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Learn Different JavaScript Frameworks

Learn Different JavaScript Frameworks
12/08/2019 57

Since the new millennium, there are number of different web applications created and used. With that, the complexity of them especially on the front end also increases. It is really apparent now that we need better frameworks and tools for the number of web apps coming these days. To simplify application development on the front end side, let us discuss some of the JavaScript frameworks here:



To make building desktop caliber applications easy, Cappuccino is a good open source framework. It allows you to run applications in a web browser without much effort. The root of this framework is JavaScript only; it works on top of the JavaScript. All the familiar APIs only like Apple’s Cocoa Frameworks and GNUstep are used by Cappuccino.

It was originally created by 280North team which is now under Motorola.

It gives you flexibility to build an app with amazing table views, undo and redo functionality, drag and drop and many more features that you expect on the desktop. Using this framework, you do not need to concern about the traditional web technologies like CSS or HTML.


Backbone.js uses RESTful JSON interface. It is the JavaScript library that uses model-view-presenter (MVP) and Actor Model application design paradigm. It is known for being lightweight as it gives key-value binding and custom events structure to web applications. Backbone.js has rich API collection with plenty functions and views. It is created by Jeremy Ashkenas, and is also called as CoffeeScript.


To ease the pain for developing JavaScript applications and providing basic structure to applications, a tiny JavaScript framework is developed. It is Sammy.Js.

The pain is tackled by Sammy as it is a small ‘core’ framework, with plenty of plugins for specific functionality. There are many routes and events in this core approach with simple API for applications. Sammy basically keeps the code quite organized with all the way scope for defining your structure and style.


For declaring dynamic views in web applications, HTML is not a smart choice as it stalls. HTML is apt only for static documents. So there comes AngularJS; as it gives scope for dynamic views by extending HTML lexicon. AngularJS gives more readable, quick to develop and expressive environment.

It gives synced data and view model, resulting in no need for manual manipulation of DOM. It is also compatible with all the browsers.

Ext JS

Ext JS is one of the best web application development platform developed so far. It has attractive features like plugin-free charting, new MVC architecture and more expanded functionality. It can develop applications for every browser. It has one more advanced version called Ext JS4. Ext JS4 gives large development team an ease to work independently by allowing the separation of data without worrying about interfering in each other’s task.


To make creating desktop like and rich user interfaces with HTML and JavaScript, Knockout is the right choice. It uses modern variant of MVC library, i.e. MVVM. It automatically synced your UI with the designated data model, along with all the extensible set of declarative and powerful bindings to create productive development. Knockout gives you flexibility as it updates with the changing UI.


Dojo uses web standards as its platform, saving your scales and time in your development process. For building mobile web applications and high quality desktop applications, Dojo is the right choice for experienced developers.  Dojo fulfill all your needs whether for building simple websites or to build a large packaged enterprise application, either for mobile or desktop.


If there is any JavaScript framework designed specifically for intermediate to advanced JavaScript developers, then it is surely a MooTools. It is a modular, object-oriented, compact framework. It has well documented, coherent and elegant API that gives you a flexibility to write flexible, cross-browser and powerful code. MooTools has meaningful and extensively documented variable names. It follows strict standards and never gives any warnings.


Mochkit is one of the well tested and most documented JavaScript libraries. It helps you to build applications faster than other. It makes use of all the ideas from Objective-C, Python etc. to make applications.


Prototype is another JavaScript framework that gives ease in developing dynamic web applications. Prototype is quickly attracting many web developers everywhere with its unique, easy to use toolkit and the better Ajax library around.


To simplify the client side scripting of HTML, a cross-platform JavaScript library is designed, it is jQuery. Using jQuery, developers can create plug-ins on tops of JavaScript library. jQuery gives rapid web development by simplifying HTML document animation, traversing,  event handling and Ajax interactions.



For writing cross-platform mobile apps, new HTML JavaScript framework is introduced namely, M-Project. It includes codes from many open source projects like jQuery Mobile, mobiscroll, Modernizr, jQuery and underscore.


EmbedJS is a specific JavaScript framework for embedded devices like TVs, mobile phones etc. It is different from other frameworks as it only supplies the code required for the specific device. This in turn gives less memory usage with less code branching at runtime lead by less code using over the wire.


For creating mobile sites from existing websites MobilizeJS is the new framework. It gives mobile sites with little effort. It uses web developer friendly technologies to create sites with JavaScript and that looks good, easy to integrate with any system.

And so we are over here. Each of these are little different and they might border on overdoing things, but each one of them tackle different problems, different choices and solutions. So we have made brief note on all the important JavaScript frameworks. We at Owebest.com, give you brief look on the different solutions or tools these frameworks offer to you.

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