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Know the Estimated Cost to Develop an Alcohol Delivery Application?

Know the Estimated Cost to Develop an Alcohol Delivery Application?
13/04/2022 57

People rely on the mobile app for various services like ordering food, booking a taxi, and other daily tasks. The mobile app development company is gaining popularity because of the flexibility & ease they provide to the consumers. The liquor industry is becoming a huge market worldwide with the highest revenue. There is a growing concept of alcohol delivery app development; thus, various businesses are hiring an app developer to be in the trend and expand their ventures. Before, it was uncommon to find an Alcohol Delivery App Development online, but now these apps are readily available on the Google Play store and other virtual stores.

The liquor mobile app development company helps businesses to earn profits and expand in the niche. An alcohol delivery app can benefit people in many ways. It will help them save time, avoid traffic, and make it easier to purchase liquor anytime. Alcohol delivery app development can have different features. Customers can browse multiple items, apply filters, real-time notifications, and order products.

What are the General Features of the Alcohol Delivery App

The liquor delivery mobile application has a Customer/User Panel function. This panel has various parts for the customers:

  • The user has a Social Signup/Login option, and they can fill in their general information on the application.
  • The user can log in and browse Liquor Products by using filters to navigate the application's product categories.
  • Other features offered to the customers are orders for home delivery, discounts, and offers; users can also view order history and track orders.
  • Customers can give feedback on the service and the products they ordered.
  • Various payment methods are available for users, like e-payment or Cash on delivery.

Alcohol delivery app development also has Admin Panel for the management that has various functions like:

  • The liquor delivery mobile application has a Register and Login panel for the management.
  • Liquor Store, Customer, Product and Price, and Payment Management can be done.
  • Alcohol delivery apps give an order to a specific agent for the product delivery.
  • The admin can manage payments, offers/discounts, and push notifications. Admin can also real-time Reporting feature.

In the liquor store manager panel, the manager has various functions like:

  • Registration and login of the store manager.
  • The Liquor Store Manager can modify, update and delete drink categories/menus.
  • He also manages product prices and product ratings, and reviews.
  • He has to manage store earnings and then generate reports.

In the application, the delivery manager has various functions like:

  • The delivery manager manages the delivery executive's pending and ongoing orders.
  • He has the work to assign orders to delivery executives through the app.
  • He can locate customers using GPS and using the in-app chat feature to answer customer queries.

What is the Overall Cost To Develop an on-demand Alcohol Delivery App?

To develop an alcohol delivery app, the company needs to hire an app development company and hire software developers with a viable business plan. The alcohol industry is booming in the market and consumers spending on liquor products. But before entering the market, companies must study the cost structure to develop an alcohol delivery app. The total cost is decided after taking factors into account. The number of features, processes, third-party integrations, development costs, application complexity, and other factors are considered. An Alcohol Delivery App Development Cost might range from $30K to $70K.

Other important factors that affect the overall costs are:

  • The mode of the platform - If the company builds an app for Android and iOS, it will cost more. The company can make a Hybrid app as the development cost will be lower than the other.
  • Application maintenance - The maintenance of the application is needed for the smooth function of the app and to maintain the same customer experience.
  • Application upgrades - This helps in keeping up with the competition.
  • UI/UX development - UX/UI design is an application element. With the use of UX/UI design, people interact with an application, such as buttons, menus, colors, icons, and more. It helps build a user experience with a product.
  • Technical team/ technology use - Latest technology can benefit the application to survive in the market.
  • Back-end development cost - Development time and expense as cost increases with the number and complexity of the feature.
  • Region of the development team - One of the significant factors that will help the company decide the app development cost in the region. The cost of development differs from area to area and can range from $50 to $250 based on the company's location.
  • Web Panel Development - Developing a responsive website plays a major role to offer users the best experience.

How to Make an On-demand Alcohol Delivery App?

A company that wants to develop an application for alcohol delivery can hire a software development company to create an alcohol delivery app from scratch. The other option is that the company has to purchase a Liquid Delivery Clone and then customize it for the business model. Once the company has decided on the application development process, it can focus on features of the alcohol delivery app.

The company can decide on the platform to build an alcohol delivery app. The company also needs to choose the target audience. It needs to attract customers with various features and the UX/UI design of the app. Some features to focus on are as follows:

  • Login/ register
  • Product selection
  • Payment mode
  • Track Order
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Coupons & Offers

What are App Monetization Models for Alcohol Delivery Apps?

Commission-based Model

In the commission-based model, when a customer buys from an alcohol delivery app, the owner pays a commission to the app owner. The application owner generates revenue based on the commissions earned for each order delivery.

Advertising Service Model

It is a common way to monetize the app. In this model, the owner generates revenue from in-app advertising services to various liquor stores. By displaying it on the top banner of the app's homepage, the company can support the local alcohol store's promotions and provide additional revenue sources to app owners.

Third-party Advertising

The third-party advertising application allows different brands to display ads in their app. It is a source of revenue for the application owners.

Dynamic Delivery Charges

The delivery charges dynamically change based on the customer's distance from the store. In this delivery model, the revenue is generated from delivery charges.

How Does an Alcohol Delivery Application Work?

At the customer end:

  • The customer logs into the application.
  • Then the customer navigates through the application's liquor menu.
  • After that, he orders the preferred liquor.
  • He can choose the mode of payment from online/Cash on delivery.
  • After that, the delivery is done at his doorstep, and the customer shares the feedback.

At the Liquor Store Owner end:

  • When the customer places an order, the liquor store receives the order.
  • The store owner has the option of accepting/Rejecting the order.
  • After acceptance, he gives the liquor to the delivery boy.
  • The owner receives payment and then checks the feedback.

To Conclude

The liquor industry is a rewarding business sector as it continues to flourish. It is an excellent choice to invest in this domain as the digital era has made people more dependent on mobile applications. The alcohol delivery app has innovative and easy-to-use features that help companies attract customers and maximize their profits. The app can enable cashless transactions and boost the companies' return on investment. Thus, investing in alcohol delivery app development will cause excellent outcomes for the company.

To develop an Alcohol Delivery Application business, the company needs a sustainable monetization model, costing strategy, and a mobile app development company. Hire the best team to convert your idea into reality with OweBest Technologies. We help you build an advanced app considering the market trends and trending technologies. Stay up to date with OweBest Technologies and develop a future-ready app for your business.

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