a useful feature too. It is widely in use and prevalent among people of the UK.

We Provide you with all of these services regarding the online money transfer business and its development. We will discuss the evolving market, costing, revenue model, and development services for online money transfer businesses.

What is Online Money Transfer Business in the UK?

The transfer of any amount from one individual or institute to another individual or institute in online mode without going to a bank is called an online money transfer. The main benefit of this transfer method is that we do not have to go to any bank for completing this process; instead, we can do this anytime, anywhere with internet connectivity, and it is done.

Considering it is an online mode, there is a possibility of a system getting hacked or any fraudulent activity. However, with the help of the latest technology and IT services, all unwanted interventions can be prevented, and the system is secured and under surveillance.

How is the Online Money Transfer Market Evolving in the UK?

The money transfer business was already booming while the world was hit with a pandemic, and it suffered massive economic loss. Meanwhile, this industry multiplied, and people opted for it.

According to some reports, this business is $33 billion in the UK itself, while some reports also claim that it will increase by 11% by the year 2025. Its marketplace cap value was $108,908 in the year 2021, which will go up to $166,373

How an Online Money Transfer Business in the UK Generates Revenue

A huge question is how we earn cash and a standard solution to this business enterprise is to create a pool of dependable client base which usually ends in various numbers of sales supply.

Core Business

All (Consumer to Business) transactions that we do daily are the source of sales for those apps. If we pay to any business enterprise, the payment gateway company will charge the price of x% for all that transaction. This way, they can generate revenue from customers who use their platform for the money transfer process.


Placing a commercial banner will draw a massive income for the app. This feature is widely and easy to use. Advertisement is a vast market, and bringing it to the online payment app or website will make it straightforward for colossal revenue.

Subscription Plan

According to the data, the subscription fee holds our consumers and leads them to regularly go to our platform to benefit from the above-referred factors and the route. It will not be a compulsion but a way to enjoy some premium or unique feature of the app.

Costing for Your Money Transfer App Business

The cost of such an app can highly vary depending on the requirements and features added to it. Yet, the approximate range lies between $10,000K to $40,000K or above. It can surely go higher as some exclusive features would cost you more, and eventually, the final amount will rise. It can only be considered a rough estimate for an online money transfer business app.

Money Transfer App Development

At this degree, you want to determine what capabilities and functionalities you need to feature for your money transfer app. Here is a listing of a number of the stuff you want to encompass in your app.

QR Code

This feature makes it very easy to complete any transaction. A QR code is to be scanned, and it will redirect to the receiver's account, where we can enter the amount and make a transaction.

Loyalty Points

It is one of the best ways to retain customers to the app. We can offer them points for each transaction or spend, which will make them use this app more.

Request Money to Sender

It is one of the app's features, which permits customers to send and receive cash. One can send some money which is the main motive of the app, but one can also request money from another person in any amount they require. It will only be a request.

Password/OTP For Security

The consumer will have to use the password or OTP whenever they try to make a transaction. It guarantees no person besides the legal individual could complete the transaction. It makes transactions safer for the user.

Track Your History

This characteristic allows for maintaining the history of each transaction in a single vicinity. All the past transactions are open to access and referred to anytime soon. It becomes a beneficial feature for the app.

Globally Money Transfer

With this characteristic, we could make the consumer switch cash the world over, and the recipient will get hold of the money withinside the following couple of minutes or seconds.

Multiple Language Support

If you're considering increasing your money transfer business internally, then it's miles well worth thinking about including a couple of languages for your app. It makes it easier for people speaking different languages to use our app easily; also, this will increase the flow of users and pool of customers using this app.

PCI Standards

PCI DSS requirements are necessary to be fulfilled as it ensures the security and safety of the transaction. It safeguards the information of credit cardholders. Thus it becomes essential to meet the requirements and monitor every transaction with PCI Standards.

SDKs for devs

Each provider company has elaborated software program improvement kits (SDKs) and specific documentation on a cell app integration with the price gateways for developers.

Usually, you may locate them on reputable websites. Inside SDKs, libraries are processing the credit score card details.

Kits permit growing paperwork in which customers enter their card numbers.

These recommendations are clean and straightforward, leaving no room for a protracted gaining of knowledge of the curve.

Prototype Development

Prototype plays a vital role in the final stages of app development and helps us understand what works for the users and whatnot. We can know how it works and what bugs we need to fix.

Once all the bugs and errors in the prototype are cleared, we can move to the testing and development phase, the final step for this money transfer app business.

Test it & Set up

Testing is another essential degree that comes into the lifestyle after the money transfer app development answers are accomplished. The group of analysts assessments each special improvement issue on unique parameters, including loading speed, reliability, size, etc. The testers also check the software's safety to ensure it stays unfastened from hacking and other fraudulent activities.

Hire Mobile App Developers

Hire mobile app developers to create performance-pushed cellular packages that work impeccably throughout more than one platform. We construct digitally transformative apps which can be well suited to all essential platforms. OweBest Technologies with years of rich experience in the field help you develop advanced apps that can transform your business and help you reach the maximum audience.

Team Scaling

You might also additionally want to increase your crew size. It can be effortlessly done if you lease app developers from us. Our developers work with single-minded willpower to complete the complete task on time.

Hiring Model

We provide extraordinary hiring fashions so you can get our programmers according to your necessities. You can hire developers on a part-time, full-time, and hourly basis.

Code Ownership

If you figure with us, you owe the entire possession of the complete code used for your task. We ensure that the whole code isn't disclosed and ensure its privateness and security.

High-Grade Coding

Our gifted cellular app engineers employ clean and concise code for constructing cellular packages. We ensure that no prolonged codes are used to decorate the best code being used.

To Summarize

People nowadays prefer card or online money transfers over cash; moreover, due to this pandemic, money decreased a lot. Especially in a country like the UK, this service is quite popular and widely used. With the latest technology and innovation, it is becoming more user-friendly and easy to use.

We have seen how the online money transfer business works and how it evolves in the UK. We have also discussed the cost of developing your own business in this section. The revenue generation methods and app development features are also discussed here.

The online money transfer business is growing exponentially, and we can help you make your platform for the same. We can provide you with the necessary information and web and app developers who are best in their work along with complete solutions to bring the idea into reality, ensuring excellent service and experience. Connect with our team of professionals today to discover more opportunities and understand the market trends.

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