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Know the Estimated Cost to Create a Doctor Appointment App Like Okadoc

Know the Estimated Cost to Create a Doctor Appointment App Like Okadoc
13/04/2022 57

Mobile technology plays an essential part in the healthcare market since it improves communication and refines the unification of care procedures. Mobile health can raise the efficiency of healthcare providers and healthcare mobile app developers. It can promote openness and hence the responsibility of health care practitioners and systems, and it can also authorize patients. As a result, the overall productiveness of the health sector.

The way organizations operate has altered dramatically as a result of mobile technology. Doctor appointment app development is increasing in popularity in the health sector. About 350,000 mobile health applications are accessible in various application stores, including health, fitness, and medical apps. They make life simpler for physicians and patients while also receiving and offering better treatment.

Apps for doctor's appointments are among the essential digital elements that support healthcare more than ever before. This blog will provide you with an accurate estimate of the features, functioning and overall cost of the doctor's appointment booking mobile app.

A Description of the Doctor Appointment App

The doctor appointment apps are software packages designed specifically to assist patients in managing and scheduling appointments with physicians, planning a video conference, or opting for real-time interaction. A growing number of people are searching for healthcare services that have digital capabilities such as online communication, e-prescriptions, remote monitoring, virtual visits, etc.

These applications are essential for every patient looking for a health professional. It provides both physicians and patients with a high degree of flexibility, comfort, and openness. There is less time wasted, better preparation, and better results for each visit. More importantly, it's been a positive thing throughout the pandemic. Therefore, it will be an excellent idea for the healthcare sector to create a doctor appointment booking app.

Benefits of a Doctor Appointment App

Below are some of the vital advantages of a doctor appointment app for patients, doctors, and clinics:

  • Increase their monthly consultations, minimize administrative stress, save secretarial expenses, etc.
  • Fill out the whole itinerary to maximize consultation time. This is accomplished by allowing patients to view the calendar and postpone or re-schedule their appointments.
  • Using statistical analysis, you may better organize your activities.
  • For greater administrative purposes, minimize your secretary's work by scheduling appointments over the phone.
  • Online scheduling is available at all times.
  • Appointment notifications are sent out to ensure that the patients do not neglect or skip their appointments.
  • The medical appointment booking application provides a list of health specialists in various places.

The Features of a Terrific Doctor Appointment Application Like Okadoc

Following the covid outbreak, doctor appointment booking and consulting apps have grown popular. Such applications inspire health businesses to enter the market and compete with different vertical offers. Many searches for physicians, diagnostic centers, hospitals, insurers, and pharmaceutical organizations are conducted via an app.

Without question, most health care apps are growing, and it is overgrowing. According to Statista, there are nearly 2.2 million Android and 2 million iOS apps, with 165,000 applications solely in the health sector. Rather than hiring a mobile app development team and putting everything to them, we have mentioned some features to help. It will assist you in learning the essential elements to include in your app to make it effective.

Essential Features for Users and Patients

Some of the significant features of the doctor appointment app to add are as follows:

  • Convenience in Registration and Sign Up: A well-known Android or iOS app development company must guarantee a quick app registration procedure via the cell phone number or email ID, Pin, and passwords. When growing your application for doctor's visits, ensure that the registration process is simple and comfortable for everyone.
  • Seamless Appointment Scheduling: Enable the patients or users to arrange an appointment session based on their availability. When designing a doctor's appointment application, one factor to bear in mind is that there must be many booking alternatives for the user to schedule an appointment.
  • Search Doctors: Users may search for and locate doctors about health conditions, locations, top specialties, hospitals, and other criteria. Also, give them the ability to apply multiple filters to narrow down their search results.
  • Consultation: Include the option for both free and paid consultations with doctors.
  • Online Chat: Hire an iOS or Android app development company to provide an in-app chat function so that consumers may consult with physicians confidentially.
  • Validate Doctor Information: Before scheduling an appointment, ensure that patients examine the doctor's qualifications, general comments, consultation fees, and ratings from previous patients.
  • Access to Health-Related Recommendations: Include a section in your doctor's application where people can read exceptional health tips, health-related content, and blogs made by physicians or healthcare specialists.
  • Additional Features: Include the ability to purchase family health insurance, save digital health data, and more.

Essential Features for Doctors or Health Industries

Some features are similar to what they are for users, such as registration. However, other significant characteristics to include in the doctors' online appointment booking apps are as follows:

  • Profile Creation: Allow physicians to establish a profile by providing their name, location, area of specialization, degrees, log-in details, years of work experience, etc.
  • Patient Stories: Allow clinicians to see patient feedback in evaluations and reviews and reply immediately.
  • Online Consultation: By utilizing the capabilities of file sharing, online chat, and document uploading, doctors may discuss with patients and increase their revenue.
  • In-app Calling: Help doctors to view patient data on-screen when calling, including their identity, photograph, profile, and the last visit they had with them.
  • Online Follow-Ups: Allow doctors to establish in-app appointment reminders for periodic follow-ups to encourage their patients to get back and promote recurrent interactions.
  • FAQs: Include a feature that enables doctors to respond to patients' concerns for free, which can help them establish their reputation and increase more prospects for immediate appointments.
  • Health Advice: Doctors may post informative articles on their expertise to exhibit their skills and keep in touch with worried patients.

Using Technology for a Competitive On-Demand Online Doctor Booking App Development

For an on-demand doctor appointment app development like Okadoc, it is essential to seek solutions. Creating a doctor appointment app has grown significantly more basic and uncomplicated in recent years. However, considering finance and budget considerations, we have selected the finest solutions to be employed in constructing a robust online-doctor booking application.

The tech stack for building an app might vary based on the project's intricacy, the number of features, team makeup, and other factors. Here are some of the fundamental components for building an interactive doctor booking software like Okadoc:

  • Front-end programming with Angular and ReactJS
  • js, PHP, and Python is used for back-end programming, while Postgres, MySQL, and MongoDB are used for database storage.
  • Android development: Java
  • Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe are all accepted payment methods.
  • Google Maps API, MapKit, and CoreLocation are used for user location tracking and map integration.
  • Twilio and Push.io offer push notifications.
  • Twilio provides messaging and in-app calling.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are examples of cloud environments.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment App Similar to Okadoc?

If you've already chosen to build an on-demand online appointment application, you must first determine the cost of app development. Several factors determine the cost of developing a doctor's appointment booking mobile app and, as a result, estimate the cost of establishing an on-demand doctor appointment app.

There is no fixed cost; you can readily find the approximate cost of producing any doctor scheduling app after defining the cost determining elements. So, let's have a look at the factors that impact app development costs:

Optional Operating System

The cost to develop an app can significantly impact its selection. If you choose to create a mobile application for Android and iOS, the approximate cost of developing the app may increase.

App Complexity

Complicated app structures and easy navigation can increase app development expenses since they require more time to design and reduce the likelihood of success.

Design of UI/UX

App design is a critical component that allows you to draw users' interest in the app for a more extended period. Instead of opting for a complicated design, consider using a basic, institutional design that requires less work and time to build.

App Development Team

To construct an online doctor booking app like Okadoc, you'll need an app development team. The development team should include an app developer, project manager, quality analyst, UI/UX designer, and other professionals.

While determining the cost for the basic app version, all of these facts and characteristics must be considered. However, based on the company's needs, the typical cost to construct a powerful version of an interactive doctor booking application can increase.

To Summarize

Hope this article helped you understand how healthcare apps have outperformed internationally and assured a bright future for enterprises. We attempted to outline the essential features, benefits, and expenses of building an online doctor booking application like Okadoc. According to data from 2019, 64 percent of patients scheduled online doctor's appointments. So, if you are thinking of developing an online doctor booking app, connect with OweBest Technologies. We help develop a feature-rich application to help you expand your business while marking your presence on a higher level.

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