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Into the World of Next Generation in Mobile Telephony…with OWEBEST

Into the World of Next Generation in Mobile Telephony…with OWEBEST
28/11/2019 57

Welcome to the world of beauty, technology, superiority and artificial intelligence that imagines and intercepts the needs of the modern man and woman- on the go!

Gone indeed are those days when the mobiles were mostly a rectangular object in the convenient proximity of an individual used mainly for mobile telephony and texting. Developed by the IBM in 1992 and officially launched in 1994, Smart phones are the mini computers with PDA like features that run with operating systems (os) quite like a computer. Added to that is the super fast data transfer and multi-tasking and running more than one application option along with the internet browsing, GPS tracking, sending and receiving mails, calculator, calendar, contact and gaming features that set them apart from the normal not so- smart after all-phones. Introduced in 1991, the 2G, second generation has graduated to 4G with a speed of 100 M bit/second to 1Gbit/second which is as fast as the computer network that works on the Ethernet; with a 5G option knocking at the door.

Step into the world of higher perception, enhanced experiences, and superior performances when the machine intelligence competes and replicates the human intelligence in mobile technology.

Armed thus with the Artificial Intelligence sometimes referred to as the machine intelligence, superior reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects can be seen to a perfection in Samsung Notepad 10, especially in one of its features the SPen. However, the Samsung Notepad 10 is just but a preview to a future that will see to what extent the machine learning and its application in the development of mobile telephony can reach, where sky is not the limit, but newer possibilities as can be envisioned.

Hence “Developers beware of complacency” would be the motto of the day, when they would be required to constantly think out of the box, and imagine like the child does and build castles in the air, only here it would be to develop finer, enhanced mobile applications more in sync to suit the need and requirement of the companies with ever growing and ever changing needs of their customer base. Incorporate a more humanized artificial intelligence of cognitive, emotional and social skills mirroring a real life situation into the mobile applications, to get more real effects and give greater satisfaction.

Well we at OWEBEST offer that kind of creative solutions to take the mobile applications to a different level altogether!

We extend our expertise on different mobile applications platforms of Ios applications development, Android applications development, Ipad applications development, Cross platform mobile development, Enterprise mobility, UI/UX design, Wearable applications, Hybrid applications on PhoneGap/Titanium/Ionic, App discovery, Analytics and App store optimization; to showcase and promote your mobile application in the app store which is taken care of with our mobile app development services.

Our expert team with a repertoire of skills, ideas and experiences gathered, based on in- depth knowledge of latest frameworks and mobile technologies, detailed mobile app development process, on call technical assistance, and future strategy planning is what keeps our business growing with a growing body of dedicated and satisfied group of customers.

OWEBEST ...offering World best mobile app solutions to its customers, especially, tailored to their idiosyncratic business needs.

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